Erquy Reki


International and personal events accelerated wildly at the end of 2023. They took a crazy turn. To me, the world almost stopped. What would have happened if it had disappeared? Who can say? Dying alone or in the end of the world is the same thing, I guess. Sooner or later, you go out and see death ahead. Live strong while waiting.


It happened that one day the universe broke
On reefs that shipwreckers ignited 
I saw shining above the sea
The eyes of Elsa the eyes of Elsa the eyes of Elsa.
(Louis Aragon)


My New Reki

At the heart of this distress that seemed hopeless, it came without my knowledge, the outcome.


The door opened on tomorrow, the words took my hand. I come to tell my truth. The summer reki gave birth to another rhyme. Its flow animates me, who arrives from the other side so that we follow it and live it. Two to animate it, how not to love it? And how to name it, if not reki with four hands?

Two mages around a lying being who dozes before waking. One that pulls the branches above the crown chakra, the other that animates the roots of the soles of the feet. Yes, the roots, the word is well chosen for this plant.

Those of you who have experienced the reki of Erquy, who have received the effect it makes, who have watered with sea and great wind on the cliffs of Erquy, who have trod the sands of the dunes and the heather of the high roads, come back: you will not believe it. I was looking for this wonder reki, this treatment that awakens and makes the body alert. It works the chakras out of the body as well as the seven body chakras. It still awakens two chakras above the body, two others under the feet.

Reki is also Reiki, but I prefer the first spelling — the one of magical Erquy, the city where I anchored in 1953. I was four years old. Since I come there most often, between two long trips. The retreat came, I settled there to remain, still unaware why I was so attracted by this delicious seaside resort, fishing port, and city of a stunning antiquity: before being resort port for the Roman invaders, it was Greek counter, and even before the Hellenic invaders, it was already Celtic under the name of Reki.


Eighteen Chakras

Two years ago, I expanded my practice of Erquy reki. In my cleansing of the energetic scheme, the tree of life, the sephirots of the Hebrews. Not content with purging the seven known chakras, I included the other seven, our secondary chakras. For some time, I worked on fourteen chakras, feeling that the evolution of my practice would not stop there. I then discovered the seven degrees of awakening and the eighteen chakras. To help my visitors climb these levels, I was missing the touchstone.

Originally, the touchstone is a fragment of black jasper used to discern gold at touch, during test on metals. Today, the term has expanded. The touchstone is the key to success.

This keystone, which still eluded me, was found by my assiduous practice. As everyone knows, practice makes perfect. Only hard training can achieve this perfection.




Now it is two that we give this care. Finally! Two mages, not a pity! One souque and the other swims. One stirs to turn the page. The other inhales so that all fog disappears. The sun comes on the inland sea, the calm and the light flood the heart and the arteries, one leaves the body and one sees above oneself the Self which sees us and which takes care of the impeller. Initiation has grown in unprecedented proportions. The hunter becomes the prey, misfortune turns into joy so that fear drowns. Awakened by powerful stimuli, the intern’s inner healer does its long prevented work.

The four-handed words must not mislead. Erquy reki is practiced without contact. It is received fully dressed: nudity is useless. The fact that the trainee is lying on a massage table does not imply any massage. The work we do is on the subtle plane, that of energies. Sometimes we are brought to brief contact on some acupuncture points, otherwise there is nothing physical, and everything spiritual.

It was necessary that finally four hands unite in kind of a grid with easting and northing co-ordinates whereof the combination forms the crowned heart. The first mage is well known: I am. My partner is already legendary. Her talent has made her a model apprentice. For more than seven years that she has followed me step by step, we have watched each other. I showed her everything, she has sublimated everything. Today enchanting fairy, chivalrous warrior, now she is able to heal what hurts. In the arena, the queen is godmother by doubling the princess.

A Gifted Practitioner

Her clairvoyance is incredibly powerful. So is her gentleness and strength. Her gift for enlightenment is no less. Her antennae make her perform miracles. A few days ago, we titillated chance. But chance does not exist. The game was to wander along farm roads and hollow roads. So narrow and so hollow you can’t cross another car — not to mention a tractor.

She got behind the wheel. Without telling me, she connected to the powerful menhir of Guihalon Grand-Pierre, protector of the sector, from Lamballe to the coast of Penthièvre where I live. And there, in the commune of Plurien, Noémie leads us to an unlisted menhir. Of good size, but not equal to that of Guihalon. In the courtyard of a reservoir, the erect rock emits only weak waves, which does not prevent Noémie from driving us straight. What a party! I give the aerial photo for the curious: the arrow points to the menhir. It is found at 7 the oaks in Plurien.

There is no such thing as chance. Everything that happens is wanted. (Buddha)

The Perfect Reki

For me, this reki is a culmination. The presence of Noémie allows me to do what I could not get, work together on the root chakras and the ramures chakras. On both sides of the massage table, one to the north and the other to the south, we can stretch the different subtle bodies in harmony, in a coordinated way, which was impossible when I worked alone.

This synchronicity allows the aura to flourish like a beautiful lotus flower with a thousand petals. 

To practice Erquy reki requires a special sensitivity. Perfectly perceive the subtle emissions, without hesitation locate the different chakras, isolate the parasites that obscure the tree of life, which I also call the energetic scheme. This extraordinary sensitivity, I call it subtle sensitivity, or simply sensitivity. Noémie possesses it to an unprecedented degree. And she uses it as a virtuoso.

To receive this wonderful reki, simply register for an internship.



The Delay Effect

Those who come to see us must also have that fine perception. It is better. They will taste in real time all the actions that Noémie and I will perform on their tree of life. Otherwise they will be deprived of these sensations during the reki. It is a pity, but the result will not escape them. After one night to allow the body to align with its new energetic structure, the trainee will awaken in a brand new body.

Some trainees only felt the fullness of their subtle energy a few times later, back home. Being in their familiar environment allows them to measure that they’ve changed. That’s the delay effect. Noémie and I, after each session, feel in our subtle bodies and in the physical body the benefits of the shared gift. This is the guarantee of a successful session, not only for the two of us, but for the trainee first.


The Internship

The most important thing is her, he — the interns. Those who tasted this reki felt the lasting benefits. “I feel fulfilled by a divine grace” one of them told us. Nice formula. Accurate too. This grace comes from both the zenith and the nadir. Zenith is above our heads, nadir under our feet. Working in synchronicity on the zenith chakras and the nadir chakras is a guarantee of completeness and fulfillment.

Divine grace is not our doing. It has always been present, but the misty trainee could not perceive it. Cleaning the entire tree of life, including roots and branches, finally allows her/him to live the great spectacle of awakening. The sensations are sharpened, the finest perceptions are discerned and recognized, the five basic senses are also refined.

Hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch then trace the portrait of another world. And our other senses, our unknown powers, slowly awaken. Let’s give time to time: within two weeks, the acquits will be in place, and the trainee will feel at his best, with a beautiful energy, a steel morale, a mentality of conqueror.

The reki of the 18 chakras is an achievement that I would like to benefit a maximum of trainees. Register now, word of mouth has already started and I don’t know if I could process all the applications.


To Register

1-Submit your application using the contact form. You will soon receive an email from me.

2-In response to my email, please send me a photo of you, dated the same day. It will not be distributed. His only reason for being: to allow me to see your aura and the state of your chakras.

In some cases, I would need to ask you some questions that you will answer honestly. Your answers will decide what happens next. More often than not, these questions will not arise, your photo will suffice.

I will give you all the practical information about your stay, which invariably takes place from Tuesday to Friday.

5-Together, we will set a date.



When emptiness reaches the inside of the skull, that is the beginning of wisdom
Lao Surlam