Energy blockages


Before awakening, the energy of the kundalini rises from centeror chakra to center until the last chakra, the fontanel. During this climb, one or the other energy center can be blocked. This is to identify the blockage to make it disappear.


There are several ways to do this. Now I present the most useful. My benefactor Jean-Claude Flornoy gave a funny description of the behaviors resulting from blockages of the seven chakras. Funny but not enough. I work on the fourteen, and even the eighteen chakras that I can perceive, on the limbs and the extremities, and beyond the subtle body, in the aura, or below the subtle body, in the underground aura.

Happily, I continue the work initiated at the Rochefort sur Mayenne estate, under the direction of Flornoy. With the help of the participants in the Meetings,sorry there is no meeting for English speakers  we felt several subtle bodies, and several layers around the aura.

This research was interrupted by sanitary confinement, I hope that it will continue as soon as possible, probably in September 2020. To identify energy blockages, I use my eyesight, and I use the Erquy reki. This technique that Flornoy taught me has experienced major advances, and I cannot do without it.


By Reki

During an Erquy reki or Japanese reiki session, it will be easy to spot blockages on the energy diagram. Walking your hands gently along the central channel, you can easily feel the diversions through the lateral channels ida and/or pingala when a chakra is blocked. This blockage prevents energy from rising straight along the central channel, sushumna.

A chakra is easily unlocked in a reki session. During the courses that I organize,not avalaible in English, sorry I show each participant how to feel this energy of the kundalini, and how to smooth the energy pattern, and unlock the seven, fourteen and eighteen chakram.


By Seeing

Apart from the practice of reki or other equivalent techniques, there is an easy way to spot the blockage. I’m not talking about seeing it on the person’s aura. This is the method I use, it is more than efficient and does not allow any errors because there is nothing to interpret. See it is always in direct reading.

But the sensitive seers are not legion. I would like to address myself here to those who do not have this gift of double sight. This was the case with my benefactor, Messire Flornoy. He kept saying “I don’t see anything, I have no imagination, I’m not a seer“. Certainly he was mistaken. But he clung to this error, out of modesty or through unconscious strategy, I cannot say.



The Flornoy Method

The fact remains that he has developed a behavioral approach to identify blocked chakram. A supporter of good French, Flornoy does not speak of chakram, but of energy centers. Here’s what he said:

Let’s review the different centers where energy is likely to block, and the behaviors that this blocking causes. A blockage of energy at a center will generate:

At the base center (first center): a person frozen, stuck.
At the sexual center (second center): an obsessed or a nymphomaniac.
At the center of the force (third center): an obsession with money.
In the center of the heart (fourth center): a tearful mystic.
In the center of the throat (fifth center): a superstitious psycho-magic.
In the center of the front (sixth center): a grotesque “master of the world”.
If the energy surge succeeds and the energy comes out through the center of the fontanel (seventh center): an idiotic Buddha (particularly narrow). (source)J-Cl. Flornoy, Le pèlerinage des Bateleurs, pp.168 169

A little further in the same book, Flornoy wishes to provide these details:

The combination of different types of behavior is problematic. The energy that blocks in the center of the heart will have irrigated the lower centers in the process. These will therefore be active simultaneously. They will produce a combination of behaviors: the individual will be both tearful mystic, obsessive about money, nymphomaniac and stuck. Stopping energy at a center will open a window to the world and color its representation. (source)J-Cl. Flornoy, Le pèlerinage des Bateleurs, p.169



The legacy of Flornoy

For my part, I can only subscribe. Jean-Claude Flornoy was a childhood friend, before becoming, thirty years later, nothing less than my benefactor: the one who brought me into the other world. Funny relationship.


First part: Beside him

One year younger, little Jean-Claude Flornoy followed the tandem I formed with my alter-ego Jean-Claude Devictor dit Devic, like a little puppy follows his young masters. Devic took him under his wing, not me. I had no momentum towards this little boy who was half my size. His body only developed at the end of adolescence when I was already the holder of the magnificent presence envied by so many U.S. actors.



Beside him, I was a scout at 230th Paris; but I was CP, and him bitard. Next to him, I supported Jean-Claude Devictor at the head of the Théâtral Group in Passy, ​​then the Théâtre Antique de la Sorbonne. He was a stage technician, I was co-director. With him, I studied philosophy at the University of Nanterre in 1968. Quickly tired of higher studies, he went to the army while I was doing a teaching license, then another in art history, a master’s degree in philosophy and another in journalism … And I lost sight of him.


Part two: With him

When I found him at the turn of my professional life, he had nothing left of the shy and effaced kid I had known. Her overpowering aura, her calm assurance, her seductive allure, all argued in favor of exceptional fulfillment. I was sawed. And captivated.

With him, I spent my arcane XIII, the initiation to the little mysteries. Thanks to him, I discovered Brocéliande and its energetic treasures, its legends that go straight to the heart, body and mind. Thanks to him, I explored a bunch of powerful places, in magical journeys through medieval or megalithic Europe.

With him, I exorcised a herd in Ardèche, for a silent farmer whose animals had an annoying tendency to throw themselves into a precipice. With him, I drove the demons from a hill, a country house where entities from the underworld had taken up residence for ages. Thanks to him, I tested different methods to raise the vibratory rate of wine – nothing less than the real consecration of wine as the Catholic priests still practiced it in the 18th century.


Part three: At his school

I took refuge in this man. I followed his teaching more than any other, even his children did not collect a tenth of what he transmitted to me. why did he do that? I thought he had me right, in fact no, that’s not it. He recognized in me the same aura as his. The unwritten Rule required him to transmit everything to me. He obeyed. And I do the same with the nagual woman of the next cycle.

Flornoy has become my benefactor. The word comes from Castaneda. Benefactor, a benefactor of a particular type, the one who brings you into the other world during your lifetime. You have to go through initiatory death, kill the old Adam, resuscitate the eternal child, humbly, in silence, far from the surface, in the unfathomable depth of your inner lake.

At his school, I became a ferryman for the Little Mysteries, a priesthood that kept me body and soul – that is, body, heart, mind – for seventeen years. At his school, I studied the practice of reiki as he had perfected it, before developing my own method which I called Erquy’s reki. Thanks to him, I wrote this site, I illustrated it, I spent hours, days and weeks there for eleven years. And it continues.

This man has played a leading role in my life. He opened doors for me, he knocked my head out. At his school, I practiced the art of dreaming and the art of tracking down, the two modes of action of the Nagual warrior. Since his departure for the infinite steppes, I have continued his research, I have progressed by leaps and bounds, taking full advantage of the fruitfulness of his discoveries.

Jean-Claude Flornoy published very little during his lifetime, and nothing posthumously either. Pity. He was my Socrates, I will be his Plato. The opener is him. The first of the team. The wording and deeds came next and the rope climbed on his heels.



A reki session

The primary goal of reki as I practice it is aimed at optimal cleaning of the energy pattern. This is how we designate the circulation of subtle energy. A simple practice when you have seen it done, but difficult when you lack fine or subtle sensitivity, or even impossible when you are completely lacking. This particular sensitivity is often a gift of birth. Some have it, others don’t.

In the courses that I organize, the lack of sensitivity or subtle sensitivity is a definite handicap for newcomers to the Meetings,not avalaible in English, sorry who emphasize group practice. The lack of sensitivity becomes an insurmountable obstacle for these people and hinders the smooth running of the group. The advice I give them is to come and see me for a particular internship before wanting to rub shoulders with the Meetings.

This is how an Erquy reki session takes place. You lie down on a massage table and start meditation. I enter, I invoke the South, the sea, then I begin by taking your bare feet in hand. I send you a powerful wave of unconditional love. You feel the energy coming from my palms go up little by little through your body.

Soon you are completely invaded by this life-giving energy. For my part, while the energy circulated in you, I had plenty of time to observe blockages and energy leaks. The blockages are located along the central channel. On the other hand, energy leaks are located along the lateral channels, even secondary channels, those which irrigate your eighteen chakram.

There can be leaks all over the subtle body. Each of them, according to its importance and its position, is rich in information on the psyche and the unconscious. They appear like bright white geysers, on the translucent whitish background of the subtle body. I give these colors as an indication, having found that the lights rarely agree on it. This first examination finished, I make your energy balance in my head and I start the verifications directly on your subtle body.

The subtle body is an envelope around the physical body. It is itself enveloped in several subtle layers, up to the aura, itself composed of three envelopes. A few inches above your skin, my hands move along the triple energy pattern. This is how we designate the path of subtle energy along the three channels. I pay all my attention to the central channel, sushumna, where the chakras are arranged.



The repairs

Flornoy liked to say that we were subtle plumbers. It is true that the main part of our work relates to the subtle pipes, the three channels through which the kundalini travels, and the four secondary channels which irrigate the limbs. I addressed these issues in three articles, The Seven Chakram, The Fourteen Chakram, The Eighteen Chakram.

Let’s go back to my job as a plumber. I unblock the blocked chakras, I fluidize the energy circulation and if necessary, I plug the tears of the subtle body and I blind the leaks. The whole process does not take hours. The sessions are very quick, only a few minutes, in case your energy balance is perfect, or easily improved by me. Some cases require more time. You may need a few moments on a daybed before you feel great. Everything is planned, you are in good hands, be quiet.

However, blockages resist magnetism. Notice to neophyte healers: no discouragement. Two case studies: either blocking is essential for you, or it takes a long time to disintegrate. In the second case, it is a simple delay effect. The feeling of lightness and fullness due to the reki will not appear until later, when the blockage has been dissolved by the increase in energy.

If blocking is essential to you, nothing can remedy it. You are the boss no matter what. I can blow it up, this blockage will reappear almost instantly. It is a sign that we should not touch it. Your free will will always be stronger than the magnetizer. It is also a guarantee of integrity for you. Sleep on both ears, all the changes will disappear if they are not good for you. Whatever you do, you can always cancel. Such a guarantee would be very useful in front of surgeons … or hairdressers !!

First developed by Flornoy then taken up and embellished by me and those of the participants in the Meetings, the Erquy reki is a soothing and invigorating practice. The patient feels relaxed at the time – sometimes so relaxed that he falls asleep for a good nap. Then, the fluidized energy circulates in all its body and it is the vitality which dominates. The effects are long-lasting and break down into several integration phases: this is why I advise against more than one session per quarter.

But as long as the health alert that requires strict compliance with barrier gestures lasts, I cannot receive reki candidates. As soon as the emergency is lifted, I will resume the sessions with great pleasure.

Make yourself known using the contact form. I will register your request which will be treated as a priority.



Where do I come from? Where do I go? I can tell you. I come from home and I’m going back.
Pierre Dac