Apollo Dark Dragon


Light needs shade and life needs both. I have introduced you to Apollo the Bright, Master of the Light Wolves. We saw him radiant as a son of the Sun, and Sun himself. I now want to observe the darkness he carries, the shadow around him, and lead my readers into the dragon’s den.


Ana of Alcor

Lugh is another name for Apollo. Its Celtic name. In India, Apollo was Varuna. In northern lands, Odin. Or Wotan, if you prefer. The qualities as well as the defects of all these gods are those of Apollo. Only one god under a hundred names, so it is for many former gods. The Druidic tradition makes Lug the primordial god. Here the Druids made a deliberate lie. A very big lie. The Druids had always known that the first god was a goddess, the Great Goddess Ana of Alcor, whose ambassador Lugh was to Terra.

Druids know for certain that druid wisdom does not come from druids. It comes from the primordial, the anterior, the great druidesses of Avalon. The same ones who stood up to the young Ramos, shepherd of the Wolves.


Ram the Druid

Cornered, Ram had no choice but to leave the Celtic lands. He armed a whole fleet of fast ships that crisscrossed the air and broke the seas. This was the victorious epic of the People of the Sea, of which it is said that no one succeeded in stopping them. Except the Athenians, if we believe Plato. His ancestor Solon would have learned it in Egypt from a priest of Sais. The Athenians fought bravely against a much larger and much better army.

Homer made a parody of it in his Illiade. A pochade so humiliating for Greece that the great Heraclitus said that Homer deserved to be expelled from poetry contests. With his irresistible weapon, the ram, he broke down the heavy doors of all the Greek fortresses. This pitiful Homer turned the dreaded metal-clad ram into a ridiculous wooden horse!

Homer deserved to be driven from the contests with a stick, and similarly Archilochus. (Heraclitus)


Of sun and shade

And Lugh, you might say. I said it. He was Alcor’s ambassador to Earth. The steward of our planet, the administrator of humankind and the seduceris of women — like all male gods indeed.

If the Greek Apollo sounds like a poet and a musician, Lugh the Celt is a warrior god. A big man, cut out for fighting, and who loves it. As Odin says Wotan. And Varuna? We saw that Dumezil associated him with the Greek god Ouranos, Uranus, god of the ocean. Why not? God “with a thousand eyes”, Varuna has a violent character and her anger is feared. Lunar divinity, he is sometimes represented as a man with pale skin wearing a golden armor and a “lasso” made from a snake. He rides a Makara,see image below sea dragon that serves him as Vāhana or mount. 



Wotan/ Odin is the god of the dead, of victory, and of knowledge. He is also the patron of magic, poetry, prophecy, war and hunting. He is the main member of the Ases. (source) The Ases are the northern equivalent of the Olympian gods. But if Zeus is first a big dredger, Wotan is a terrible god. His exploits and victories make him one of the fiercest among the gods gods.

Enough to forge the character of its flock, the Vikings. This people of conquering sailors owes much to the Peoples of the Sea, their distant ancestors, of whom I spoke above. Similarly, we can consider that Rama’s military victories bring them closer, or even confuse them. Wotan would be Rama the Conqueror as the West knew him. But Wotan does not resemble Rama the administrator, the civilizer, the scholar, the wise inventor of Lamaism, Rama the first Buddha. If all traditions come from the same historical facts, each one highlights what best suits it.

Long Hand

To designate the extent of his powers and the strength of his weapons, Apollo, like Lug, was named Long Hand. We represent Lug with hands two or three times the size of a normal hand. Long Hands are not aliens. Not just because they are. Reptilians or Reptilians, their scaly hands have thin fingers that end with retractable claws. But it doesn’t make them that long. We used to call them Longue Main, as we say.

It’s not just Lug or Apollo we used to call Long Hand. In the tympanum of the basilica of Vézelay, a famous Christ in majestephoto below was sculpted by the masters initiated from the Middle Ages. He too has disproportionate hands, nearly twice the size of his head.

Unless it’s not about Jesus, it’s about Lug? This is quite possible on the part of fellow builders, all followers of the Old Druid religion. This is what Henri Vincenot suggests in his fabulous novel The Prophet of Compostela.

The Prophet of Compostela

“Who is this Giant with the big hand?” asked Jehan. “The Old Man replied:
“I’ll tell you this: this generous hand, out of normal dimensions, was sculpted by secretly thinking of the God Lug, god of Light with the face of the sun.“Sklerijen Doué ! Dremm Heol.” in Breton: God of light, face of sun He was called “long hand”, “Dorn Braz”great hand in Breton to proclaim his immense ability, due to a divine attribution.
“Why is Lug here?”
“The brother who carved the eardrum is one of us. I knew him that way. He was asked to make Christ, son of God, God himself, triumphant, in his glory: he did it by representing the god Lough, God, son of God, with his great hand… Thus the two traditions are brought together in the purest spirit of Saint Colomban, in order to clearly indicate to the one who “knows” that the temple is well built according to the rules, in the right place and that one recognizes the one and indivisible God! (…)
The sculptor brother found there the average way, as usual, to pass through these pretty wrinkles, one of our purest symbols: the Spiral! The Dextrous Spiral! The Spiral of Life! Yes: he who did this knew his business! The Mystery of Universal Salvation! In Space and Time!” (source)Henri Vincenot, Les chemins de Compostelle



Divine magic

By the grace of his long hand, by the action of his magic zither, Apollo can kill, but also heal, awaken.  By moving the assembly point, its laser beam — or equivalent — brings the person into an almost divine state. Its longevity becomes enormous, or it undergoes accelerated aging and dies of old age in a few moments.

The beam can also transform DNA. It acts on the cells of the body and brain, on electrons and photons, the personality is no longer the same. Size and appearance change. Character changes. Memory is boosted or erased, partially or totally. Yes, Long Hand really has a long arm. Can we love these gods? Not really. Hate them? No. We can and must fear them, and do everything we can to avoid their attention. Avoid upsetting them and, if possible, never cross paths.

Apollo and Hermes

(switch on odd mode) If Apollo wants your wife, let it be. She got to get through. She might want him too. If he wants your soul, send him to shit. But beware of his wrath! First put on your hermetic suit. It is hermetic, because it was made by Hermes. (end of odd mode) Hermes the moon god opposes the sun god Apollo. Deity of Olympus — the capital city of Hyperborea and the residence of the main gods — Hermes is their messenger and intermediary to men.

Inventor of weights and measures, guardian of roads and crossroads, Hermes is the god of travelers, shepherds, traders, thieves and speakers. Shepherds… Like Ramos of Armor, the god of the ram. And like Jesus the usurper, who is not to a loan close. You are my shepherd oh Lord, nothing can miss where you lead me. Christians are his flock, old word for sheep. O great Ram, will you forgive Jesus the last Christ, you who was the first.


Hermes and Rama

They also say that Hermes brings luck, and you will need it to counter the rage of Apollo the exterminator. We are far from the solar god, luminous, magical and beneficent. Both gods and humans have contradictory facets. Fortunately, the gods are mortal, as are we. Zeus died, his son Apollo reigned after him, it seems he died too. Otherwise he’d have kicked my ass by now…

His favorite victim is the ram and he is often depicted wearing one, it is the Hermes criophore, typical figure of his pastoral origins. Say see… If Hermes wears the ram, is there a connection with Ram, the most famous ram of mythology? His pastoral origins might lead us to believe. So the messenger of the gods of Olympus would be none other than Rama? After the advances he made to the ancient Greeks, we understand that they changed his hateful name, erased his disdained memory. Thus, although he is a very popular god, his public worship is little developed: “not a single great temple, not a city where the god reigns undisputed master in a central dwelling.” (source)Jeanine J. Orgogozo, L’Hermès des Achéens, in Revue de l’histoire des religions,1949  What is the general fate of Rama in the West

As I said above, if all traditions come from the same historical facts, each one highlights what best suits it.




Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
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