Rama Airlines


Rama Airlines, so we could name the powerful aircraft fleet of this rich prehistoric empire, ruling over India and the world, the empire of Rama. Often mentioned in the sacred literature of ancient India, it is the fruit of a highly developed civilization — at least as much as ours, if not more. At its peak around -12,000, the empire had several Indian capitals, called the seven Rishis cities.

Comfort and luxury reigned everywhere.  Exquisite foods, aviaries and exotic zoos, flowering parks, ancient descriptions evoke modern cities. Even better: the Ramas’ planes travelled the world. They went anywhere on Earth. They even went to the moon or stars. To fly from one city to another, the Ramas had individual planes called Vimanas or airliners called Pushpakas.

According to a Jain text of -850, the Pushpakas were “aerial wagons used for normal transport and could carry many people from one capital to another.” Very sixties SF atmosphere, which makes you want to see more closely. It’s because I have this gift of astral travel. I can move through space and time. These two dimensions make only one according to quantum physics, even if we do not live this way in everyday life.

In astral, quantum physics is real. I take this opportunity to view the various subjects I deal with on this website. Subsequently, the various sacred or mythological literatures bring the confirmations of my visions. This time, I will summarize the various incursions I have made in the distant past. I discovered that Rama’s Empire was not limited to present-day India. It was planetary. Rama was the first emperor of the world, having conquered it militarily region by region, country by country, continent by continent.

The spectacle of the Rishi cities was weird. Their development seems truly staggering. In addition to palaces and large houses with sophisticated pipes, hot and cold running water, there are also factories, geo-energy plants, lightning sensors, with identical, well-aligned, small houses for workers.  Amazing modernity of the worlds before the great flood!



First concerned, archaeologists reject these discoveries which they consider absurd. One day they will also have to drink from this light source.

After a lifetime of sifting through the oldest Sanskrit texts, French Indianist Alain Daniélou made a stunning discovery: vimanas are depicted with two large diamonds in the front and two smaller rubies in the back. White diamond, red ruby… Would they be headlights, white on the front, red on the back? Daniélou can’t believe it, neither can we. Even for the colour of the lighthouses, history is repeating! Enough to reinforce the existence of the Akashic Records, where everything is written.

In the silver age, many flying machines criss-crossed the sky, showing the white brightness of their headlights or the red brightness of their rear lights. Magic show! How could we have forgotten it? Also, when it was necessary to determine the colour of the rear lights of contemporary vehicles, someone “remembered” this past wonder. All he had to do was visit the Great Library of the Universe. Just open door of Dream. Even if we forget it when we wake up, we do it every night …

Quotes, descriptions and accounts of vimanas abound in the Mahabharata and other sacred texts of ancient India. There is an attempt at classification: the texts distinguish three kinds of flying machines, small vimanas to go from one city to another, bigger pushpakas to go from one continent to another; and much faster machines to go into space.



This was not limited to the Indian sub-continent. Other flying machines were operating everywhere. In the Middle East, for example, King Solomon did not despise the joys of flight. We find in Asia, Africa or America arase mountains, truncated pyramids, as many flight paths for the spaceship of Solomon. In the East, these flattened mountains still bear the name of Solomon’s Thrones. This king had practices far in advance of his time, as can be seen from the descriptions of his temple. As for Solomon’s seal, it evokes a spacecraft of the same type as Atlantis or Hyperborea, as I explained in the article on the star of David.

In Egypt or among the Olmecs, the “gods” had the same custom. Among the Asvins, there was another kind of flying machine, the vailixi, which could fly and sail on water or under it. Thanks to this technological superiority, the Asvins eventually defeated the Ramas. Who were these Asvins? Who is this people with such a high technology? The Mahabharata says that the Asvins live in the west. They are the rivals of the Ramas.

Could it be that these Asvins are the Atlanteans? So the Mahabharata would tell us about the war of all against all, the war of the Atlanteans against the Ramas, the Gigantomachie, the war of Zeus against the Giant Reptiles, or the war of the Anunnaki against the Great Planners, the Elohim?

There have been many wars of extinction in our very distant past. There are still traces of it: isn’t the Dead Sea proof that the god of Moses and David, a terrible dragon, also possessed nuclear weapons? The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah makes you wonder. Shiva also possessed a varied arsenal that evokes our most terrible weapons.



Friends handymen, here is an ancient assembly instructions: “Solid and durable must be the body of the vimana, like a large flying bird made of light material. The mercury engine installed on its metal stove must be placed inside. Thanks to the latent power in mercury that allows movement, a man sitting indoors can travel a great distance into the sky.” (Source)Sanskrit Samarangana Sutradhara, 11th century

This property of mercury, totally unknown nowadays, must make all doubtful scientists laugh. And yet! Have they all forgotten that mercury used to be called quick silver? Silver, okay. Mercury is silver color. But why “quick”? However, no researcher gives a shit which is appealing. How is it that none of them makes the connection?

“The vimana’s movements are such that it can go up vertically, down vertically, tilt forward and backward. With the help of machines, humans can fly in the air and finally return to the ground.” (Source)Sanskrit Samarangana Sutradhara, 11th century

Amazing indeed. Who could have invented such convincing technical details from nothing, guided by chance alone? Again, I encourage university researchers to practice more multidisciplinary approaches. The different mythologies are a source of information about the distant past that they cannot neglect.

I ask them to take an interest in these very ancient and rich texts, which give us a glimpse of a world much closer to ours, a word that SciFi made familiar. It is probably this last point that bans research. The societal ego refuses to admit the existence of other developed civilizations, eventually superior to ours.


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