Neanderthal And Us



Neanderthal man is the likely result of a slow evolutionary process … at least according to the prevailing theory. Which may be completely bogus.

Unless it is one of failed attempts of Anunna geneticists before “succeeding” with us? Stemming from the great apes, Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis is strong and durable, adapted to the rigors of the ice age, but an intelligence too frustrating, and not as domesticable. His genes have been possibly used by Enki. But he possibly used several genes, such as the pig.

We can find confirmation of this thesis in the epic of Gilgamesh.

It shows a wild man, Enkidu, who eats grass and lives among the animals. In contact with Gilgamesh, the savage civilized and becomes his playmate. Enkidu might be a Neanderthal.

Again, the myth would have fictionalized reality palpable: the Neanderthal genetic material would have served the reptilian scientists to create Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Genesis is very clear on this point: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” So Adam was created both to image  – in Hebrew “selem” -and ressemblance – in Hebrew “dmut” – of his creator. The use of both terms in the biblical text would not leave any doubt that the man was similar in appearance to the gods.

It is this resemblance, or lack thereof, that is the basis of several reprimands from the Bible and Sumerian literature, which is the model.




Later, when the reproduction by cloning under control of geneticists lizards, was abandoned in favor of natural reproduction, the reptilian characteristics faded out and humans increasingly developed their current characteristics.

Sooner or later the genes of mammals dominated the reptilian genes and the man became more human, less like a reptilian god. This explains the nature “sinful” and “the fall”of man. And this is not what we were told. 

The original sin of man is to have deviated from its reptilian origin, having lost its resemblance to God the Saurian. This also explains why it was forbidden to our ancestors to reproduce any image of God. Some verses of Scripture confirms the fact that biological manipulations took place on Earth and that some were out of control. These experiments were the work of the Nefilim.

“The Nefilim sent a petition to “higher gods” to be recognized as “creator gods”. The debate was heated. Finally, after an eternity of nitpicky, they were granted this status but at the lowest rank of all the “creator gods” of the Universe. We, the Cro-Magnon are their first product. The universal law gave them the responsibility to “take care of us”.” (source)John Baines, «The Stellar Man»

Have they done with all the requisite consciousness? We will be surprised if one day, Anunna gods or their heirs came  back here for a ride? Some claim they are never gone. It may well be. When you’re out of your way for millenia developping a viable species, you take good care of it. You’re not going to let your creatures self-destruct or losetheir  original purpose, which is: work, work, always work. And smile to please God. They promise they will come back. One day the owners will drop the masks. 

One funny day they will claim their due. That means everything. Including us. Unless there are gods above them to put everything in the right order? Meanwhile, “Help yourself, heaven will help you more.” Moreover, through the gift of Athena, we have something to start all over again on a better footing, and it is today.




We are free to lament on our sad fate of grand-grand-children of ape or pig. But we are free to want more than our available lives. We are free to let our light shine until it illuminates.


We shall overcome some day. (Joan Baez)


A little impatience ruins a big project