Zeus Apollo


God is dead. Another God is called to reign. As simple as that. The successor that Zeus chose is Apollo, his beloved son. To honor the memory of his father, Apollo takes the title of Zeus. Thus Zeus God will reign through his heirs.

Zeus God founded the Olympian dynasty. But before him, other gods reigned on the Earth of men and gods. First Uranus, Heaven. As the name seems to indicate, he came from space.

Uranus was overthrown by his son Cronos / Cronus, Time. These first gods had only one fear: that one of their sons would overthrow them to reign in their place. So they used to exterminate all their male and female children.

Because women also reigned, obviously. Let us not forget that matriarchy was the first rule imposed on humans by the former gods. Humanity today has lived much longer under matriarchy than under male power.

When Zeus founded this new dynasty, he too had this fear. But no doubt he was more sensitive than his ancestors: not only did he not exterminate his children at birth, but he put one on his throne. So Zeus Apollo took over from his divine father.

The most extraordinary, in my opinion, is the establishment of a reigning dynasty. Which shows, once again, that the gods before were mortal. So they are not gods in the modern sense of the word. All the gods before are mortal. Like us. Someday will we be gods too?



His family tree shows that Apollo is not a titan. His mother is a dryad, a secondary deity. He is not the son of Hera, but a bastard of Zeus. What the dreaded Hera never forgave her.

How can a little god, a bastard, rule over Olympus? He can not. Apollo is not the god of the gods. He is only the emperor of men. And near him his son Orpheus will play the role of spiritual leader. Orpheus is a krystos, a christ, an anointed initiate with holy oil. It helps humanity like all the christs of which it is the first role.

Thanks to the magic lyre he takes from his father, Orpheus can appease the wrath of the powerful, hypnotize the wicked, persuade the recalcitrant and roll in the flour any living being, human or not. Such is his power of krystos.

Each era has its krystos, sometimes even several together. It was once accepted that political power must be shared with spiritual power. This is why beside the emperor of Constantinople enthroned the pope of Rome, above the kings and the emperors. Likewise, in traditional Tibet, alongside the Dalai Lama was the Karmapa, spiritual father and pope of Lamaism.

Zeus Apollo’s reign will be neither long nor triumphant. He has neither the birth nor the build to succeed his giant father. Its role is confined to the land of men. His responsibilities keep him away from Olympus, where all decisions are always made.

The title of Zeus that Apollo wears before his name weighs on him every day. For him, the only possible successor to the great Zeus, it was not him. Apollo is a poet, musician, healer, seer and prophet. An enlightened artist. The throne of Olympus must return to another titan, nephew of Zeus and his longtime rival: Prometheus. Yes, Prometheus the creator of this humanity. Prometheus that humans can call Our Father.

For the moment, Our Father is not in heaven. He would rather be in hell. Prometheus is chained to the top of a mountain where each night an eagle devours his liver.



Such is the punishment that Zeus the almighty inflicted on his nephew who refused his orders and sided against him on the side of humans, his creatures. But Zeus is dead. And this punishment could very well be lifted. By force, if necessary.

The Zeus’ widow

Hera, widow of Zeus, is still active at the height of power. A fierce opponent of Apollo, she is the one who takes over from God and reigns over Olympus. Let us remember which Mount Olympus it is. Not that of Greece, but that of Hyperborea: the central mount from which flow the four great rivers which separate the four islands from the north, as the Celts called Hyperborea.

Hera has been mulling her revenge for so many human years that it makes me dizzy. It waits for its time. In the shadow of the puppet, she prepared her comeback. The return of the matriarchy and the restoration of its reign to it, which was the Great Goddess, and which this puppet of Zeus dethroned by force.

– Zeus came, he saw me, he defeated me. As long as this Zeus queutard was in control, I couldn’t do anything against him, with his damn lightning and his dirty deterrent weapons.

He is dead. I have free rein. First I have to get rid of this bastard of Apollo. Then I will restore a single god of the gods who will reign both over divine Olympia and over the land of men, like Zeus, like me before him. And it will be my darling, my great secret love, my heart and my soul, I named Prometheus.

Yes, I love him secretly, I’m crazy about him, I’ve wanted him for so long. Zeus knew it, hence the violence of his punishment. Prometheus has endured a thousand deaths for ten thousand years. Each day, his liver regrows which will be devoured the following night.

At the top of an inhuman mountain, Prometheus is nailed to the rock in a setting of terror. On moonless nights, a horrible howl falls from the summits and rolls its echo in all the valleys. The torture started again.



On Mount Olympus, Hera sobs in her palace. She can no longer endure the terrible suffering of her lover. A glimmer of hope lights up her face when she thinks of her hero Herakles. With the help of Jason and the Argonauts, will he manage to put an end to this ignominy? Will Prometheus finally be delivered?



Today we talk too much about human rights instead of recalling human duties.
Alain Daniélou