Back To The Stars



After the flood, the gods have returned home, near the Pleiades. But they kept an eye on us. It may seem hard to believe, yet our distant past was high tech and our ancestors were raised under the careful guidance of stars’ travelers. The hyper-developed civilizations that preceded ours are real, and definitely not a product of fevered imaginations, as some science would like us to believe.


Today there remains not a vestige of the sacred science, it is the rule of secular knowledge, ie the ignorance that thinks science and revels in its nothingness.


Mythic but real, these civilizations have left traces of three kinds: witnesses; material remains; traditions or myths. As witnesses, we have relic-strains, ie groups of people who have kept their customs for a very long period: the First People as Aborigines, Bushmen, Papuans, Inuits, Tungus, Yanomamis… All these savage people share a shamanic vision of the world. They believe in magic as much as in reason. How did this magic mentality came to them, researchers disagree on this question. For neo-Darwinians, they get it from the apes, our cousins. We will really have to give up this enormous ineptness some day.


Claude Levi-Strauss or Jean Malaurie have sufficiently shown that these peoples are the true inheritors of a multi-millenial tradition helping them to perform miracles until now. Unfortunately, their number is reducing as their ancestral practices are diluted in globalization.


Globalization Is The Triumph Of Reason.

These ancient civilizations have also passed on us material traces: monumental architectural remains, that we could not build with our modern techniques.


Unexplained Artefacts 

We have more ancient traces, as the delicate Altamira or Lascaux frescoes, showing a fine sensitivity and a very high artistic expression. And how many craft feats, jewels, obsidian mirrors or crystal skulls polished with a care beyond our powers, even with our diamond polishers… We have found amphorae carved in diorite, a stone of great hardness: with modern tools, our best artisan would be hard pushed to pierce into a pearl of diorite, a hole that allows the passage of just a hair.

We found industrial nano-objects in geological layers dating from the Triassic. Were found giant human footprints fossilized since the Jurassic; modern soles of 200 million years of age; atomic bombs right in the Neolithic; UFOs,etc…




What about these extremely old machines, airplanes, electrical batteries, ‘stellar computers’, and other mechanisms whose use is unknown to us?

All these wonders are unexplained, ignored, denied by experts. One may wonder why men find so reassuring, to hear some dwarfs say that we have always been small. Let us ignore those donkeys that the truth makes bray. It is much more fun to watch the facts and the beautiful objects they disdain because they don’t understand what they mean.

And let us see if those facts fit together, if these objects are coherent. Aren’t they pieces of a giant puzzle, gradually drawing a very different vision of our past? Our admitted history begins with a number of early civilizations, which seem to start at an already high level of development, with no trace of former evolution.


Out Of Nowhere

Where do they come from, these isolated cultural bastions in a world of hunter-gatherers close to nature?

The truth is obvious: these civilizations are not ‘early’ but heirs of others.

The Greek mythology tells us that Atlas had seven daughters.

They were changed into stars, we can still see them shining in the sky, they are the Pleiades. The myth eventually tells the destination chosen by the Atlantean emigrants after the destruction of their country.

The daughters of Atlas would be therefore the Atlantean colonies in the stars. 

As for the unique origin of the ancient visitors, doubt is allowed. The rest of my research gently brought me on another track, that of Ursa Major, and one of its stars that could well be the origin of the terraformers. The parable of the daughters of Atlas has oriented us towards the Pleiades, but the Pleiades are probably not the origin of Atlas and its like.

Peeling myths requires long patience and a sharp sixth sense. I have been practicing this discipline for nearly 20 years, and have made amazing discoveries, which have been relegated by other discoveries even more crazy. To believe without believing it, that is the rule I have followed, and which I urge you to follow as well.

There is another hypothesis: terraformers were not the only visitors to the stars. Other races, other alien species have leaned over the cradle of humanity. Some have worked for us, others against. This is what the Christian or other mythologies indicate with the rivalry of the devil and the good god.




This might explain why so many different origins are attributed to the “former gods” : Sirius, Vega, Pleiades, Alpha of the Centaur, Ursa Major, and so on. They are many representatives of different civilizations, coming from different planets and systems, with different motives.

So what does this myth of the seven daughters of Atlas mean? Probably everything else, the key being provided by genetics. Girls, ie the genetic creations of Atlas? Or his friend Prometheus?

Would they be the seven seeds that the star visitors have sown on this earth, seven genetic strains named the seven daughters of Eve?


The tragedy of Africa is that the African people have not sufficiently entered into history.
Nicolas Sarkozy