Apollo Wolf Light


Apollo is the god to whom the Greeks and Romans have consecrated the most altars and temples. Under his name are associated all gods and kings. He began in darkness, he will end in light. His light is not the only object of this article. Apollo is master Wolf, he leads the pack to the end of the Dream. As such, he is my role model, my inspiration and my teacher.


Apollo is the son of Zeus. An illegitimate son, like his half-brother Herakles aka Hercules. Zeus is not the god of the gods. He is only prince consort as husband and brother of the great goddess Hera. He spends his time flirting while the great goddess does all the work. Managing the Earth and its development is an overwhelming burden. Hera assumes it with mastery and talent. It takes her all her time.

So Zeus does not have it on his back, it leaves him hands free. Hands and the rest. He has countless mistresses. Goddesses, nymphs, even human, none resist him. His powers are great, magical powers. He can take the appearance that suits him. Giant, dwarf, animal, monster if necessary, it is customary to change bodies as you change clothes. In his seduction ventures, it’s a damn useful thing for him. So to seduce Leda, he took on the appearance of a swan. To violate Europe, a human, he turned her into a cow by taking the appearance of a bull himself. A pig would have suited him better.

We could list his conquests by the dozens, but what good is it? We have seen what the animal is capable of. A Titanid like him, the goddess Léto, had the pleasure to please her. Happy or unhappy? Ask Léto. As usual, Zeus gets her pregnant. This will displease her legitimacy, because it is impossible to hide anything from the great goddess, who sees everything, who knows everything and who knows her pig brother by heart. For her misfortune, Hera is jealous. How she must have suffered with her brother’s rider!

Zeus knows what his girlfriend is capable of when jealousy blinds him. Léto is only a human, his life is not worth a kopeck in the eyes of the gods. The great goddess may well poison her. Zeus wants to protect her as long as she carries her offspring. He transforms her into a she-wolf and teleports her to the island of Delos. She will give birth to the twins Apollo and Artemis. More like fake twins since they are brother and sister, ie heterozygous.



Apollo, Lugh, Wotan, Varuna

Bernard Sergent, a specialist in comparative mythology, tries to show the identity of Apollo and the Celtic god Lugh. (source)Bernard Sergent, Le livre des dieux. Celtes et Grecs, II (Payot, 2004) For him, the god is not Asian but Greco-Celtic, and beyond, Indo-European. It dates back at least to the separation of the ancestors of the Celts and the Greeks, in the 4th millennium BCE and it happened «all of a block» in Greece: it is not a composite deity. He has counterparts in Germanic (Wotan or Odin) or Indian (Varuna). (source)https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollon

If Apollo is Greco-Celtic, he comes from Hyperborea. Not surprisingly, all the gods before came from the great mother ship hovering over the North Pole. But Bernard Sergent doesn’t talk about that. Nobody talks about it except me. What do I know? Do you know that every night, in astral, the gods before us teach us? They are patient, methodical and very convincing.

Apollo, master of dreams, plays his role perfectly. Count on him, or on his successor. No god is eternal. Mortal or not, someone is piloting us, and that’s good. Whoever he or she is, he or she knows a lot more than we do. In India, Apollo is called Varuna. The one who covers, the one who ties. Does that mean that by covering, he suffocates? By tying, he paralyses? Probably a little. He is the god of the gods in the pre-Vedic period, says Wikipedia. From this period we know little. Any statement must be scrutinized.

In 1934, Georges Dumezil supports the identity of Varuna and the Greek god Ouranos, the Sky. In fact, all the former gods came from heaven. Was Varuna the first of them? I don’t think so. The first great god was a great goddess. Mother goddess Ana or Ama, who established a very long era of matriarchy on Terra.


The lessons of our masters

Whether it is a god or a goddess, it does not matter. The fact is that we receive their teaching every night. It imprints itself in our unconscious without reaching our brain. It’s an inception, yes, definitely. With no drugs, no equipment, no Hollywood tricks.

Yet we find it very hard to believe them because their version differs from that of books. One day, the memory will come back to us, we will believe them, we will applaud them. It has always been planned that way. I get to spend most of my time in astral — yeah, I’m in the moon — and I remember what they tell me. In the long run, I accept the point of view of our masters. It is of great consistency, without the many ineptitudes that our ancestors, over the eons, have slipped into legends.



Language of Goslings

With this version in mind, it is easy for me to corroborate with these same legends. So I went up to my neck in mythologies everywhere. I love it. They all say true, provided you decipher them. To separate the wheat from the chaff. The chaff fears, only the wheat is true.French: l’ivraie craint, seul le grain dit vrai In an initiatory language like French, the senses abound behind the sounds. Puns are eloquent, always relevant. Rarely stupid. I use and abuse them. The companions who built the medieval cathedrals spoke this language willingly. They called it the language of goslings, because they were the offspring of Mother Goose. We forgot all that, we say the language of birds. The most beautiful is doomed to oblivion. Too bad.

Note: In French, gosling and bird sound close. We say oison and oiseau. So the confusion was easy.

Fortunately our rich Middle Ages left us many traces of the initiates builders. See further on Christ in majesty of the basilica of Vézelay in Burgundy.


Wolf god

In Apollo the Wolf-god, Daniel E. Gershenson sees in Apollo a god of Indo-European origin, whose main attributes would be gathered in the expression Apollo god-wolf. Of Indo-European origin, so polar, according to the Hindus themselves. The Indianist Lokamanya Bâl Gandahar Tilak developed this thesis in a work of remarkable erudition, Polar origin of the Vedic tradition. He shows brilliantly how the vedas illustrate this polar origin.

I can only add this: this polar origin is located not on the north pole, which is uninhabitable, but a few hundred kilometres above the pole. In the gigantic mother ship that the Romans called Hyperborea. Name that means precisely above the North Pole. Apollo descended from Hyperborea into Celtic land where he will be called Lug, the light; as he descended into India where he is called Varuna, the one who covers or binds; as he descended into northern land where he is Odin or Wotan, the angry, the mad. Ordinary madness or controlled madness? The reader will judge.

By the term «wolf», we must not mean the cult of the animal in itself, but of its symbolism, which is none other than the wind considered both by its beneficial and destructive virtues. The winds, like Zephyr the wolf-wind, can be favorable to the seeds, but are also considered to come from the caves and this underground origin puts them in relation with the Underworld. The wind is the passage between chaos and the cosmos. (source)https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollon



The Etruscans, heirs of Atlantis

The Etruscans, like other peoples of Europe and Anatolia, claimed to be descended from wolves. (source)https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loup_dans_la_culture_europ%C3%A9enne Hence the Etruscan wolf that feeds the twins Romulus and Remus, to show that the Romans are the heirs of a developed people of which little is known, the Etruscans.

In the last century, the German researcher Leo Frobenius made a striking connection between the Etruscans and the Yoruba. According to him, Etruria as the Yoruba country are two provinces of an ancient Atlantic civilization which he identifies with the Atlantis of Plato. Heiress of the Megalithics and Atlanteans, the unknown civilization of the Etruscans was settled in northern Italy before the Romans. The Yoruba country, the former gold coast, is said to correspond to Nigeria, plus Benin and Togo.

Frobenius points out that the two countries, however very distant, share “this fundamental idea of lightning springing from the sixteen regions of the sky.”  It evokes “this “dazzling” conception that the Etruscans transmitted to the Romans.(source)Leo Frobenius, Contes Kabyles Common to the Etruscans and Yoruba, the sixteen great gods whose mansions are in the sixteen directions of heaven, Hence the division of cities into sixteen quarters reflecting the sixteen heavens and the personality of the sixteen gods.


God of Light


Apollo the wolf god is also the light god. In ancient Greek, these two words were very close. The wolf was called “lycos”. In the primitive Greek language, the two terms used to designate light and wolf were so close that they sometimes ended up being confused: Apollo Lycian, according to the interpretations, designates either the god of light or the god-wolf. The wolf is also the emblem of the solar god Apollo for his acts of justice. (source) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loup_dans_la_culture_europ

The Lyceum, created by Aristotle, is placed in a gymnasium next to the temple of Apollo Lykeios. Apollo Lykeios, the wolf god, would be the master of the passages. (source) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loup_dans_la_culture_europ%C3%A9enne

Apollo’s light comes not only from his radiant face, but from the power of his magic. He can with a simple gesture distribute the light of awakening as he wishes. The awakened, capable of living in the other world, that of the wisdom of love, are called passers-by,in French passer-by and passing through are a single word for they are a door, a passage through which other beings, in their turn, will know the awakening.

Apollo, master of the passages, was what the medieval initiates would have called a passing master.



The Wolf Clan

This is why the Wolf, still today, is the animal that promotes awakening, the passage from the shadow to the light. The Wolf Clan, whose vocation is to awaken humans by opening the door to the other world, perfectly illustrates this talent from Apollo.

I have read I do not know where, perhaps at Frobenius, that the god Lugh Apollo would be the true founder of the Wolf Clan, whose origin would be in the 4th millennium BC. Probably long before, if the Etruscans and their Wolf cult go back to Atlantis.see above

His zither — or lyre — is not one, nor is that of Orpheus. Like his bow, it is a ray lance. This kind of zither is not just a musical instrument, it is a high-tech object, cosmos-connected, taken from the impressive arsenal of the former gods. It emits sounds that bewitch and modify people. Like his father’s lightning, her lyre can drive people crazy, kill, heal or awaken them.


Warrior god

Apollo is a luminous god, like Lug, his Celtic alter ego. But he is a god with many facets. Patron of the arts and muses, associated with the light of the sun and renowned for its beauty, he is also god healer and god avenger. Armed with spotlights, he kills those who confront him. Homer’s Iliad tells us how he defeated the Acheans, Greek soldiers, by sending them the plague. A terrible disease that was once disguised as the flu, like the Spanish flu, and most recently as the covid. Does this mean that this shit came from Apollo? That would clear the Chinese…

His feats of arms are struck at the corner of injustice and pride that confer power. Thus, with the help of his twin Artemis, he kills one after the other all the children of Niobe who had boasted of having had a more numerous offspring than Leto, his mother. Son of Titan and Titan himself, Apollo is no less than 4 meters tall. His physical strength is ten times that of a human. And like his father Zeus, like his half sister Athena, he possesses frightening weapons.

Scary weapons

The Greeks attributed the lyre and the bow to him for failing to understand the reality of his favorite weapons. They belong to the family of ray-throwers, like the lightning of Zeus, the axe of Thor, the Vajra of Indra the Gae Bolga of Cuchulainn, the crowns of Osiris, the howling sword of Lugh, the flaming sword of the Cherubim or the magical medieval swords like Roland’s Durandal and Arthur’s Excalibur.

Innumerable gods possess this type of weapon. The ancients named them gods of lightning, for lack of understanding what it was. These gods are found in all latitudes, in all mythologies. Besides Zeus, we can mention Tlaloc, Perun, Ramman, Baal and even Yahweh. But there are many others, dozens, if not thousands. I think that all the gods of Hyperborea, our masters, our creators, had the use of these terrifying laser guns. And these gods were very numerous, really. According to the Vedas, on board the great ship they were 30 million.



If we can say about a thing This is new that thing already existedin the former centuries. 
King Solomon