The Saying of Iahn


We have seen that there are very ancient Celtic texts — or pre-Celtic texts — which have notable similarities to the Gospels of Christ Jesus. So I named them Gospels, even though they sing the praises of another, much older christ, Emperor Rama. These four texts are those of Iahn or Yann whose name means me the ancestor – of Lugh, patron of Lyon and heroic cyclops of the tribe of Tuatha de Danaan – of Marc’h, the king-horse of Breton mythology – and finally of Myrdhin, ie Merlin, the famous enchanter of the Arthurian tradition.

I want to present here some excerpts from the Gospel of Iahn, whose name is John, as the favorite apostle of Jesus. Let me first introduce this character who seems to have escaped legends, at least those that have reached us. Iahn is almost contemporary of the great Rama whose youth he sings. Iahn is a great lord of the people of the giants. I see in him one of the many gods of Hyperborea.

Iahn the Ancestor

Iahn, literally I Ahn, ie Me the Ancestor, seems to be the oldest of the four – however, despite his presumed status as Rama’s favorite disciple, it seems that he did not know the illustrious emperor god. Iahn is Hyperborean like Rama, but unlike his hero he never left the Celtic area, sharing his time between the two banks of the English Channel, which seemed to be a simple river whose crossing lasted less than an hour. I noted the same anomaly in the various narratives of the arthurian cycle.

To this paradox, two explanations: Iahn as Arthur and Merlin lived before the opening of the Channel. This puts this epoch in a very distant past, some twelve millennia back. In these remote times, an ice barrier held back a gigantic lake that melted precipitated the collapse of the glacial dam. A gigantic tsunami filled with huge icebergs swept over the then heavily populated English Channel Valley. Thus was created the Channel, an inlet which killed, which still kills and which has not finished swallowing up the exiles.

This implies that the Arthurian cycle is a revival of a much older text, updated quite recently, and arbitrarily located in the 6th century AD. There is a sort of temporal corridor between the Western Middle Ages and the 6th millennium BCEBefore Common Era There is the same resemblance between the Middle Ages of the knights in armour and the heroic fantasy, supposed to be ten or twelve thousand years ago. Again the cyclic history and its strange sequences that repeat themselves from age to age identically.


I sometimes think that Iahn is none other than Arthur, Arzhur the Armoric Bear, prince of Brittany, king of Logres, to whom so many names have been given over the centuries. And it may also be that Arthur is one with Rama himself, who would have survived in Western memory only under the name of Arthur. Everything is possible by deciphering this redacted draft that we call history. Really everything. I mean it. The kinship of these heroes is very great.

It is also possible that too many millennia separate them. In this case they are similar enough to be reincarnations of the same spirit… History repeats itself and heroes are coming back from age to age.

Here is an excerpt from Iahn’s Saying, dedicated to the youth of Ramos, Shepherd of men.

In purple, I added my comments.



Iahn Says:


1.1 “O Titan among the Titans, master of men, beloved of the Womentwith a capital letter, these are giants or Amaz, diminutive of Amazon and the Goddesses, accept my allegiance and receive this testimony of my gratitude.

1:2 I, the Ancestor, Your favourite son, have come to give to your divine feet the offering of these rythmsancient word for rhymes written and sung for Your praise and Your glory. May Your body cherish them, may Your heart bless them and may Your spirit safeguard them forever.

We see that the form, although very old, corresponds to the ancient standards. This first paragraph constitutes the exorde, the dedication and the announcement of the subject, Ra-Ram-Ramos-Rama himself. The last sentence gives one of the bases of the teaching of Rama become Lama, realizing in itself the unity of body, heart and spirit.


2.1 Your divine mother is the Great Goddess in charge of Terra expedition and patron saint of Hyperborea. She gave birth to you in her suspended palace. You were born far above men and beasts. Yet you do not care about the luxury of your native palace. Child, you come down here without delay, full of her mission. You are already the size of an adult man.

2.2 As a teenager, you measure double. As an adult, your high stature makes you the greatest of the Titans. The tallest too. You measure nearly 5 m, an absolute record among the Titans. Your holy mother watches over you from heaven and blesses You at every moment for the good you do to humans. So Isis watches over the immense crowd of his sons.

An information of primary importance is given from the beginning: Ramos would be the son of the Great Goddess! It upsets the image I had of a humble shepherd who attains the highest responsibilities by his own merit. Berger, he was, but in the manner of those heirs of an industrial empire that their father forced to work in his factories at the most humble posts, to acquire competence and empathy. This is why it is said that “his holy mother watches over him from heaven“. Ramos belongs to the chosen people, that of the former gods. Its gigantic size is explained by its divine origin. The final allusion to Isis leaves me perplexed. Is Rama his son, Horus? So also the son of Osiris? Or is it just a comparison?

Winner of the Devouring

3.1 Every child, the heir of the world, you embrace the difficult task of a shepherd in the mountains of Arrée. Your exceptional strength allows you to defeat wolves and even the devouring tiger.

Devouring tiger, or voracious tiger – Under this name, we recognize the formidable smilodon, which is called the sabre-toothed tiger. This prehistoric animal would have disappeared ten thousand years ago. This makes it possible to date the youth of Ramos at the latest at this time, around 8000 BC. This coincided with the transition from prehistoric hunter-gatherers to modern-day farmer-breeders. Sedentarization, appearance of cities, animal domestications, all signs that indicate a rapid, even lightning progress. As if the former gods had come all of a sudden to teach us…



Hearts To Women

4:1 Ramos d’Arrhée, you lay the greatest wild beasts. Ramos of Men, you repel the Women,Amazones ruthless giants, invincible lightning of war that only You can defeat.

4:2 And thy mercy spareth AmazAmazones, or Women, the punishment of the vanquished, the beheading of the assembled people. You asked for their life, you got it. You could have killed them, the law was for you. You made their dignity scorned. You’ve made their humanity lost.

The first reference is to the Amazons, which are then called Women, quite simply. I am the one who adds the capital letter. As for humans, they will be called the little females, reserving the word Women to the giant 4m Amazons. Goddesses like Rama. We can see how diplomatic and psychological he is. During his life, he will strive in this line, seeking to erase the ancient animosity between women and the human people.

4:3 Then you gave back their hearts to women. And here they are who have come to the aid of builders, craftsmen, roofers and loggers, of all the humans who are in great need of giants to help them in their work, to make it less harassing and faster.

Young Rama won his first diplomatic victory. The Amazons will calm down, the Giant Women will put themselves at the service of humans pursuing at their side the development of Terra. This mission of reconciliation was entrusted to him by his mother the Great Goddess. He came down to earth to embody the will of the Divine Empress.

Our fathers’ peace

5.1 Our fathers are no longer the easy prey of these demons, the Amazons are softened. Our fathers have regained pride and are collaborating with their former torturers. Burned alive, emasculated with their teeth, crunched like game, their suffering lasted only too long. Come the time of forgiveness and mutual aid.

These sordid details are probably true. The end of the Amazons and the end of the giants in general was an ordeal for small humans of our size. Likewise the great carnivorous beasts, like the smilodon, were an insurmountable peril for men of our size. The giants thus have the opportunity to make themselves useful, and the community of Earthlings will know peace and harmony. Thanks to Rama…

5.2 For so many generations, humans have been waiting for the end of the crimes of blood and justice for all, even the smallest. If the powerful do not protect the weak, who will? Come the time of justice and respect.

Christian accents, a libertarian breath, a solemn call to equal rights and duties, this is a very modern verse…




6.1 Then your Mother of Heaven rendered her verdict. Peace must return between the Amaz and the humans. The Women must accept the coming of small females better adapted to the small males.

These women of two species, the giants and the normals, are the truth behind the mythological accounts of the first two women, the giant Lilith and the little Eve.

6.2 The order of the Amazons is dissolved. The giants are no longer warriors. They are now dedicated to helping men in their work. The future of humans depends on their success. The Amaz will introduce the little females to the subtleties of love. The reproduction of the human lineage depends on their know-how and skill.

The Goddess has said.


7.1 O Goddess! Thank you for these holy words! Come the time of love, the everlasting spring of the gods promised to the ancients, peace in the plains, in the mountains, and in the forests, the monthly rest for the mighty workers, and the dedication of the Women who build with their powerful hands the new generations of collaboration.

Iahn the Ancestor echoes the young Ramos who has tamed his former mortal enemies, who by decree of the Goddess became the main allies of humans. It will take the young Rama tons of ingenuity, mastery and courage to ratify this new world order and to make both sides accept this new normality.

7.2 We will not be too many humans to serve the Goddesses. There will never be too many Giants to help humans.

No more fratricidal wars. All earthlings are united, regardless of sex, size and origin. Now the gods walk among men.

Iahn has spoken.



How about this? The great reptilian females were given the mission to train the little humans in the subtleties of love. This detail may seem unimportant, it is revealing to me. So this is the reason for this curious Hindu treatise, the Kamasutra. I studied it a few years ago, especially surprised by the strangely pedagogical tone, cold, scientific, analytical and totally devoid of sensuality.

No second degree in this treatise. No trace of tenderness, complicity, collusion. love becomes a gymnastic whose every movement is detailed, scrutinized, analyzed to the point of indecency by teachers who do their work without soul. Which I found strangely inappropriate about the treaty. Now I understand its purpose, who it is for and where it comes from.

To follow

Of all the gospel of Iahn, my failing memory has restored only this excerpt to me. It is very little, I am aware of it. But I do not despair of getting more soon. An old regular of the Akashic Annals, I have for buddy Upuaut, the pathfinder. This minor god of Upper Egypt is the chief librarian. The guardian of the memories of the world opened a first way for me, that of Iahn the Ancestor.

After childhood there is youth, maturity, glory and wisdom. With the help of Upuaut, I make myself strong to explore the other ways, that of Lugh, that of Marc’h and that of Myrdinn. To follow then.



Coming soon : The Saying of Lugh. Don’t miss it.

 History teaches historians how to falsify it.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec