Total Stacking


Our civilization is running out of steam. Obviously. What do we do? It has become global and is on the brink of collapse. I am not the first to speak so and I won’t be the last. “Our civilization“? Why our? This civilization is not ours. It doesn’t belongs to itself, confiscated by donkeys. And why speak of civilization? Who can call themselves civilized? All so-called civilizations are built on lies.

Mind View

The very idea of civilization is only a mind view. A very short-sighted view. Blindness would be better. Civilized, this display of false sufficiency? This rampant vice that no longer even hides? Civilized, all these crimes unpunished, this omnipresent rudeness? I am not talking about the so-called vulgar language, what importance? Bad words are not. True rudeness offends the heart and the soul, because it makes baseness triumph.

It takes chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star. (Friedrich Nietzsche)


The baseness that reigns in all the classes more surely than in all the playgrounds. The baseness of the royal courts is much worse than that of the courtyards. Lies, abjection, ignorance, blindness everywhere. Both in history and in religion. Worse still in justice. Injustice in the long run. Intolerable intolerance. Simulacra where money serves as honor, where power is innocent and absolved.



The non-existent civilization will not die. Neither baseness nor corruption nor injustice will lose it. it is the lie that will kill it. Lies. Dissociated society. Invisible, omnipresent, a stupendous tissue of lies serves as a base and skeleton. Civilization of abjection. Denial of conventions. Hypocrisy all around. Systematic. Systemic. Seismic.

Let’s say the truth ever since the Lie is constantly widespread and by many: in the press and books, school and university, and everywhere it exerts its influence. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Falsification of the past. History is not written by the victors, but by the cowards. When our true past comes out of the castle, the whole building will collapse like a hat of cards. View of the mind. Madly stupid romantic vision. Ghost belief that falls suddenly, dynamited at the base. 

In 2008, I posted the first article of this site, the masters of lightning. The first stone to build me another story. That year, a cannon shot shook finance. The subprime mortgage crisis. It’s way off, I’m putting it in context.



Our lost money

Subprime mortgages are a pile of bonds on real estate loans. Particularly secure, real estate is a safe haven. The SECSecurity Exchange Commission  awards it very strong bonds, rated AAA. But there are less secure bonds, classified AA, A, BBB, BB and B. Banks do not earn anything with them. That makes them ièch. How to value these sub-merdes? Stroke of genius: subprimes. The pile of bonds is born. With good students at the top of the pile and bad grades at the bottom, omnipresent, invisible.

Banks begin to slip AA, then A. The note of the battery remains AAA, bravo the scam. No one notices the cat shit under the carpet. Banks get bolder, they slide off the BBB. The odds hold. So the banks get rid of their garbage. Right. They throw BB and then B. Real dog shit.

One day, inevitably, a trader smarter than others sniffs bad smells. The whole building collapses. The largest banks are bankrupt. To save the international banking system, the states give them our money, as usual.

Dirty money or not, it doesn’t matter. I care about you. I don’t care about finance. That was just an example. The warning sign.

Falsification of the past. History is not written by the victors, but by the cowards. When our true past comes out of the castle, the whole building will collapse like a hat of cards. View of the mind. Madly stupid romantic vision. Ghost belief that falls suddenly, dynamited at the base. 

In 2008, I posted the first article of this site, the masters of lightning. The first stone to build me another story. That year, a cannon shot shook finance. The subprime crisis. It’s already a long way off, I’m putting it in context.


Shit on Stack

This so-called civilization follows the same pattern. It was sold to us as indisputable. Historians have guaranteed us AAA facts that are only unreliable beliefs. The more we go back in time, the more beliefs are far from the truth. The official designs on the period before antiquity are classified B. Real dog shit. It starts to be noticed, given the smell. Undermined on its foundations, the building falters. In parts, it collapses. Historians will be the last to admit it.

 History teaches historians how to falsify it. (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)


The same applies to almost all human sciences – inhuman, non-scientific. We find B in the foundations of Egyptology, archaeology, anthropology, sociology. Idem for the study of civilizations, geography, astronomy – dependent on unfounded beliefs considered safe. Victim of the dominant thought, everything related to the past is outdated. Bogus. Fake. Dead leaves on empty tombs.



So-called minor arts

While specialists cultivate their sacred faith, lots of artists give us valuable information, infinitely. Serious people look elsewhere. These people despise visionaries.

No more info comes from the great art, so small. He killed himself, sold to the system. Addicted to money. The speculative painting that sells its crusts at the price of subprime. The trash sculpture that will soon be there. The music of princes that will not survive them. Classical opera that takes the bulk of cultural subsidies. Everything for big money.

I am talking about the new arts, the so-called minors. In cinema, George Lucas shows a past that sounds right. Alas! The old man sold his Star Wars to shitheads who defile everything they touch. Many directors resist however, Hollywood’s ones included. Inform, not distort. They spread the fruit of their entrails but the powerful mock them.

In science fiction, heroic fantasy, powerful vectors of hidden truths, the film and the b-d publish so many masterpieces that I can not name them all. The old world is laughing, the rich are shrugging their shoulders, the snobs are raising their eyebrows. They are wrong. The truth is elsewhere. They will have to get used to it or get undone. The children are crazy about this past. It is worth a thousand times what they are told at school. The least educated are the most innocent. The most clairvoyant. They do not need to resist the sand.The fault is wanted What a time saver!


June 21st Music

The minor arts set a really nice decor, which familiarizes the young audience with other codes, more useful than the old ones. I have served these arts my life long. Song, tales, movies, tv, comics. Retirement didn’t stop me. Here I continue.

No minister of culture had the least interested in it. But Jacques Lang. Happy exception to confirm the rule. Just reward for his open-mindedness, his summer solstice music festival has become global. So much the better.



Minor lizard, lamp on the forehead, I dug deep. In the underground, I met fabulous people. Alive. True. Some of them remained my friends in my crossing of the desert, I thank them – it’s silly: do we thank for love? For affection? For the human heat?

But most are dead. At my age, survivors are rare. One by one, I see them die. But let them be quiet: their work is useful, it will live.

So, while waiting for all this old lizard bazaar to finish spreading into dust, grab pan, drum, whistle, ocarina, flute, mouth-harp, fiddle, djembe, tabla, washing board and all that makes noise, and blow, tap, dance. As long as you play, the agony of this rotten world will not be sad. Its end is coming, imminent, we can hear it knocking at the door. Help it and be saved. Resurrect the popular saying: In France, everything ends in songs. Make it true for the whole world. A song festival every day of the year.


 The stacking strategy

From subprimes to civilizations, and even biology, stacking is widespread. Everything happens as if nature were lazy. When nature comes up with a strategy that works, it uses it everywhere. Look at the spiral, it’s everywhere. Helix of galaxies, DNA, shells, and paintings by Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci. Rocket energy, incarnation movement, spring and rebound, the spiral is golden, sacred, vital, spontaneous. It is the origin of life, the origin of the cosmos, it underlies the universe. The spiral is so universal that scientists have called it: spontaneous form

“From time immemorial, the spiral has been used by man to symbolize many things: fulfillment, vital impulse, cosmic order, the cycle of seasons and various other cycles, mirrors of its sacred root. The spiral of the game of the goose, or that of the medieval labyrinths reminds us of the importance of living in our body the beneficial effects of the vital spiral (…) The spiral dance is a magic pass, an ineffable experience that aims to awaken the mind, therefore to heal the body, this body so unloved, this body that knows, and that we do not always know how to listen,”  I wrote in 2012. At that time I still believed in spontaneous forms.

Spontaneity! Creation ex nihilo! Work of nature! Such absurdities do not exist. Neither does nature. It is a mind view. Untrue. Convenient tote, nature is the hideaway misery that avoids asking the real questions. Is it nature that makes babies? Come on! There’s a very sophisticated program in our microbiota. Our gut program. It’s not just making babies. It does everything. Everything.



The colonists of our colon

And who runs the bide? A colony of aliens that must be observed under a microscope. Hallucinating spectacle! They are like us. Exactly the same.

The gut has its own microbiota, a community of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that populate the interior of our digestive tract. The body also has respiratory, skin, urogenital and oral microbiota. Together, they form the human microbiome, which includes billions of living microbiota on and inside our bodies.

Essential to your health, your microbiome is like a miniature ecosystem, says Justin Sonnenburg, professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

‘It can be compared to a microscopic rainforest, home to many species of all shapes and sizes, which together form these complex communities in different parts of the body,’ he describes. (source)



Microbes in the human microbiome are like humans. Toddlers populate our colon and other organs in our body. And humans populate one of the organs of a gigantic body: the universe. Are microbes, viruses and bacteria our masters? Not quite. In turn, they are colonized by smaller ones for which they are a universe. It is contained. Spontaneous structure like the spiral. From the same to the same.

Who says it stops there?

This little game continues above the universe and below the human to infinity in both directions. What is our universe worth? Less than a rabbit’s fart, be sure. And the famous multiverse is only one link in the total stack.


Total stack. Shakespeare once wrote I’m dead Horatio!Hamlet, act 5, scene 2 It was the first step. Today we’re all death.


A life without examination is not worth living.