In the Jardin Aux Moines


Brocéliande ie Dark Forest is a funny forest. In places, there is no longer forest, but peeled earth, mossy rocks without shade on, golden edge, anything but a real forest with honest trees. It looks much like a borderline : kind of doom between Anaon and the world of Merlin. Invented less than two centuries ago during Romantism era, it was adorned with names borrowed from the Arthurian cycle, itself rediscovered in the Middle Ages although it dates back to the dawn of the world.


Deep in Mother Forest

Dark Forest cultivates ambiguities with malice. Insiders call it Mother Forest. It is a goddess with a thousand faces, the witch of falsehoods, the queen of dreams and the empress of lies. I see in it the sister of Black Kali and the daughter of the very last Yuga.

I still like to explore the Val sans retour, Valley-of-no-return, starting just benind the Miroir aux Fées, and its heights — but the place that I prefer on this commune of Tréhorenteuc, without discussion, without hesitation, remains the Jardin aux moines.Monk’s Garden This subtle territory belongs to me alone, not that I am the legal owner, but the first and principal astral user. This is the place of power of the warriors of my clan. Being the only living Wolf, this is my place. I followed my benefactor there during my initiation. I return with delight as soon as my steps take me to Mother Forest – the title given to Dark Forest by the insiders, as if it were the origin of all other forests !

There are three very different Dark Forests: that of Sunday walkers and tourists, centered around the Golden Tree, a pseudo-artistic shit that delights only the suckers; that of the grunts of the camp of Coëtquidan, who make their orchestral maneuvers in the dark with force of bengal lights to set fire to the bushes; and that of the insiders. That’s the only one which interests me, the only one I want to talk about here.


Absurd names

My first encounter with this magical place took place in 1992. The Jardin aux Moines has nothing like a garden, nor does it have anything to do with monks. To give absurd names, to baptize megaliths with medieval nicknames, to maintain the confusion between the protohistory and the 6th century of our era, such is the specialty of Brocéliande, which is also not the Dark Forest of the arthurian cycle.

Thus the tomb of Merlin is not a tomb, and Merlin does not rest there. Next door, the Fontaine de JouvenceRejuvenating Fountain  has never rejuvenated anyone, it was reserved for the baptism of young Celts: one should say Youth Fountain. The Hôtié de VivianeViviane’s Home means Viviane’s guest house. It is impossible to accommodate anyone given its size, that of a child’s tomb. And Fairy Viviane would have been careful not to put a single foot on it, her own or those of a guest, given the dreadful negative vibration enclosed in these few stones. No sensitive people would risk. This is the most negative point of this plateau that dominates the Val. In compensation, a very positive vibrating point overlooks the Val at about thirty meters. There are three ridges drawing a seat in the rock, the panoramic armchair offers a circular view of the Val and the surrounding forest. This place has been called “a beautiful day to die” by my benefactor Jean-Claude Flornoy.

The only megalithic monument whose name is not phony, we find it close by: the Tomb of the Giants. One could have found there an oversized human tibia …




Val sans retour which we return without problem. I mean us humans. For entities of the lower astral, djinns, allies, spectra or other ectoplasms, this is not the case. Fairy Morgana lost her lovers there, said the legend. It is rather a negative place, a door of the infraworld. Morgana, like all witches, had harnessed some allies in the Castanedian sense of the term.

My benefactor also had, at least two that I remember very well. A kind of monster like a tiger with sabre teeth and a man-door three to four meters high. He scared the shit out of us. When Morgane felt his imminent death, she went to get rid of her allies in the Val, certain to imprison them there. Because they could no longer, by their own means, emerge from this chasm except to return home, in the infraworld. That’s where the name Val came from.

The allies are coming out of the ground. They live in the infraworld, the astral zone or the real zone, I can’t say. According to Castaneda, who is the only one to speak of it so precisely, we did not have the same dominant element as these entities. They’re electric in nature, and we’re aquatic. Water is largely the majority in our body, while electricity (and magnetism, its direct complement) dominates theirs.

I’ll come back to allies further.

Healing trances

The same simple fable adorns the Jardin aux Moines. It says that monks came there to put flowers in the bed of young and young people. And fuck them in the ferns, in defiance of their vow of chastity. As punishment, the devil turned them into stones, the same blocks that surround the Garden. Poor monks, what a fine reputation they have! Greedy, drunk, and shameless… Certainly, they were not of wood. But no stone either.

The reality we discovered during our visualization sessions has something to do with this nonsense. Something very tenuous, but still, there is a connection. It was in the days of the megaliths a place of healing. The sorcerers of these distant times treated madness there. They had patients in large numbers, given the strange position of the assembly point that these fadas displayed at the time. There were trance dances, and trances without dancing. Deep music managed by a group of bards, under the direction of a trance master.

These deep trances were the basis of the work of Arcana XIII, also known as the Little Mysteries. I practiced it for fifteen years, until catharsis liberation, usually after four to five intensive days. To compare with the ten years and more that requires a psychoanalysis!!!!

But let no one ask me any more this initiation which has no more reason to be today. I can still help in this way, or in a similar way, people who find themselves blocked at the XV Devil arcane and fail to get the energy rise of the XVI The Tower arcane. From what I see, it seems that this evolutionary stage is now the most delicate. Of which act.



The Grey Man

In order not to depart from the recent tradition of absurd names, I must introduce you to the Grey Man, who is not really gray and is not at all man. I met Flornoy in 1992. It was in the Val sans retour, where sorcerers, before dying, get rid of their allies. So they subscribe to an ancient tradition that goes back to the Morgane fairy. But that’s another story….

The Val sans retour is a gateway to the infraworld. The entities of the lower astral accumulate there at the full moon. His surroundings are as airtight as the bars of a prison. Thus the allies, who are also called geniuses or djinns, are confined in the depths of the Val without possibility of spreading on this plane, sowing terror and poisoning the existence of humans incapable of protecting themselves from it.

The Grey Man is not really grey, as I said. He appears of this color on a dark background, at night, in the undergrowth of the Val. But where I find him every time, at the edge of the Garden of Monks, and by day, he appears whitish, translucent. His figure is that of a handsome man. It is rather fluffy, sometimes we see it to disarticulate and disintegrate like a smoke that dies.



I realized much later that this famous Grey Man is one of Flornoy’s allies. Was, I should say, since he left us years ago. Flornoy possessed several, which he had harnessed himself, according to the detailed prescriptions given by Castaneda. The allies are not comfortable with that. This is why the Grey Man remains in the vicinity of the Val, his gateway to this world, and also his down exit if the need arises.

For a long time I thought he was firmly linked to Brocéliande, more precisely to Tréhorenteuc. But since then, he has manifested himself in my home several times, appearing at my window the day before a planned trip to Mother Forest. Even once, in the jardin aux moines, while I was showing him to a visitor from Quebec, he became attached to her, finding it probably negative enough. He stayed in her room in my place until she left for Quebec.

He followed her on the plane! From time to time, to the shame of the American girl, he sounded a long cracking sound, like a branch that was broken interminably. And this unpleasant noise was accompanied by an even worse smell: that of a shitty fart, very rotten, very disgusting. She told me that he had stayed at her home for some time, leaving her regularly a singular gift in the bed of her guest room: a beautiful turd all fresh and smelly…

Such adventures, in Castaneda, are addressed to negative, suppressive or simply lying people, who attribute merits or powers to themselves that they do not have. If the American from Quebec still reads me, she must forgive me and draw the consequences.


Under the Sign of the Wolf

The Grey Man, according to Flornoy himself, was the ally of our clan, the Wolf Clan. A number of things are attached to this clan, of which I am the only survivor. I never attached much importance to it until the death of my two dear friends. Then, signs appeared that awakened my interest. It seems that the Wolf is my astral signature, others would say my totem animal. But the time of the Boy Scouts is far away, even though we knew each other, my two childhood friends and myself. They were on the marsupilami (!) patrol and I was on the beaver patrol. There were no wolves at the time, except Tex Avery’s …

But right now, I see wolves everywhere. And I regret that I was not more interested in it during the lifetime of my benefactor, who had so much to tell about so many unknown subjects. In astral, when I happen to intervene to fix the blow of some fools, the Wolf is there. He announces my arrival next. It is a large grey wolf with a white collar, a white tip that starts from the lower jaw and goes down to the chest. Thick fur, head proudly erect, he looks straight in the eyes. Do not lower yours, you would lose his silent message.

I don’t know why, maybe because of its color, I think that this animal is a personal version of the Grey Man. It has a big advantage over the latter: it is clean…


In Memoriam



I cannot end this article without mentioning my dear friends and faithful companions, Jean-Claude Flornoy and Jean-Claude Devictor, the other two members of the infernal trio, as we were affectionately known. I took this photo in 1993 at home in the Domaine de Rochefort, where they also lived. Each of them had frightening allies, even for me. I seem to have some too! I control them closely, don’t worry. And I will take care to leave them at the Val without return, psychic bin and astral prison, when the time comes…

Until then, if you want the Fates, I still have many articles to write, many more revelations to make and new discoveries to share.


Oh Lord have mercy! Free us from all of the religions!
Guy Bedos