Prince Osiris Of Atlantis



The great figures of the Egyptian pantheon,  Isis and Osiris were not white. Osiris has been named the Black Pharaoh, and there is a good reason for that: the color of his skin.

This raises the question of the geographical origin of Osiris. He probably was not a Nubian pharaoh, such as Egypt would have much later. He came from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, exiled from the island of Atlantis that blacks occupied on good terms with the whites.

Osiris therefore belonged to the famous civilization of pyramids“The civilizers of the pyramids were part of the outstanding civilizations that worked especially through love, consciousness of the energies that were surrounding them and essentially cosmic energies.

Sorry to say, but compared to the leaders of the civilizations of the pyramids, Isis and Osiris cut a sad figure. You cannot imagine the power that could have the civilizers of the pyramids!They often established civilizations on other worlds where life had taken root. The civilization of pyramids was in contact with certain planets of the constellations of Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion. In these constellations, there are very advanced planets and others that are less advanced.




In consultation with some highly evolved beings of these solar systems, there has been on your Earth the creation of the civilization of pyramids.

The Great Pyramid of Egypt was built during the last phase of the civilization of pyramids. This pyramid is an absolutely extraordinary jewel and was not built by humans. It has been in consultation with certain civilizers coming above all from Sirius 1. The pyramid of Cheops and some pyramids of South America were built to be energy bins, as all the pyramids, but were mostly for posterity, to protect all what concerned the civilizations of this world.

These are actually gigantic libraries, like the Earth itself is an extraordinary library. Earth is one of the planets that have within them the greatest multitude of lives, as much in the plant world, as in the animal or even mineral world. Human life is something else.”

This is evident. Our destiny is different. We are in charge of it, we are the masters of our fate. 

“As for Egypt, it was created by the Atlanteans who established colonies, as they did in different parts of the world. Isis and Osiris were Atlanteans of one of the first ages of Atlantis. They lived hundreds of years, and even more. They are those who have set up trading posts in several parts of the world. Egypt’s special mission was to be always related to Sirius, and the mission of Cheops was of the same nature.




Cheops was the receptacle of all that concerns the humanities since the inception of this little sphere, since the contribution of the souls who have established in this world and have created a multitude of civilizations as different from each other.

Compared to some civilizations, you are like that of Cro-Magnon! See what this can mean, whereas you, humans, and especially your scientists feel you know everything. You think you know everything, you think you are the great masters of this world! Compared to some civilizations you are actually at the Cro-Magnon level! Your earthly pride is ridiculous!”

Monique Mathieu received this text in extra-sensory communication by a process called channeling, discipline in which she has gained some notoriety. I do not practice that kind of vision quest, I pick what I need the GLU.

Usually more than reserved on this type of process, I must admit that I agree completely, and in every detail, to the assertions of Monique Mathieu. Those of you who are familiar with this website know that I have never said anything else.

The civilizations of the pyramids, that of Cheops in Egypt but also that of Akapana at Tiahuanaco in the Andes, or that of Teotihuacan in Mexico, or that of Cyclops builders of Mycenae in Greece, were not human civilizations.




These beings were giants with a strength, an intelligence and a knowledge very huge. They are also our fathers and mothers, good fairies who have looked at the cradle of our humanity miserable. It is to the ants that we are that they have given the keys of the planet. In our fragile heads they sowed their secrets. What have we done of them? On our frail shoulders they put the weight of their huge past, this endless saga of which we are a very small link

Yet they trusted us. It is up to us to continue the adventure, to transmit our knowledge no matter what, to dig holes in ignorance and indifference, in order to regain the pride of our origins and the responsibility for our time.


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Norman Mailer