Prometheus vs Zeus

The myth of Prometheus is as universal as the Flood, which is also connected. Our creator is present in all cultures, history is the same, only the name changes.

In America, he is Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan or Viracocha. In India, his name is Manu. In the Genesis they are the Elohim, and in the Book of Enoch, the Watchmen. The Assyrian tablets called him Enki. In any case, he is our creator, and he mostly uses clay. His name refers not to a single person, but to a group of people. He brings culture, science and civilization. He advocates pacifism and generosity. He used to live on earth, but also in the sky. Where? In a spaceship probably.

Prometheus is a Titan, i.e. a giant god, however he is the same nature as us, with some extra powers, that he omitted to give us

As our father Prometheus blue blood, he watches over the fate of his human creatures. A gift from his spiteful uncle, the powerful Zeus, will give him a hard time. Prometheus will have to manage the arrival in this cruel world of all human first, the beautiful Pandora … A quarrel between it and his uncle Zeus that gets rid of him by sending him covered with chains on the Ural mountains . Exit Prometheus, Zeus is free minded to act.


Titans could finally reign over the world. Three of them shared the earth together by drawing lots. Zeus won the sky, Poseidon the sea, and Hades the underworld. Zeus and his court stayed in OlymposThe Olympus Mount thus they were called Olympians.

There they were perfectly happy, alternating banquets and parties, drinking nectar and ambrosia in the sound of Apollo’s lyra.tuned in sharp F, naturally Olympus is a Greek mountain which has no particularity but its great altitude. With the reign of Zeus, it became a divine residence, guarded by the Seasons.

What the Seasons are doing here? Before the great flood, when the Earth was wedged in the ecliptic plan, they were no season: in our latitudes, there was an eternal spring. With Zeus began the world as we know it, with the year marked by the four seasons. That is why the mythical story makes the Seasons Olympus’ guardians. And that is also why men did not know that novelty yet, which Prometheus had to teach them.

The eternal spring was gone, like the abundant harvests, and shortage came back each winter. Suddenly started, in different parts of the world, and on a large scale, the Bronze Age’s agriculture So nothing is free in the story of a myth. No detail is meaningless. Just as the ancient poet said that Olympus was guarded by the Seasons, so that one day another poet takes the ball. The apparition of the Seasons marks a new era, that of Zeus-God, and the end of the Golden Age

Ages have past by. The men of the Bronze Race came, who forsook gods and practised war. Among them, Hercules is distinguished by his great strength. He will perform twelve labors, many feats that only a demigod could accomplish. Hercules will even unchain the Titan Prometheus, who then intervene with Zeus to save some of his offspring. Indeed, tired of Bronze men and their constant struggles, Zeus decides to exterminate them and unleashes a flood.

The flood will take place, all human die. Not all of them: are spared just two, Deucalion, Prometheus’ son, and Pyrrha, daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora. It rained for nine days and nine nights: from drowned Earth only emerged Mount Parnassus. Mountain of Greece, 2457 meters, which became home of the Muses and the paradise of poets, hence the name of the Montparnasse district in Paris. The gods, provident, had all fled from the highest peaks When Zeus ordered to the waters to withdraw, Deucalion and Pyrrha were alone in their boat on the desert Earth.

A voice occured, ordering them to throw over their shoulders their mothers’ bones. First frightened by such an impiety, they understood then that they were stones, which were the bones of the Earth, universal mother. The stones thrown by Deucalion became men, those thrown by Pyrrha became women. The Earth got repopulated by the ancestors of the Greek peoples, Dorian and Eolian races, the Achaeans and the Ionians. The mythology joins the history.


Another History …

But mythology does not say everything. As for history, it derails and does not care. Eden Saga decidedly tells another history, a less mushy one, closer to the real. Titan Prometheus is described here as the ally of the humans, whom he defends at the price of his freedom against the cruel exactions of the god of the gods, his uncle Titan Zeus. You know how much I like to peel myths distorted by a long and winding road of transmission. My favorite game is to take a myth and undress it right away. Hop! Without his clothes, he looks much better. Let’s have an insight in the myth of Prometheus and rival Zeus.

First thing: contrary to the legend,  Zeus was not the boss. We see it too well with his Nordic alter ego, the god of the gods Odin, and how he runs smoothly before the Great Goddess Freya, his boss. Freya is another name for Hera, wife of Zeus, and real big boss of Olympus. The ancient Egyptians call her Hathor, they are not wrong. For Great Goddess is One. Zeus is just the prince consort. When Hera does not agree, she lets him know rather sharply, and does not hesitate to put him in his shoes. He is, say, the first sex toy of the Goddess who enjoys many others. Zeus is not too loyal to Hera either, in fact he is courting every female. Such were the manners of our progenitors.

All this part of mythology has been profoundly distorted by the reformist background wave of the new male power, when it overthrew the ancient matriarchy and absolute power of the Great Goddess. The boss of Odin, we have seen, is Freya. The boss of Zeus is Hera. The boss of Osiris is Isis. The boss of Yahveh … ah, this one goddess has jumped in the reformist trap of the male power. We know how misogynistic the ancient Hebrews were: in their trinity, they have completely suppressed all feminine presence: the Father, the Spirit, and the Son, name of God, are three males.

Here is the true story of Zeus and Prometheus, as I have been able to reconstruct it through my incursions into the Akashic annals and my numerous temporal journeys. Prometheus is in love with the Great Goddess. It is she who orders Hercules to deliver him. Her Greek name, Herakles, means the Glory of Hera. It is clear that Zeus is not the weight in this story. Heracles must find a way to deliver Prometheus from the claws of the Black Guard, an elite troupe that Zeus has formed to get rid of his political opponents or marital rivals … who are often the same because the great goddess is a great consumption of human stallions.

In another tale of Enoch’s saga, I recount the vicissitudes of Prometheus’ liberation. Or rather his exfiltration. They got to save the Titan Prometheus, because the Great Goddess had expressed the desire to put him on the throne as well as in her bed. Prometheus is therefore the successor of Zeus, his political and conjugal rival … At that time, the suitors followed one another, the princes too. What woman wants, God wants.French proverb Because the Woman is above all gods. When we all get it, this planet will see the comeback of Paradise. See you then …


There is no such thing as chance. Everything that happens is wanted.