Consecration is not just a religious act or a magical act. It is first and foremost a sacred act. This gesture consists in raising the vibratory rate of any subject. The practice is not reserved for this or that category of people. It is not part of a professional or priestly activity, whatever the religion. Each one, to one’s measure, can consecrate the wine or cure living, plants, animals, humans.


Real presence

Sixty years ago, the Catholic Mass included the consecration of wine. I have seen the priest celebrating the raising of the golden metal or zamac-plated chalice a hundred times so that the Mass wine can be transformed into the blood of Christ. I have found every time that Christ had yellow blood, color of urine or white wine. Of white wine! How could they have dared to replace the red wine, eternal color of the Mass wine, with a yellowish and vaguely sweet picket? For fear of the drunken priests? Those who get drunk don’t do it with pinard. But let’s move on.

Now no more consecration, no more elevation, no more mystery. Everything is pale and flat. Disenchantment is gaining ground. There was a time when fashion came from communion to the two species, the bread and wine, the body and blood of Christ. There was nothing miraculous about this wine, any more than the nougat paper of the host on the paten. About 20 years ago, an old friend of mine showed me how wine consecration was practised among the elders. I’ve been teaching anyone since. But transmission only works in person. Will the instructions I give you here have as much effect as in my real presence?


Wine selection

Here are the detailed instructions that should allow you to perform the wine consecration. First of all, it’s about getting a result. The taste of the wine will change. This drink of the gods will take 10 years of cask or of bottle in a minute. The consecration of wine is not an empty gesture. No symbol in there, just a measurable fact. And an unforgettable delight.

First, the choice of wine. Red absolutely. Avoid the great wines, so good already that the difference will not be noticeable. Even with a grand cru however, true consecration gives real results. You will choose a well vinified red wine, without sulphites if possible, in any case honest. My last consecration lesson was with a bourgeois cru. Excellent choice. With an honest bourgeois cru at 30€, you will get a very high class wine, at several hundred euros.



Control glass

It is useful to respect the sanctity of what can be called an initiation. A ceremony of this order is never done alone. You will need at least one guest. For a bottle, the maximum I recommend is five guests, six with the celebrant. To those who find that one bottle for six is very little, I would say it’s not a question of drinking, but of tasting. You will show the guests how to proceed, commenting on your actions as you go.

First we admire the color of the wine in the sunlight if possible. Garnet, purple, purple, blue reflection. We comment. Then we breathe by approaching the nose of the glass on foot and rolling the wine so that it releases its aromas. Then we taste it from the tip of the tongue. Then we serve the guests, adding one more glass, the sample glass that will serve during the tasting that will follow the consecration. It is important that all lenses are identical, including the control glass, so that comparisons are not distorted.

The master of ceremonies gently takes his glass by the foot and raises it to the height of the forehead. He closes his eyes and places the cup on his forehead.

Then he reflects.


Light rises

After a moment of inner silence, the celebrant visualizes a column of light that rises from the wine and continues its course towards the sky. The column has the exact diameter of the glass. The lights could possibly perceive it, it happened. However, I insist that this column of light is not a vision of the celebrant, but the mere fruit of his imagination.

Visualization is not clairvoyance. Do not think that only visionaries can consecrate wine. It’s within everyone’s reach, even a child can do it — but he won’t taste wine if his young age doesn’t, of course. It is in no way an initiation to alcohol, but a discovery on our sacred part, the demonstration of the power of the spirit, and our ability to sacralize.

The spiritual life is the awakening of our essential nature. It gives us the qualities of being so badly needed by modern man: silence, simplicity, serenity, confidence. (Karlfield graf Durkheim)


This column of light rises over a very short period of time: a few seconds. But it can take much longer before it rises, depending on the visualization capacity of each. Everything here depends on the liveliness of the imagination. It is necessary to feel, not to see with the eyes. Then the column stops rising. It has reached its blossoming point, the wine sky. Then it comes down laden with a heavenly blessing that magnifies the wine.



Heavenly blessing

When the light reaches the wine, I feel a very light shock, like muscle relaxation when falling asleep. The wine is dedicated. It’s as simple as that. Others will feel a different sign or no sign at all. They’ll just know. All this is taking place at a good pace, no excessive expectations. As with everything else, the celebrant assumes his role as initiator, and the guests must follow him as closely as possible.

The ritual has no symbolic or mental significance. It addresses the body. It aims to create in the body the climate conducive to the sacred. With practice, we will be able to adapt it as we wish, to obtain a better result. I will do the same to adapt the ritual to the rapid evolution of the human consciousness rate. The sacred makes its great return among us, after a long absence marked by the dictatorship of reason, logic, the left brain. The sacred will eventually impose itself as the only way that we have left, let it be before the final fall.


Sacred action

The sacred is not a religion. It does not depend on a ritual and therefore does not have immutable rites. He’s alive, and like the rest of life, he’s moving faster and faster. It is ahead of its time, opening doors and discovering new horizons. It will act on wine in a few seconds, even less. At the very moment when the light touches the wine, it is consecrated. This word means the sacred. The wine is sacralized: its taste has changed. It improved in a variable proportion and according to the taste of each celebrant.

The sacred always does. As soon as you meet your cubic centimeter of luck, the Magician’s magic wand will transmute you and you will know the awakening. Suddenly you will experience the mystery of the Tower. Propelled towards the sky, you will meet your soul or your double astraldeux labels for the same bottle! which will incarnate in you. It is awakening. In a very brief moment, the hypnotic sleep of kaliyuga will be a memory. Clarity will flood your mind and body. Watch out! While delicious and useful, clarity is the warrior’s second enemy.

The sacred acts out of time. When I am asked to intervene for a cure, the e-mail is in the box, but I do not read it immediately. In the time between sending the request and my reading, several hours may elapse. It is not uncommon for me to find not one e-mail, but two. The first makes the request, the second expresses thanks for the healing so quickly. I would have recovered before knowing who and what? Perhaps. There is no time in astral. Scalar waves can arrive before being emitted.



The long-awaited moment comes when everyone will touch the wine with the tip of their tongue. Then take a small sip that they roll in the mouth. Then he savours and drinks. The amounts absorbed will remain minimal, I insist on it. It is not about that intoxication. You taste the wine from your glass, and the miracle works. You finally understand with something other than the brain. The space of a miracle, we throw reason in the trash of outdated gadgets.

Thought kills, intuition revives. For the moment, only the messages of our senses, eyes, smell, taste, are important. It is a matter of immersing oneself in the sensation of fullness that gives this very great wine, this nectar that we have the pleasure of tasting. Always with small sips of gourmet. Only the barbarian drinks cul-sec, thinking he swallows methylated spirit. What he drinks doesn’t matter, he only aims to get drunk. Here the stakes are quite different.

After the first sip, take a small sip of the witness glass, and the stupor is painted on the faces. What a difference! Then we can play with comparisons, and taste the other glasses: no taste is quite the same. Everyone has processed their wine according to their preferences. At the end, the last miracle is there. My mind changed my wine according to my body’s taste!

The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. (William Butler Yeats)


So long, tastevin knight. Drink to my health, I’ll drink to yours.


On the model of the consecration of wine, and in the same state of mind, you can consecrate spring water. It will become very beneficial for plants, animals and humans. But its taste will not change. So it is for all the other foods you want to devote. You will raise their energy level, but nothing sensitive, nothing spectacular that approaches the effect of consecrated red wine.

This drink is very particular. The white wine and the rosé have more difficulty to rise in light, and the consecration does not bring them any change of taste and maturity. Nevertheless, you can consecrate them and all that lives.

Consecration of inanimate objects is also possible, but to be fully operational, it must include feng shui and/or geobiology practices.


Where there is a will, there is a path.