The Acting Spirit


Does spirit have the power to act on matter? Is it possible for a man -by the sole power of mind- to move a table, a cupboard, a car? To deform metal? To soften the stone? Messmer shows it with a lot of special effects. More scientific, Jean-Pierre Girard answer yes. Yet remember: thirty years ago, Uri Geller has pulled the rug out from under his feet. To him and to all his fellowmen. Here is the story.



Messmer is Éric Normandin. He chose this pseudonym in tribute to the inventor of animal magnetism, Franz-Anton Mesmer. Do not confuse them. Franz Anton Mesmer, born May 23, 1734 in Moos and died March 5, 1815 in Meersburg, is a German doctor from Baden, founder of the theory of animal magnetism or mesmerism. Éric Normandin dit Messmer, born August 2, 1971, is a Quebec artist and hypnotist who has been practicing hypnosis on stage since the 1990s. In September 2007, he began touring his first show, Messmer fascinateur in Montreal.

Imagine nearly 2,000 people in a theatre, arms in the air, hands clenched and, on stage, a “fascinator” who, with a deep voice and a flow of words as fast as Julien Lepers in “Questions pour un champion” repeats to them: “Your hands are tighter and tighter, glued together, at the count of three, you will not be able to separate them.” You comply with the injunction of this «test of receptivity». Nothing happens, your hands come off as they see fit, you are not a “good subject”. An irrepressible urge to laugh seizes you. But some viewers have remained “glued”. They can “live the experience”. (source)

Yes, on some it works. On others nothing at all. Since Messmer-Normandin came to France with the same results: sometimes yes, sometimes no. We have to make it clear, all this is just spectacle. Uri Geller’s case is different.



Uri Geller made himself a good reputation in the ’80s, thanks to his gift for psychokinesis. Psychokinesis or telekinesis by thought, is a presumed metapsychic faculty of the mind that would allow to act directly on matter, but which does not yet have a scientific foundation.

Victim of success, he became media-friendly and started a career as an entertainer. In 1987, Geller was invited to the French show Droit de réponse by Michel Polac. Geller performed various demonstrations of “his paranormal powers.” Everything went fine until the arriving of Gerard Majax, the most famous illusionist of the time. Majax repeated the same demonstrations :

He twisted a metal golf club, as if it was rubber, in the hand of Michel Polac; he spins the needle of a compass, significantly faster that Uri Geller, and finally he twisted a spoon simply by looking at it. Gerard Majax denounced the cheating, the diversion of attention and the illusionism of Geller, whom he called charlatan. That was the end of the media career of Geller. And for all the skeptics, evidence that all this nonsense deserve only contempt. Yet these facts exist, but they do not occur every time.

To trigger these paranormal powers , certain conditions are necessary, of isolation and contemplation, which belong more to the realm of the sacred than to that of showbiz. And these necessary conditions are not always sufficient. In the matter, nothing is guaranteed. Because of the show , Geller had to fake when he passed on TV. It does not prove he had no powers, but that he should not have been on television.



Struck Down

The case of Jean-Pierre Girard is a mix between science and showbizness. After leading the European Bureau of technology, scientist undertakes studies in neuroscience and quantum physics. He has a talent for psychokinesis: by the mere power of the mind, he twists metal bars, moves furniture, makes ashtrays fly, etc..

Unlike his predecessor Uri Geller, Girard emerged victorious from all the confrontations with illusionists. As usual, scientists and media cold-shoulder him … while KGB and CIA show great interest in his work.

How has he acquired this incredible power? As a child he survived the lightning that had fallen upon him. Is it this experience that developed in him this power over matter, as it was apparently the case of Uri Geller and Matthew Manning, also famous for the same paranormal talent?



It’s not just lightning to awaken the sleeping ones. A good discharge of electric current does the trick. What does not kill you makes you stronger. So the electric awakening obtained by Alain Laurendeau is not symbolic: the landfill almost killed him.

I have a moving thought for my friend Dominique Coquelle aka Iris, who left this world two years ago in Barcelona, Catalonia. About fifteen years ago, during one of his visits, I told him about awakening by lightning, for which it is a matter of taking maximum precautions.

I see him again two months later, he shows me a dome project he wanted to build in Sologne, in the domain of his guru. He chose the location: a grove of four large pines that he would equip with lightning rods to capture lightning. On the ground, he planned to lay a large plate of steel or other conductive metal that would serve as a foundation for his dome. This conductive plate would be connected to the four lightning rods and when the lightning…

I cut it straight. “You think you’re a slice of bread? It’s a giant toaster you want to make there! Even if you can’t get electrocuted, you can be sure that lightning will set fire to the trees… and your resin dome!



Crazy Nuts

He would not believe me. Fortunately, he was refused a building permit. Dominique is one of the craziest nuts I’ve ever known — and I’ve known a lot. The unfortunate boy did not reason as a sensible person. Had long years of wandering on the roads of India and Polynesia dommaged his neo-cortex?

You crazy guys who read this, please don’t be crazy. Don’t imitate Alain Laurendeau or my friend Dominique. Don’t try to be lucky, it is not the way. Only Osiris, god of chance, can decide. The chosen ones receive the gift of Isis. The others lost their lives, silly victims of a freely made human sacrifice. What kills you doesn’t make you stronger!

So you’re crazy, okay. It’s your strict right. But remember: no bullshit! The world needs you. There are much cooler methods of awakening.


Moral and Paranormal

Today’s paranormal was the normal day before yesterday and will be the standard day after tomorrow. Well yes, these incredible powers, lightning is the cause. A cause that has nothing magical.  Nobody does it on purpose; baptism by the fire of heaven is too dangerous an initiation.

Those who receive the gifts of lightning are neither better nor worse than others. They were at the right time in the right place. The energy that unleashes the spirit of a being does not care whether it is “good” or not. Morality has nothing to do with spirituality! And “holiness” is just good energy management.

The vibrations of mental forces are the more sophisticated and therefore the more powerful existing. (Charles Haanel)


That’s exactly right, except for the misplaced use of the word mental. These forces are psychic, or spiritual. They’re not mental. The problem is a misuse of the word mental in the States. This contradiction rubbed off on our language, where the use of the mind tends to replace that of the psi powers. As much as I protest, the Yankee tidal wave is sweeping the planet, with its approximations and abuses.

This is not only a linguistic dispute, but a real misunderstanding that prevents the manifestation of our real subtle powers. As long as we think it comes from the head, we go into the wall. If we understand that it comes from the belly, it is won.



Grand Inquisitor

Thus, Catholics believe that their saints are models of bourgeois virtue…. My God, rather, their God! How short memory they get! Would they forget that Saint Paul, before founding the Christian church, began by torturing and slaughtering the first Christians? He was a saint too. Yet Paul took the place of another: Jesus had expressly designated Peter to do the job, but well, he too was crucified… Still no trace of his execution in the Roman archives, quite complete even exhaustive. We also know that Saint Augustine, before being bishop, led a disorderly life. What is less known is that Thomas Aquinas is a big liar.

And closer to us, that Benedict XVI began in the Hitler youth to become Grand Inquisitor – or its modern equivalent – before becoming pope? Indeed he was for a long time the patron of the Doctrine for the Propagation of the Faith, which is only the Inquisition renamed… 



All these demagogic religions have an incredible passion for the symbol. When a believer encounters an enigma, an inconsistency, an anachronism, what does he do? He is not trying to understand. He takes refuge trembling behind the screen of dogma. And dogma does not explain anything real to him. Nothing interesting. Dogma turns the most exciting mysteries into dumb symbols. Dogma hides what must be shown and shows what should be hidden: human stupidity.

When a warrior encounters an enigma, an inconsistency, an anachronism, what does he do? He seeks to understand how ignorant people disguised real facts for lack of understanding. He reads Eden Saga, which does nothing else. And the Saga restores to him our true past, shamefully distorted by ideologies and their vassal sciences. Or by the negligence of copyists, translators, proofreaders, typographers, publishers …




Let’s say the truth ever since the Lie is constantly widespread and by many: in the press and books, school and university, and everywhere it exerts its influence. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


That some texts have reached us unscathed, this is the real miracle! Ifever it happens …

As soon as one forgets ancient science, the great magic of the ancients, the effectiveness of their techniques, the power of their inventions, as soon as one no longer knows what to say and what to think about ancient myths and testimonies, symbolism is invented. The appearance of symbolism is a sign of decline. The symbol is what is left when everything is forgotten.


How Rude!

Other religions have mixed faith, practice, dogma and morality into an indigestible and not very tasty soup. There are religions without God, religions without morality, or religions without supra-consciousness, firmly attached to the materiality of a body without soul. Examples include Buddhism, American Protestantism, Hinduism, Judaism and Scientology. But the list is not exhaustive. I have always fled these groups of lost souls who clench themselves timidly in their ignorant arms while repeating stupid phrases. Believing in it is a feat or the result of a lobotomy.

“We must see how rude we are told…” This thirst for ideals that we all have is frustrated in a world where matter dominates, where money reigns. This legitimate thirst, “those before” responded in a very concrete way. They turned initiates into gods, for good, not at all in a symbolic way. Practices exist that allow this mutation. It is quite possible to focus one’s intention on the light of love and the peace it gives.

To those who seek, in good faith, with conscience and perseverance, but who despair at seeing that nothing changes, to those who would like well but understand nothing, to those who doubt, whatever the cost, bent towards an unknown goal, pushed to heights they fear never to reach, here is a nice recommendation from an expert in Mayan culture, Hunbatz Men, who lives in Chichen Itza in Yucatán. He created a Lol Be Foundation, dedicated to teaching Mayan cosmic culture. He is also the author of several books.


A Column of Light

“You must put on an armor of luminous energy made of the high vibrations of love, gratitude and truth. Imagine that your higher vibration radiates beyond your protective armor, filling with love the space and souls around you. Fill yourself with pure energy again through your crown chakra at the top of your skull. Imagine a column of light infusing into your being the energy source of life. In doing so you fill yourself with a vital force of a high vibratory frequency and you extend it to others. This is how you will become holders and messengers of the luminous vibration that is currently transforming your planet and those who agree to progress with it…”   (Hunbatz Men)


A first version of this article was published on October 12, 2014. This is corrected, completed and updated. Pending the next…


I know I am right. And all others are wrong. 
Bernard Werber