The Kingdom Under The Sea


A vast silence as death invades the boardroom. Enki himself remains silent. After a long fraction of eternity, rises Gorn Ar, son of Ar Torn. Around his bull neck, Ar Gorn has aurochs horn which earned his name. And on the horn is engraved the Open Hand which earned his father’s name. “O Enki, you son of Lugh! he hurled facing the assembly of the Perfect.  O Perfect ones, o my brothers, you sons of the Sun and Stone.”


Thus ends the manuscript of Ar Gorn, unfinished, disappeared. These first words close The Four Kingdoms, my previous article devoted to Nazado. Despite my active research, I could not find the end of the manuscript. Better than books, better than all the ruins and archives, reality will tell me more. I am a time traveller. Which allows me to check it out.

It was the night, faithful companion, that gave me the keys to the Kingdom. Shadow at the feet of the resplendent giants, I attended the foundation of Nazado. And first, I heard Ar Gorn’s speech in its entirety.


Sons of the Sun

O Enki, our guide, our strength and our wisdom! Strengthen my voice, strengthen our determination and give us the strength that is yours!

O my brothers, O Perfect, you are the children of Lugh the good giant from heaven. You are Enki’s cousins in the face of light. You are the Sons of the Sun, the great and most illustrious Undefeated Sun of our fathers, the most luminous giants of Heaven. You all shine with the same brilliance. The dazzling star reminds everyone that you are Perfect in the flesh, Perfect in the soul and Perfect in the spirit. In you are embodied their power and greatness.

O my brethren, we are the giants of the Earth as they are the giants of Heaven. It is now up to us to carry out one of their tasks, since they are no longer here to do so. The imperfect people who dig our mines and build our palaces have no protectors other than you — let’s be our own protectors and protectors of the miners.”


The Great Waters

“Planet Earth is our garden. We are the gardeners, the imperfect are the diggers. Together, let us open the ancient canals too long neglected: collapsed, they are erased under the weight of the past. Let’s open the tunnels that saved our forefathers from the time of the Great Long Ice. Let us make our shelters deep to escape tomorrow the dangers that threaten. The worst of all, as you know, the most imminent, the wildest, is the one announced by our oldest prophecies, the rising waters. All of a sudden they will burst forth, shattering in their fury the world we see.

We must build a strong city, an impregnable city, an invisible city. Let us do it under an inviolable bubble. Let’s make it able to withstand the worst storms, hurricanes, landslides, crashes and other punishments of the sea and wind. When the Great Waters come, our families will be safe, all our people, all our animals, and not only. Our houses will be preserved, our fields, our orchards, our meadows and our hills. This bubble will protect the whole Land of Nazado.

To build it, we will use the machines and know-how of our ascended masters who, I am sure, we will help in this great enterprise. According to God’s calculations, we have a full year to do that. That seems pretty much enough. With the laser, we will melt the glass and the metal, we will cut the stone, we will cut the hardwood coming from the great south. With the assembly robots, we will raise the buildings on land before immersing them with hydrogyres and flying cranes.

The imperfect in large numbers will find refuge there, for without them this land under the sea would not exist. For all its inhabitants, Nazado will be the best and most wonderful refuge. Reki Nea, its capital, will be not only its safest stronghold, but also the most beautiful city in the world.

At work, Brothers. The furious waters are already eating away at our shores. It’s nothing yet. When the Wave comes, there will be no shore. There will be only the sea. Let us act this very evening, let us share the roles, and let each clan of Perfect fulfill its duty to perfection, for there is no other way of doing it.”



When Ar Gorn had spoken, he raised his right hand. Then all eyes turned to Enki. He leaned towards the dashboard where figures danced in the green light that made his eyes shine like two emeralds of the most beautiful water. Enki held back the time. The assembly held back its breath. Finally Enki raised his right hand. Relieved, unanimous, the Perfect raised their hand like Enki. Ar Gorn won: his plan is accepted.

La Splendide

For the next seven years, the work was completed quickly. On the threshold of the eighth year, the underwater kingdom sparkled like an oyster with a hundred pearls. In their crystal case, so many illuminated palaces were the diamonds on a queen’s dress. For it is a queen who reigned over La Splendide — such as was already nicknamed the underwater island. Splendid oasis of the Perfect People.

Note that it is precisely on the site of the ancient Nazado that the off-shore wind farm of the bay of Saint-Brieuc is built. The elites who lead us (?) don’t give a damn.

One day, I will tell you some exploits of some heroes who inhabited this crystal bubble. Meanwhile you can find them in your dreams. Everyone carries the memory of the world, the Akashic Records. They are above all a place of consciousness. A particular position of the assembly point.

This kingdom under the sea lies intact in the abyss of the collective unconscious. I draw it from there to revive your memories. You lived in this fabulous underwater bubble. You were attacked by the Great Waters. You received the promise of the god Enki, seer of the cataclysms: No more water, no more fire next time!

All these prodigious events are part of us, of our unconscious memory. Many artists have kept the memory confused, transformed and sometimes magnified. It’s the yellow submarine of the Beatles, it’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Secret of the Unicorn, The Submerged Car, Spirou and the Bull Men, or Commander Cousteau’s divers — so many windows open to the Collective Dream.

A thousand sporting exploits, a hundred thousand memories of the minor arts whisper in our disbelieving ears. We swam in murky waters. We were with Hercules when he struck down the Hydra of Lerne. We fought with our bare hands against the sea serpent. We have crossed the waters of Léthé so many times, We were so often reincarnated alive. Crossing the great waters of the Tao proves advantageous. We made it, ancestors of ourselves, and if the water level rises again, together we will do it again.




Other authors have quoted Nazado. Some rare legends evoke the sunken kingdom. These naive tales, Christian morality has heckled them well, well travesties, well denatured. In terms of ruining the past, the present and the future, moralizers always win. These legends bear witness to that. What is left is difficult to use. Those who want to find their way through it must show instinct, practice and use a precious talent: travel on the timeline, to go and see what we no longer understand here and now. I love this kind of exercise and share it with my readers.

The warrior who travels all along his timeline is a wall-pass that shows us the way to go. (Lao Surlam)

For example, we read that Nazado was punished by God because of the beauty of women. Their skin was so thin that it was transparent. This peculiarity made them irresistible and all Nazado’s men lived in stupor and debauchery.

The transparency of women’s skin made them desirable!!!! Let’s see! See blood vessels, nerves, tendons, bones and internal organs, yes, stomach, yes, bladder and colon, really, what eroticism! There was transparency in the original narrative, but there was no evidence of debauchery or prudishness. The misunderstanding came centuries later: the transparency was that of the crystal bubble protecting the underwater island. This transparency made the city desirable. Unreal at the bottom of the wave, Nazado aroused lusts like a splendid gem that shines in its case.

With a little practice and the habit of reading me, you will decipher the other naivetés with increasing ease.


An illustrious model

Ar Gorn served as Tolkien’s model for Aragorn. I started this story with a Breton legend, what’s surprising that we meet the Lord of the Rings there? (see previous article). The capital cities of the four Celtic kingdoms rival each other in elegance and modernity.

The word “celtic” must not mislead the reader. It has only a geographical value. I’m talking about a very distant time, long before Rome, before Greece, before China, before the known past. Long before.

These capitals are Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Ys, and Nazado. The city of Ys was engulfed by the rise of the marine waters, and replaced by another city which is said to be similar to Ys the wonder: like Ys, PAR-YS. As for the latter, Nazado, she was more fortunate. The great waters of the English Channel spared her, because some diviners had foreseen the catastrophe. It disappeared later, and its ruins still lie between Cape Erquy and the Minquiers plateau, towards Jersey. 

The Kingdom of Nazado did not survive the gigantic tsunami. Its architecture, of sculptural and magical beauty, testifies to a past so distant that it resembles the future. Many survivors sought a new land to continue their adventure in the open air. Enki, their leader and guide, took them beyond the Mediterranean to Mesopotamia, where they founded the kingdom of Sumer.

Sumer appears far ahead of his time. Its harmonious and massive architecture, the finesse of its sculptures, its texts in cuneiform writing, everything evokes a refinement that is different at the time. Its princes use flying machines, the surrounding peoples are hunter-gatherers. Everything comes from its origin. She is the daughter of a more ancient and sharper civilization, that of Atlantis, Ys, the cities of the Andes and the Himalayan temples, the civilization of the Four Kingdoms. Sumer is the only daughter of Nazado, the kingdom under the sea.

Why wonder? The language of the Goslings gives us the answer. Sumer = sous merunder the sea. As it is pronounced.




There is a light at the end of every tunnel … we just have to pray this is not a train.
Woody Allen