The Masters Of Lightning


When the former gods settled on the third planet of the solar system, they named it Ter, which means three, and Ra, which is the ancient name of the Sun. Terra, the Earth, is not a name due to chance, but a code that means third planet of the Ra system.

They quickly understood the potential of this wild planet. But to develop it, they needed a huge amount of time and energy. The time, they had it: their life lasted several millennia, as for the age of their civilization, it counts in eons, ie billions of years. And the energy, they found it on the spot.

Lightning is a renewable source of energy, inexhaustible. The terraformers knew how to attract the lightning, to burst the lightning, to crumble it in balls of lightning. Before sprinkling the Earth with fulguric power plants, difficult to build and long to implement, they used nuclear energy. Yes, you read correctly.

The energy of the atom is the first source of energy they used when it was necessary to terraform wild planet Earth, two billion years ago. They urgently needed enriched uranium for the overpowering engines of their motherships. Witness the nuclear reactors discovered in Gabon, which triggered a quarrel in the scientific community: the official conclusions have opted for the natural character of these reactors, while part of the scientific commission dissociated itself from these conclusions deemed fanciful and unachievable. Force remained to the official thesis. Yet, throughout the world, many traces of atomization are still visible, such as the Dead Sea, the Gobi Desert, the salt lakes of Turkey and the USA, the granite plateau Breton, etc. In my opinion, nuclear energy has been used as a motor and heat source, but also in the form of atomic bombs, during major conflicts that can be found in the Bible as in the Mahabharata and in many other mythological sources.

The terraforming of a wild planet, as the Earth was before the astronaut gods, is a colossal task. Terraforming gods therefore used giants, like the Cyclops who reached the incredible height of 54 meters. But their muscular strength, however considerable, was far from sufficient for the task. It was about moving mountains, digging new beds for rivers, drying swamps, planting forests, carving huge blocks of stone, drilling tunnels under every continent, and many other tasks that can seem unimaginable. Yet they did it.



Before the flood, lightning provided most of the energy they needed. It took a lot to operate their huge ship and its countless machines dedicated to planning the planet. In Wiltshire, UK, I had for the first time a clear picture of this amazing technology. It is even with this fundamental intuition that I started writing the website that you are now consulting. I was far from suspecting how far the Masters of Lightning would bring me in ten years …

More than six hundred articles, thousands of images, as many quotes, a meticulous exploration of all the strata of our fabulous past, the point of view of philosophy, psychoanalysis, archeology, geology, treasures of hermetism, nagualism and Sufism, the wisdom of the ancient Celts, Indians, Chinese, Amerindians, the true epic of the black civilization of Africa and the world, the lies of history, the prospects, the news sciences, the new paradigms, personal development, initiation, the ways of awakening, these are some of the subjects I approach and all of whom were germinated in my vision of the fulgural power plant Avebury.

I have been studying these questions for years in old myths and sacred texts. But to understand the unimaginable, nothing beats field work. In a waking vision, I saw Avebury’s megalithic ensemble working. One after the other, all the wheels of the great stone machine came to life under blue lightning. I understood that it was a lightning factory, an ancient lightning power plant as hundreds have existed on the planet, and I took a great lesson in humility.

The terraformers were superhuman. In spite of all our science, we are very far from equaling them. Here is an overview of their science: ecological, healthy and sublime. A fulguric plant consists of a lightning sensor, a spark gap and a transmitter. The spark gap can be called a lightning rod, because like this the role of the sensor is to attract the lightning. The lightning sensor can be a pyramidion, a small pyramidal structure at the top of the great pyramids. The sensor can also be any metal or mineral part, charged with a negative potential that attracts lightning.

At Avebury, the sensor was perched on top of a conical pyramid, Silbury Hill. This metal pyramidion has disappeared today. Metal sensors of the same type crowned Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem, like the Akapana pyramid in Tihuanaco or the great pyramids of Giza near Cairo. These pyramidions were composed of an alloy of gold, silver, orichalcum and copper, precious metals at all times. We guess they have been recovered and melted for a long time. The particularity of the Silbury pyramid lies in its design: true giant electric battery, it includes many granite compartments filled with alkaline limestone. It formed an accumulator capable of supplying the summit sensor with negative energy, in order to attract lightning.



This lightning being deadly, terraformers knew how to protect themselves from it. They only kept the divine power, the sacred shock that gives awakening. Suddenly solicited by the elevation of the nervous tension, the kundalini opens all the chakras on a large scale, as far as the crown chakra, the fontanel. In a fraction of a second, the insider is initiated in the highest degree.

But will you tell me, how to protect yourself from the dangerous effects of lightning? It is precisely the role of the spark gap: to separate the lethal force from the sacred power. The astronaut gods knew very well the capital difference between the lightning and the lightning ball. As much as the lightning can kill, or seriously hurt, so much the lightning ball is harmless, but surprising. It is capable of real feats. The ball of lightning plays tricks that are similar to the pranks of goblins, korrigans and other leprechauns. Some even claim that the famous crop circles of Wiltshire would be traced by balls of lightning …

The question becomes: how to change the lightning into balls of lightning? Answer: just burst it. At Avebury, two alignments of polarized menhirs form a power line. In this line, the vril energy from the stone explodes the lethal power of lightning that turns into balls of lightning. A pool of water surrounds the foot of the pyramid. Water is part of the process as a transmitter. It also plays another role, capital: when she received the kiss of lightning, its vibratory rate has increased, its PH is different, like that of Jade Water.

These balls of lightning behave like intelligent beings. They are the manifestation of the purest vril energy, which I call the energy of awakening, and which we now recognize as scalar waves. Yes, my dear friends, slowly we are rediscovering the prodigious knowledge of the former gods, these astronauts capable of creating plant and animal species, to develop the atmosphere and the geography of a planet and the people of superior beings, in every respect, except for the duration of life.

Why did terraformers use the energy of lightning, since it seems very delicate to handle? Because it is the most valuable, inexhaustible, non-polluting, beneficial in every way. They used it for a triple purpose.
– First, lightning vibrated the water basin at the foot of the pyramid. All the pyramids were originally surrounded by water, an essential element. Blessed by lightning, the water was used for human, animal and vegetable consumption, in the form of vegetable and cereal irrigation.
– Second, the balls of lightning were used to awaken warriors and warriors. The vril of the lightning balls increased the resistivity of their neuronal nervous system. Electric awakening occurs when a strong electrical potential triggers a rise of kundalini. It is the vril of awakening.
– Tertio, basic electrical energy separated from wakefulness was used to run machines and engines. This is the great truth that is hidden in our electricity. It is triple, as each one, as each one of us. The complete human being is BODY + HEART + SPIRIT. Electricity is the body, vril is the heart, lightning is the spirit.