Fusion confusion

A legitimate desire animates every human being: to unite. Become complete. Fill this gap. It’s like a cry from the depths. Fusion. To unite to unite. Desire that lasts to be it for his double. Of the subject for his god. Desire for uniqueness overcome by the desire to be in a relationship. Conflict, confusion.

This legitimate desire is rarely understood and can therefore be tricky. It must be interpreted in all sincerity, transparency and truth. Beyond all naivety, desire is there and very there. If it is there, it is because it has its intended function from all eternity,

-by the laws of physics
-by a demiurge
-by the source
-by natureCross out unnecessary references.

 Now let’s take a closer look at these twin words:

Fusion / Confusion

Can you tell the difference between the two? Otherwise don’t even try to love anyone. Dangerous slope for you. Any passion can destroy you. As soon as you fall in love, your person risks being diluted in the loved one until they disappear, absorbed, digested.

Any merger makes confusion inevitable. The separation, also inevitable, will be all the more difficult. Molten in the couple’s crucible, the alloy transformed the two ores into a new metal.

In one case in a hundred thousand, the fusion of the two metals will form a third, which is neither. The characteristics of the original metals are lost. It is the alchemical couple. The two individuals have faded to give birth to a third. The fusion of two hearts widens one and the other, which becomes more loving, more radiant, bigger. The fusion of two bodies brings to both a shared happiness as long as the pleasure is too.

Divine Fusion

But don’t be fooled! The visceral origin of this drive for union does not come from the desire to unite with someone else. The mystics of all religions and all persuasions have testified to the supreme union, that which unites us to our Creator.

The great Sufi Mevlana Rumi testifies powerfully to this. He uses the words of human love to celebrate this absolute, sublime union, this fusion without confusion which brings us closer, not to our creator, but to our spirit, to our benevolent soul which since our birth hovers above our heads.

You can call this: God or whatever name you want, the truth is that this soul one day becomes embodied, it descends into the physical body which it animates and transfigures. There it is, this longed-for fusion. It is called awakening, and all ancient civilizations put it at the top of their concerns. Awakening was then the avowed goal of all religions.

Now, at this sad end of the Dark Ages, only a few lit people still care. I am one of them. How lucky we are!

Awakening Access

Since this soulless age does not care much, those who desire awakening and call for it have many facilities to obtain it. Tibetan lamas have a maxim to illustrate this fact: “In kali yuga one finds awakening under the footsteps of a horse.” Encouraging prospect, when the same lamas repeat over and over again that it was once necessary to total 60,000 incarnations to have a chance to awaken.

Heavy is the blanket of lead and ignorance that the implacable gods have thrown over this sinking world. However, there are signs that there is hope for a revival. Thus newborns are very often awake from birth. These new generations will boost the planetary awakening. They are the leaven that will raise human dough.

And those among you who sincerely, humbly seek the clarity and culmination of enlightenment can achieve it with little effort. You just have to want it very hard. This is why I launched this scalar wave emission project five years ago. I wanted to give this planet some unconditional love that our species misses so much.

Last Chance

Distraught men today follow stinking paths, strewn with jealousy, violence, hatred and destruction. Devils bent on their ruin, they wander thirsty for material values, sad dreams, illusory power. Difficult then to show them the Way. They would laugh about it. Or they would die.

Those in the know find it increasingly difficult to resist the torrent of mud. Standing, they arch their legs, for how long? For them this reminder:

Do not give your pearls to the pigs, they will trample them in the mire. Do not give your treasure to the ignorant. They would waste it without knowing its value, and your lost treasure would benefit no one. If you want to be useful to your fellow man, give the flower and not the plant. Give the fruit, keep the tree.

Life Buoy

The solution blew me away years ago, when I started writing this site, before throwing it into the sea of ​​the web, like a blindly thrown lifeline. There is a simple way to save the whole thing, and at the same time help those who are already helping themselves. And this means, I have the means to average it. Learning awakening.

Wake up. Wake up. Go over it all over the place. It’s no longer time to doze off, the house is on fire. This is no longer the time to turn your back on the world, for it is sinking. It turns awful, and no plan B. To fix it, you have to wake up. The rest will go without saying.

ScalarshipsSorry …

I have tried various solutions to get the business started. First the scalar waves. Healing at a distance, scalar group, etheric contacts, astral encounters, it has been going on for five years. But I wanted to do better. To take advantage of this strange disenchanted parenthesis, I imagined turning myself into a tour operator of a new kind: organized astral travel. Reserve your berths. Ask for the program.

Without kidding, what an opportunity! An organized, signposted, secure trip to experience the conscious astral, while waiting for the controlled dream. The downside is that the receiver has to make more effort than in the previous formula. Suddenly he gets tired …

The desire for fusion that I proposed, all united in the same beam of waves, led to the most total confusion and I had to interrupt urgently.

Fatal Confusion

We come back to the love relationship. Which is the beginning and the end of everything. But who sets us his pitfalls … Let’s sum up.

The desire for fusion which is materialized by a union between two beings entails a significant risk, that of the loss of oneself. Melted into another psyche, the soul loses its bearings and gets lost in the maze of the other as if it were its own person.

I don’t know where you start anymore, you don’t know where I end,” Moustaki sang. This is precisely what must be avoided. To love your partner for what he is, or to be only in love with love and not to see in his partners one evening the eternal reflection of ourselves. Crazy love is often just a fuzzy love.

When it’s blurry, there’s a bug. Has it eaten the grain? An accident happens so quickly. No one shouts “bug!” for nuts. Otherwise it ends badly, as in the story. Word of a storyteller, life’s no tale. No whiter shade of pale. No sail, no veil, no mail. Just a fucking jail in the Death’s dale. Hey you happy taxpayer, fucking storyteller & legends’ sower, hold on the line & make it fine.

The future is a fort to be taken. A tale to return. A pear to split. Take this train to sow the grain. Shake hands to strain. No tear, no rain. Double gain. Old River Salamander flowing in Flanders keeps in its meanders the ashes of King Alexander on a slab calamander.

Take a hundred men, you will find a man of faith. Take one hundred men of faith, you will find a man of knowledge.