Will and Power


Who is your inner boss ? What part of yourself does the job and rules the whole? Who decides, who foresees, who identifies, who leads you by the nose? Be honest. It is your head.

Dictatorship of the mind. Lacking of fresh air, our heads stink. And it lasts for thousands of years.

Time passing, it seems natural to you, and yet! It’s not your head that is hungry, but your stomach. This is not your head that wants, loves, enjoys, caresses. And it’s not your head that does. “Lao Tzu said, we must find the way”, said Didi the not-so-crazy madman. “Thus I’ll cut your head off.” The Taoism joins the shamanic vision of the world. Yaqui sorcerers say that the Will is the source of our powers. Imagine the head office that turns into the belly office, or Facebook becoming Bodybook. No fun, just a proper change of leadership. For the Will is not in the head. It is the body that manages the Will.

The unknown power beyond the mind control. The Will is an uncontrolled force, acting all the time, night and days. As long as we remain locked in our heads, how could we listen to our body and its secret power? How could we imagine that our body knows the way to freedom?




By dint of decline, todays mankind has reached the final stage of incarnation, the lower state of material. The spirit descended so deeply into the material it has lost sight of itself. We walk blind in the dark for fear of letting the light shine in us. Man no longer trusts Man. Who cares?

However at the heart of darkness a dim light grows. A dream, a hope, a tenuous souvenir: we are beings of light. Our body of light turn the light mills of the chakras. Energy may run in us, overflowing, inexhaustible, but we do not know how to use it. Thus the energy uses us. Because our Will is the secrete law.

Our Will is acting all the time, whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not. It uses large amounts of our own energy which is dissipated in the belly chakra. Through the third eye,  the Will appears as a tentacle, or a large fiber of light on the body of light, also called the subtle body. This light strap is infinitely expandable. 

It can be divided into many small links that connect us with other beings, no matter how far they can be. 

We are beings of light. We are made of the union of three persons: a body of flesh, a luminous envelope which is our subtle body, and a large ball of pure light called the aura or soul. Our Will is a microcosm, a faithful reproduction of all possible worlds. Our thinking reflects the thinking of the world as reflected in our aura.




Our mind reflects the Spirit as it sits in our aura. While our conscious will attracts the Will. Few of us know. And fewer practice it. We went so far in the petrification, we are so fed up with materiality, we have lost the natural senses that connect us to life and light.  

That is why the last free men of Australia in Papua or Amazon call us mutants. Half-human, half-machine. Where could we do without them, devouring machines? For them, every part of us is delicious, our belly first. They crunched it so totally that we do not know anything about him. Let them do and they devour us as they have already devoured our time and attention.

Not to mention our subtle senses, sometimes called our powers. Devoured by machines and mechanical mind. Devoured, shamanic vision and feeling ; devoured, spontaneous healing ; devoured, extrasensory perception such as night vision or vision of the auras, long ago devoured and digested. So many achievements remain out of reach of so-called civilized people. For a Papuan, a Yanomami or an Aboriginal, these are not feats, but facts. As the reality of the Will, seen as a large fiber that leaves the stomach, the reality of the body of light is a fact.

So many things exist which we don’t know! So many people come and go, invisible, before us! Our perceptions are crude, distorted. And unfair. We look, but we see nothing. The key of Seeing is in the Will. The third eye opens from our belly.

To enter conciously into our Will allow us to assume our superhuman state. To stand in our Will is the quickest way to get our powers back. 

You just have to wonder how to use correctly the power you have. (Carlos Castaneda)

You may think I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one Perhaps some day you will join us And the world will be as one.
John Lennon