The Lost Book Of Enki



The “Lost Book of Enki” is written by Zecharia Sitchin who accurately describes the Great Flood that occurred in the age of Leo, some 12,500 years ago when the planet Nibiru neared Earth.

Cuneiform tablets from Ashurbanipal and his uncle Senacherib tell the recent flood, dating 4500 BPBefore Present starring a Sumerian Noah named Utnapishtim. They also tell a much older story – that of a man called Atra-Haziz. He was warned by the gods that a terrible flood will soon destroyed everything, and he should build a big unsinkable boat …

The ark and the flood of Atra-Haziz is probably the original version of all others. The tablet was dated to 4800 BPBefore Present by the scribe who copied. So the mentionned flood must be quite earlier.

There had been so many floods anyway! The 10th tablet of the “Lost Book of Enki” accurately describes the Great Flood that occurred in the Age of Leo, some 12,500 years ago, on the occasion of the passage, highly disruptive, of a huge planetoid in the orbit of the Earth.

It caused a global warming and a series of cataclysms, the melting of ice sheets causing a mega tsunami: “A few days before the Flood, the earth shook and groaned in pain. In the sky, Nibiru was like a bright star.

Then the day darkened and the moon seemed devoured by a monster. In the dark lights of dawn, all was veiled by the shadow of death, then a clap of thunder sounded and the sky was streaked with lightning…

In that unforgettable day, the Flood opened its locks on the White Earth and Middle Earth. Even the Earth of the Peaks shook on its foundations and the ground was broken in the crash of a thousand thunders and collapsed in the southern sea. The White Earth broke like an eggshell, and suddenly…




Stupor! In their celestial ships, the Anunnaki felt very small. A gigantic tidal wave rose and the sky became a wall of water. A storm of a ferocity unknown screamed to the top of the Earth.

A cyclone carried away the rivers of water towards the north: they reached the Abzu and everything was submerged. The storm carried away the people like in a deadly battle. The land disappeared under the water and before the end of this sad day, the mountains were sunk.

The Anunnaki could see from above the drama which was occuring: Ninmah (Ninhursag, Enki‘s wife), devastated with grief, was crying like a woman in childbirth: “tidal waves washed away all lives,” she lamented, mourning and groaning.

Inanna, who stood beside her, wept and wailed too: “everything is buried, all living things, everything has returned to clay. In the other celestial ships , the Anunnaki felt very small before such fury, so much power. They were lamenting too, humans were dead.  Fruits, vines, everything was destroyed. 

The golden age was engulfed. While the Earth was swept by a still greater wave, the heavens broke in a deluge of rain and the Earth disappeared from any sight… For 7 days, the waters of heaven mingled with those of the seas that had engulfed the Earth… The Anunnaki remained around the Earth but could distinguish only water, pouring rain, which fell another 40 days and 40 nights. The highest peaks of the mountains looked like small islands lost at sea.

Such is the appalling description of the Great Flood. When, the elements died down and the “gods” came down to Earth, they noticed the extent of damage, finding as and when their expeditions groups of human survivors painfully trying to survive in this desolation. Enki, for his part, had saved Ziusudra (the real Noah) and his family, placing at his disposal a submarine (and not a Noah’s Ark). It is in this submarine that he reached the submerged undergrounds of the Atlantic.

In their raft of snakes, Enki, Ziusudra and the other gods survivors have reappeared in the Andes at 4500 meters above sea level, in the middle of Lake Titicaca. The Andeans who saw them out of the lake have worshiped face against the ground.

They shivered with fear and cold, soaked by the shower of foam that the submarine produced by bursting out of water. But the demons with snake faces did not seem so bad after all. Then the sorcerer spoke: “These gods are named Viracocha because they come from the foam.”




Sitchin’s word has awakened many scholars. Today, his thesis is no longer valid, nevertheless he remains an important author. In my opinion, the causes of the deluge are very different, and Nibiru is not a planet, as you will read on the next page.

If his conclusions seem erroneous, he has the immense merit of pointing to a major and forgotten episode of our protohistory.

“Do not listen to anyone’s advice, except to the wind that passes and tells you the story of the world”
Claude Debussy