The Gift

There are many kinds of gifts. Some are taxed by the tax authorities, such as donations of money or material goods. Others, the best in my opinion, have no market value. The gift of self is one of those.

The gift is not a barter. When we give, we expect nothing in return. We do not do a calculation. That’s why it’s so hard to give really. Sincerely. With the heart.

You complain that you have not received enough love. That your partners did not have enough attention for you, enough patience, enough stubbornness. That they were not devoted enough, that they did not give you enough time. You think that time is the least of the things they owe you, and on that point, you despise them because they have all failed. You blame them, you are furious and persuaded that your anger is right. Have you wondered if your partners have incarnated just to heal you? Have they been designed for all eternity just to serve you soup or serve as a step?

Your wrath is not legitimate. You are no longer the little princess to whom a great man paid homage every night. You are not the queen of the world, nor the galactic Empress nor a reincarnation of the Great Goddess. If you rise, you will be lowered. The peacock strutting forgets that he has his paws in the filthy barnyard. If you lower yourself, you will be raised. It’s not you who decides on your merits. It’s not you who distribute the awards and medals.

Self-esteem, so necessary, has nothing to do with the egotistical overestimation of our wobbly elites. You know they are null, do not imitate them. If you want to have a chance to receive, tell yourself that nothing is owed to you. Start by giving yourself. To give without waiting, to give without understanding, to give without taking back, to give to give. We are rich only in our gifts. They talk about us better than words. They are our business card, our CV, our curriculum, our most beautiful diploma. Is there a reason to love? Is there a calculation to give?

The question arises for everyone, whatever their social position, whatever their family situation. Parents wonder what to give their children, for Christmas, for a birthday, or as pocket money. This is what was thought of in my distant youth. Give children enough to do something, but not enough to do nothing. This maxim also applies to assistants, who are a kind of children.

Activity is the absolute rule of the warrior of light. This warrior only fights with himself. To be active, to act, such is his duty at every moment. Anything that can slow down or stop this necessary activity is a death helper. To live is to act. To think is not to live. If we want our children to grow in this belief, is not our role to give them the opportunity to experience it concretely in everyday life? The abundance of money or material goods makes living in illusion. All is due to the possessor, the simple fact of possessing the diversion of being. Take away a little life.

Action, on the contrary, disposes me to grow, to understand in my body the great mystery of the incarnation: why am I here? What is my role? What destiny should I fulfill? How to know myself? None of these answers can come from the head. The thought goes around in circles. It only concerns the material. I consider it an emanation of matter. In opposition to thought there is the reign of the Spirit. The Spirit is without thought, but not without love. When the Spirit is incarnated, the head empties, the ego disengages.

Gifts of power

On a path up -sandy, difficult- the warrior despairs. Fault. Hope and despair are children of the ego. The flawless warrior does not succumb to it. He walks, he fights, he acts. His head is empty, his heart is full, his belly is powerful. He leans on his loins. The warrior knows that encounters are never the result of chance. They always come at the right time. One day you meet a man of knowledge. You are aware of his power over himself. But you are not aware of the gifts he gives you by his mere presence in front of you.

The gifts that people make are by far the most valuable. They can be material or immaterial. Intangible gifts are wizard options, that is, positions of the assemblage point. I explained elsewhere what is the assembly point, so I do not come back. Almost the whole of the human race is currently fixed on the same position of the assemblage point, more or less close to pure reason. The Nagual wizard does not have this handicap. He practices controlled madness, avatar of the ancient druids‘ Mad Thinking.

When a person of power gives you that kind of gift, you are not aware of it. It is later, at the chance of your destiny, that this precious gift will be revealed. Power to fly like a bird, power to disappear to human eyes, to teleport you, to hear the music of the spheres, to see the auras. This late gift is a sorcerer’s option, in Castaneda‘s vocabulary. Option, because it is possible that the gift is never used.

The propitiatory gift

The warrior can also receive a material gift. The power objects given by wizards, wizards and enchanters have no material value. Their interest is in their magic. A simple pebble that the magician has kept in his pocket for a certain period of time can become a valuable power object for the apprentice or dating warrior who has received it.

Ordinary people can not donate power because they do not have any. They can only make two types of donations, the gift of convention or the propitiatory gift. The conventional donation is the one made at Christmas or for a birthday, a thank you service, an invitation, etc. A forced gift is no longer a gift. It’s bartering, neither more nor less. Ordinary people capable of selfless giving are no longer ordinary people. It is useful to thank, I do it every morning. I thank I do not know who for the joy of the rising, the happiness of the new day, and the amazed expectation of the surprises of the moment. Thanks constantly, even if you do not know who.

The propitiatory gift is more vicious. It consists in flooding someone with gifts in the hope of making him propitious or seducing him, to attract his good graces. This gift locks the donee into the vicious circle of giving back. He makes him indebted. As such, he is absolutely hateful. This pervasive liberality is hardly better than avarice. So to proscribe. The people of power refuse these gifts. Ego-less beings do the same. Only those who are dominated by the ego receive them.

Financial aid

In a sacred society, the beings who belong to the arcane V The Pope live from the gift. Everyone has a sacred duty to give him lodging and food, to help him in his task and to provide him with what he needs to accomplish it. I belong to this caste, that of the healers of the soul and the body. I put myself at the service of all, so that each and everyone draws in my texts and my images the power to understand, the energy to be realized, the will to act as warrior and warrior, in the impeccability, humility, intensity.

I need your help to continue serving you. This call for donations on each page of the site is not decorative. I am not aiming for personal enrichment. I have known in my life periods of great ease, but it is the past. I now enjoy an exceptional quality of life as a result of my efforts and those of my parents before me. But this quality of life owes nothing to my current small income. My retirement is less than 900 €. And the fees generated by this site are important. Not to mention my other help activities.

I decided to give, I who have received so much. This is why this site was created, instead of a collection of books, more rewarding for the author, but less affordable for the general public. I want everyone’s access to this knowledge to remain free and free. In your turn, ask yourself the question. Am I indebted for anything to this gentleman? Can I thank him?

Yes you can. It’s been eleven years since I hosted this site which has received more than 4 million visitors in 170 countries. Ex publisher, I measure the impact. And I can not help but translate these numbers into editing data. If Eden Saga was printed, I would have enough money to open a foundation. If Eden Saga was on paper, it would represent about twenty books. A collection, or several. I do not count the hours and days spent in research, writing, computer graphics, not to mention the hours of development, design and improvement of ergonomics.

But above all, I want these pages to be free. I wish that Eden Saga remains as long as possible, totally free. Selection by money is not compatible with spiritual work. Today, anyone who has access to the internet can enjoy the fruit of my research, it is fair and good. I was forced to put the ad, disturbing obligation, especially since the overwhelming majority of my readers uses ad block and do not see these ads. Please, exclude this site from your ad blocker, it will help.

If you are attached to money, your place is not among my readers. If you are stingy, I sincerely pity you. But your place is not here either. Avarice is a disease of the soul, difficult to cure, easily detestable. It brings misfortune, frustration and disappointment. The miser misses the true pleasures of existence, all from love. If you are neither, you can give a little. Everyone can do it. And remember to remake it from time to time.

If so, Eden Saga will live. I could continue to receive those who have nothing, the thirsty, the poets, the fools. They are transported. They bless the sky to finally find who to talk to. An awakened soul who understands them. But it’s not the sky they have to bless, it’s you. You who gave, you who will give again. Your action amplifies mine. We act together.

‘You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.’
Friedrich Nietzsche