Ptah Power


Awakening in series. The automatic awakening, you go into the photo booth but just the photo without the booth. No newspaper. And flash! You are awake. It’s funny, say, this awakening without effort, without inner work, without discipline, without wait. Gift from heaven. Treasure without price. But totally free. The jerk thinks it’s no good. Or worse, the fat takes the merits.


Be careful. You can be awake, understand everything and stay stupid. Look at Macron. He is awake. He received lightning or a violent short-circuit, something like that. It awakened him, he took it for himself. Fault ! Suddenly he thinks he is above. See how he does it. No, look elsewhere, bad idea. Sit down squarely at the bottom of a deep, round seat, stretch out your canes fully, bring a carafon up, water your baby and calm your duck joy, go down one tone. Listen to the story of the god Ptah. If it doesn’t educate you, it won’t hurt you.


Names of God

Ptah (or Tanen or Ta-tenen or Tatenen or Tathenen or Peteh or Phtha “He who opens”) is the creator God, he is the patron of artists, craftsmen and architects as well as the God of learning and knowledge and the demiurge of Memphis where he was considered to be the creator of the cosmos. He is also the patron of construction, metallurgy and sculpture. He was also the Patron of shipyards and carpenters in general. He was also credited with the power of healing. He would have thought the world in his heart and then would have realized it through the verb. He is one of the first deities of Egypt.


Ptah means “the one who opens” in Egyptian.
Tanen means “many years” 多年 in Japanese.
Tatenen means “vertical year” 縦 年 in Japanese.
Tathenen means “finished” in German.
Phtha means “victory” फ़तह in Hindi.



Charming rebus that I can translate as follows: “The founder of this planet lived there for many years, the equivalent of a great year or divine year. His role ended with victory. Such is his testament“. Hats off to the scribe. Quite a rebus! I could not have said better. In any case, what I’m going to tell you about his framework account precisely with this pretty rebus.

To be the founder of the Earth colony, Ptah is not one of the primordial gods like Geb or Nut. Respectively the Here below and the Starry Vault. They are the parents of our race. A Terran Father impregnated by a Heavenly Mother.

A second-rate god, Ptah is the god of craftsmen, architects and carpenters. So a builder, a craftsman. This is what defines the general-in-chief of the umpteenth terrestrial terraforming operation quite well. Ptah is the boss, a project manager, responsible for the colossal construction site, engineer, architect, urbatect,thank you Schuiten urban planner, landscaper, metallurgist, in short an administrator responsible for watching over everything. To us, and especially to our ancestors, he looks like a powerful demiurge, with unimaginable talent. It’s true, but it’s just his job. Wild planets, he has terraformed plenty. That’s his job, no comment. A subordinate role in fact.


Earth, minor planet

Certainly all-powerful in his domain, but his domain is unimportant. The small planet Earth, place of more or less crappy experiences, this is what we think elsewhere in the Milky Way. (voiceover)Dadpatate? Is that you again? Ptah had, as we can see, a very limited sphere of influence.

The Great Goddess Ana or Dana Ann was much higher in the divine hierarchy. In any case, it is the most powerful divinity that has come to Earth. A Goddess, a Lady. Not a bearded Zeus, late addition, macho makeup.

Do you want to know the Sumerian equivalent of Ptah the Egyptian? Sadam Enlil, brother or son of Enki, inner master. Enlil was the administrator of this planet during the entire last wave of terraforming, which saw the creation of the current human species, the fifth of the name. And the smallest in size, achievements, strength, intelligence, longevity … The most insignificant in all areas. Not much, that’s what we are, in fact. The harder you come, the harder you fall  and you get your head blocked. Hop. Drop. Stop. (music?)



From Sadam to Satan

In Arabic, sadam means administrator. In the Sumerian tablets, sadam was the title worn by the god Enlil, brother or son of Enki, master of creatures. Funny to note that this word sadam gave Satan in our language. The former gods become the demons of the new religions. Eros / Love, Dionysus / Bacchus, Pan, Prometheus, Odin, Freya, all these former gods smell of sulfur, and therefore of bundle. If the priests had been able to catch them, they would have ended up at the stake of vanities. Deserted by humility. Everything is vanity, when we have our degree of insignificance. Especially the priests. What humility? Lice on a hot shovel. Not one to redeem the other. They take their shame for honor. How awful !

We will also notice the phonetic proximity of sadam with Sodom, satanic city of the Sodomites. And if we remove the s, we get Adam, variant of Eden. The circle is complete. The Dupondts’ jeep goes back in its tracks. When is the gasoline container? (source)Tintin par Hergé


The Goddess

If Enlil administers this planet as a minister, he is not the big boss of the Sumerian gods, far from it. Over Enlil reigns Ninmah, over her reigns Marduk, and over Marduk reigns the Great Goddess Ama in China, Ana or Ann in Europe, like the Tuatha De Dana-Ann. It’s a good bet that the Great Goddess of this earth is not the patroness of Ur in Alcor, the home planet of these gods.

There is always more powerful than you. There is always smaller too. Learn to assess yourself as accurately as possible, you will be surprised at the change. And trust Ptah. Father of awakening. God opener. It is the oasis where thirst ends, it fills the hunger of the drink-without-thirst. It is closely related to this plane, on the surface. The god of the depths is called Enki. It is the god Geb of the Egyptians.

She is probably not the most important deity of Alcor, constellation Ursa Major. I do not know if it is also a Goddess who reigns over the system of Alcor and the mother planet named OR, UR. But with us, she is someone. The biggest. A Catholic hymn from my childhood said it clearly. With us be Queen, we are yours, reign as sovereign, with us, with us.


Our Lady Notre Dame

Cathos remember the Goddess, which is why the Church invented a substitute Great Goddess, Mary Mother of God, Saint Mary Holy Virgin. Image of Anne, whose daughter she is in the Gospels. Recover, recycle. Scheming and makeup. Let’s decypher, decrypt. Come out of the crypt. And what do you find under most Roman crypts? A dolmen. The temple of the Old Religion. The religion of Druidesses, Fairies, Divine Ladies.

Honor the Queen of Heaven with vulvas of rocks, celebrate Notre Dame with tons of stacked stones, the new religion ape the old. Forced to. You can never hide the whole truth. You may put tons of make-up on it. Less visible. But still there.



Free will comes from ignorance of the real causes that make us act.