Subtle Sensors


For nearly five years, I have noticed the presence of invisible organs that I had never noticed. Only the seers perceive them. I observe them on very young children, those who have the new auras: indigo, crystal and rainbow. They are very numerous, believe me. These organs develop in the first layer of the subtle body, near the temples. They are mobile and constantly moving, hence the name of sensors I give them. But what do they really do?


They evoke the antlers of the young deer. Their rounded shape evokes that of some cacti, without the prickles however. On each side of the head, these sensors are animated by slow or sharp movements that change the orientation of the branches. In the wild, we would talk about horns. What is the purpose of this new organ? It’s hard to say. I couldn’t interview the children, obviously. What could they have told me? Even if a child perceives a reality that adults do not know, what does he know?

I had so little to say but I was dying to tell you… Indecisive, perplexed, I was at this point in my reflections when I received an intern. This very dear friend has just passed his forties. Even if he is not his age, he is no longer a child. And yet! I can’t believe it: he too has the sensors!

On each side of his skull grow long vigorous, tactile antlers with harmonious movements. He’s the first adult I’ve ever seen with these things. He doesn’t know, so I waited to bring it up.

When it comes to revealing one of my visions to someone, I walk on eggshells. But since no egg can handle my weight, I eat a lot of omelets. My caution is tactical. If I speak too soon, he will not be ready to hear. He will file this file and forget it.

Or worse, victim of my suggestions, he will not believe it. I forbid myself to steal his discoveries. As an impeccable warrior, I will wait for them to come from him. I am wary of seers who are in a hurry to show their talent: pure pride. Banishing the ego is the golden rule of the warrior of light.

My friend is the first adult with antler. A lot of commonalities have brought us together. He’s open, in demand. Now is the time, and I’m getting to the point. He has a perfect reaction. He didn’t know. But he’s not surprised. My friend thinks that it is used for broadcasting and receiving. I agreed.

Since this first meeting, we keep in touch by phone or e-mail. He has progressed in understanding his sensors. He assumes that if he can so easily guess thoughts, it’s through sensors.

Now I see more and more, and in adults. Another person I know well also has some. I hadn’t noticed! For her, these woods are receiver transmitters. She thinks everyone has them, but few use them. She uses it to contact anyone she wants.

All the doors are open to her! As with the web, but better: you don’t need a smartphone, a network, an email address or anything. You mention the person, you talk to him immediately.

Contact anyone? Would these branches be the source of scalar waves? It is probable. The waves need sensors. Transmitters, receivers, they orient themselves to better reach their destination. How do they know? How do they do it? Do they obey intent? Are they brain-driven? The brain is known and real, the sensors are not. Why are they invisible? We know waves are too, but not parables or antennas. 

A lot of things still need to be clarified. Good, I love such puzzles. The subjects of observations are now adult, sensitive, prepared, they will welcome my questions with no surprise. Thanks to their testimonies, this research will progress. I have more questions than answers, so I wanted to talk about it to get you to react. Your testimony will allow a further address to the issue.

There’s another question that comes to mind. It may be that everybody has had it forever. In this case, why did I not perceive them earlier? Was my gift of vision not sufficiently developed? The constant and rapid rise of the vibratory rate of this planet helps us to perceive the invisible and to explore the other world, as I have seen with the astral-flying and the Flying Wolves. This vibratory boost could have allowed me to develop my psychic skills. The psychic vision has seven degrees. Would I have gained one or two?

My friend believes that everyone has this subtle appendix. Shamans and sorcerers of the first peoples agree with her. They always carry deer antlers or buffalo antlers. Rama had two beautiful ram horns. Thor had bull horns. Many Egyptian or Hindu gods have horns or andler.

It may be that some beings endowed with powers are alone capable of using their subtle sensors. Does not common language say of an intuitive being that it has antennas? Popular common sense is not far off. Once again, it points to an invisible reality that eludes the various specialists. To speak of clairvoyance, one must be seen. Few academics are. But the times they are a-changing, as Dylan song then.



In the initiatory tarot of Marseilles, Arcana XV The Devil shows a brave demon who has some. At his feet, two little sorcerers also have antennas. I had thought of it so far as a way of evoking a gift of double sight. But it is much more than a symbol: the hidden reality is slowly revealed. Double sight is the function of the third eye, which the ancient Egyptians called Wedjat, the Eye of Horus. The antennas go far beyond. Their position on either side of the skull evokes ears. Are they the third ear of the god Apollo?

Yes, certainly, to the extent that they allow people to speak and hear from very remote people. But they serve a lot of the same purpose. That’s my belief. Be sure that a future article will bring new answers. And new questions.


Big things require you to keep quiet or talk about it with greatness.
Friedrich Nietzsche