Hybrid Humanoid



According to all the mythologies, our species was not made through any Darwinian-type evolution, but was created. And our designers often are human animals. Could our ancestors have been hybrids? Should we see here a nod to the monkeys of Darwin?

Around the world, murals or graffiti from Neolithic depict strange beings, hybrids of different animals, which are a disturbing echo of the old Egyptian or Indian legends of gods with animal heads. Should we take that literally? Could animals be our fathers? Or should that remain at the stage of symbol, which distorts everything? Let us try to unravel this tangle in our own way, deciphering old books to understand the tales they tell. Our designers must be of the same blood than us, as they would have reproduced with our women.

This is at least what tells the Book of Enoch and several excerpts from the Bible. If so, genetics say that our designers must have been  Homo sapiens.  

They are humans, with a slight difference: are they issued from the same animal species than us? I make it clear: imagine all animals can become humanoids, i.e. rational bipeds.

This thesis was discussed, especially by the Jewish Kabbalah. The rabbis have been discussing almost everything, and they still do.

At the end of a spiritual evolution, which has no relation with the Darwinian vision of evolution, any animal can develop its divine potential to transform into an intelligent biped. Therefore you can have Canis sapiens, Caballus sapiens, or Porcus sapiens, as intelligent as Homo sapiens. It hat would explain all the stories of snake-men and fish-men in the mythologies of the five continents! 

Thus, the Yorubas as the Incas, the Persians as the Hindus, the Inuits as the Hopis believe we were created by a fish-man. It is true that in the amniotic fluid, the fetus is aquatic. But the truth is elsewhere. In the cold poles?




The book of Enoch says that the Watchmen who have created us belonged to the Serpent People, yet they have bred with human, creating a race of giants, the Nephilim. The Assyrian tablets tell us that our creator Enki belonged to the Serpent People. 

The frescoes of Sumer show our designers in the guise of vultures-snakes. But all were “rational animals”, just like us. 

Would it be this special status that allowed them to breed with humans yet coming from another animal lineage? For Homo sapiens comes from an animal species. Which one? That of monkeys, or more precisely lemurs, say the Darwinians. We have over 95% of genes in common with the bonobo, say the geneticists. Interesting. Even worse: other authors think we come from the pig.




We would have been created by a snake-man who mixed his DNA with some terrestrial DNA. That of the pig. We might be pig-men created by a snake-man. Or ape-men created by a fish-man. Lovely program!

Of course, it is only a delusion. But if you read between the lines, sooner or later you will change your line. And one day, your perspective on mankind and its origin is no longer the same.

Keep on this daydream, a metaphor for our two sources: angel and beast, light and animals, heaven and earth. Thus, according to this thesis, all the animals can become men, ie humanoids endowed with reason.

In addition to the sirens, there are fish-men, as the very ancient Oannes from Mesopotamia, as Viracocha, the pre-Inca civilizing god, coming out of Lake Titicaca, or Nommo, the civilizing god of the Dogons, in Western Africa. And that is not all. The Greek Mythology speaks of sirens, chimeras and centaurs. In Homer’s Odyssey, the goddess Circe drugs the friends of Ulysses to change them into pigs. The Egyptian and Hindu pantheonsFrom ancient Greek pan + theos = “all the gods” are full of animals endowed with reason.




Most of these animal humans have divine powers: Horus the falcon, Anubis the jackal, Hanuman the monkey, Ganesha the elephant, and many other reptiles, birds, crocodiles, hippos and cows still worshipped by millions of Hindus.

As the animal gods of ancient Egypt, all the animal gods of Hinduism are represented with an animal head on human body. The opposite is found too, ie a human head on an animal body

The Aztecs worshiped Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, a white skinned man. A man they described as a mixture of snake and bird.

Could it be a recurring human need to compare to the other creatures on this planet? Is this the archaic memory of a lost paradise, much more ancient than the biblical Eden, when we crawled on the belly with a skin covered with scales?  

Could we have the memory of dinosaurs past lives? Do we lived once ago in dinosaurs’ bodies?  Did we have already a human body in their time?

Seeing the passion that these big lizards rise among children, we should think about these two issues.

Would the children, friends of the dolphins, remember that these charming whales have once been our allies?

80 years ago, Walt Disney created a fabulous bestiary that still enchants us. Do his tender human-animals secretly refer to our forgotten origins? Is this really pure coincidence if the magic of Disney moves the collective unconscious with the echoes of such a sweet and distant nostalgia?

Possible… but not certain!


I live in the house of possible. It has more doors and windows than the house of reason. (Emily Dickinson)


I am a man, and nothing that is human is foreign to me.