Kundalini Reki


When I wrote the article on energy blockages, I had no idea that I was going to cause such a reaction in you. Reassuring: it proves that you can spot what’s wrong. A big step towards repair. Wanting to heal is the magic key.

(For those who discover the subject, it is useful to read the first part Energy blockages. The present article does not repeat the explanations given in the first part.)

A wounded warrior

You ask me what I can do to help you. Everything I can, of course. Still, it’s up to you to take the bull by the horns. I will be there in reserve, ready to intervene, but the work on yourself is up to you. And what does it consist of? I will tell you.

You wrote to me. You introduced yourself, you told me your age, 41 years old. I would have bet. You have drawn a quick portrait of your setbacks, which give the feeling of a car in full power with the brakes applied to death. Each of your words echoes in my head. After 20 years of practice, you suspect that I know music.

You told me about your feeling of not moving forward. You understood by reading my articles that your problem comes from the subtle piping. You see what it means, what it implies as effort on your part; It reassures you a little when I tell you that it is easy to repair. You feel relieved, you are ready to commit, motivated, you want results. Well done. I invite you to read the following.

The two ways

You would not have given me your age, I would have guessed the forties. The energy blockages – in any case – come from emotional problems from early childhood. As we approach maturity, these unsolved problems block the path of the kundalini. You feel drained, without tone, too tired. You have no zest, want nothing. You know more or less where it comes from: you. But you don’t know how to cope with it.

Either emotional problems can be solved or the subtle plumbing can be unclogged. The emotional leads to the energetic, and vice versa. Today I opt for plumbing …

Fed up with the path of emotions. I have been the ferryman of little mysteries for about 20 years, I retired now. And I don’t know any trusted ferryman. Too many crooks. Too many tears too. I believe that the emotional way is no longer practiced because it is too rough. I have found that it becomes superfluous for those who find another way to unlock themselves. A clean, burr-free way, with a before and an after.

It is the energy path. Four days here in Erquy, immersion in the heart of yourself. One contact: me. We will both be cut off from the world for four days and three nights. Another life awaits you, closer to the roots. When the roots are deep, the tree spreads its broad antlers and pushes upwards.



The program

Arrival Tuesday evening, departure Friday morning. The calendar is unchanging and I want to. I need to feel my best to face the energy expenditure of the treatment. Monday doesn’t work for me, and I’m offside every weekend. Just good to read and write.

Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings are airlocks of arrival and departure, like the landings of a diver. The first airlock is used to put you in tune with the energy we have here, perfect for the work you are going to do: the descent into great unknown depths.

After a first night on the spot, in the sea breeze and in the Erquy sun, you will be ready for the big spring cleaning. It used to be an emotional test. With this method, the emotional will occur later, or not at all. Its presence is superfluous. You have direct access to the energy sphere. The one I lend you is the starter that allows you to reset yours, your blocked energy.

It’s not a sprint, it’s not endurance either, it’s middle distance. We must make efforts, still efforts, it lasts a little. You remain in isolation. It’s hard but it’s worth it. Never cut from you, I make you good meals, you’ll feel pampered, I want it. It’s a major break. In the morning I shoot you the tarots, you take notes in the breaks. We practice on the pendulum, we train in subtle perceptions, you meditate on the dolmen which is in my garden while contemplating the view of the bay. Two busy days. Everything is done so that you can appreciate the calm of the place and the serenity that accompanies it.

The second and third day, reki sessions. The first is the right one: I am going to raise the energy of the kundalini along the central channel to irrigate the whole energy scheme. This is when blockages and energy leaks appear. I close the tears in the energy body – luminous geysers of mini translucent swirls, this is how I perceive the energy of these leaks. I close them and make sure the repair is solid. Your higher self still has to accept it.

The blockages are located on one or the other chakra along the central sushumna channel. The closed chakra pushes energy through the lateral channels ida or pingala. I unlock the chakra, it’s very fast. Energy flows through the central channel. Then I make sure that the chakra has resumed its optimal functioning. The whole process takes only a few minutes. But the effects will be stable, durable, considerable.



Total security

Here I must specify that you do not take any risk with this type of care. If the modifications are not validated by your higher self, return to square one. The blockages are put back in place, the tears reopen. And no one can do anything about it. You don’t take crutches away from someone who needs them. We don’t go faster than time. We respect the natural phases of evolution. And if I don’t, my work is canceled by your higher self.

This session can be very intense. Very sensitive people are a little weird after that, they need to rest for a few moments. Others feel in great shape, but the backlash can come several minutes or several hours after the end of the session.

Perceptions are altered, the euphoria flows throughout the body, you discover in you the energy of kundalini. Yes, it can be very strong. This is the reason why I avoid letting someone behind the wheel of their car drive after a first session to whom I have just done this deep cleaning.


I evoked the sensitive people, this word sensitive took a very particular meaning as regards reki and subtle perceptions, a meaning not found in the dictionary. Anyone who perceives energy from a distance is sensitive. If I put my hand near your, say 3 cm, will your hand feel mine? The treatments I offer are based on this thin perception.

People who do not have it will benefit less from reki. Normal, when you don’t feel what’s going on, you tend to question the process. What suits them is rather holistic, globalizing massage, which provides comparable effects. This way they could feel better what is going on inside.

After-sales service

The second reki session is just a check-up. Flornoy had called it after-sales service. Like him, I am a subtle plumber who loves a well done job. If my repair does not fit, I must understand why, remedy it and explain it to you in detail. You need to know what’s going on at all times.

Hence the AS. It is almost always a superfluous session. My perfectionism. A single session is enough in most cases, but sometimes the changes I made don’t hold water. Relax! Your free will is always the strongest!



If you are not a smoker,tobacco prevents from remembering the dreams the second and third nights will be full of more or less clear dreams. At breakfast, if you wish, we can put it all flat. I am here for this. If I can point the finger at certain mechanisms, that will help you.

This is an opportunity for you to experience the first flashes, the cognitions, the mind-boggling discoveries of pieces from your past that you knew nothing about. If it doesn’t happen here, it will happen later, don’t worry. The reunion with yourself has long been planned by The Living One. You just had to kick it off.

First morning of a new world

The final airlock is the half day of departure, a very precious moment. We let the joy of being speak, we welcome the new life that points out. A time allows you to gently return to your usual trajectory, when the work session is over.

Ideally, your new life begins. You leave in the morning of the fourth day clean like a new penny, with the potato. Now that the energy is flowing again, you are armed to resolve emotional blockages. You prepare for it with confidence.

We are all looking for intensity. You have just given yourself a maximum intensity, lucid and jubilant, which will accompany you all your life. You just entered the other world.

In less favorable cases, the intensity can decrease, ask yourself what scares you. Where does this doubt come from? Maybe this is not the way for you. The life of the warrior of light is a constant struggle against oneself.

Warning. You set foot in a business like you’ve never known. No drug can prepare for such a shock. Nothing beats the intensity of the awakening. It’s very powerful. Anything that moves in your life may spurt. The emotional will come next, you will remember (or not) your engrams. Once you get home and come back to your daily life. But this life will drastically change. You too. A second birth will open you.




Better read it twice. Three is free. The fourth is Force.
Lao Surlam