The Perfect Ones


The owl of Minerva takes flight at dusk. Minerva for the Romans is Athena of the Greeks. Strength, Wisdom, Truth. The truth about the Perfect? Here it is. It was Ar Gorn the Perfect who suggested to Enki to protect his city, Nazado, under a transparent dome in anticipation of the great flood. Which was done.



I’m telling this story in The Kingdom Under the Sea. Enki and his Perfect people stayed under a crystal bubble for a few decades before returning to the nearby Breton coast where Enki founded a city. It was called Reki, who the Greeks will name Rekinea, the New Reki — and today it’s called Erquy in Côtes d’Armor, Brittany, France. The fishing port where I put my rag bag. But that’s another story I keep for a coming post.

The truth about my informant, the powerful Ar Gorn says Aragorn, is this: I met this person moving along the timeline. I knew her well. She’s a woman. The naked truth! Yes, perfectly, the truth is woman. Aragorn too.

Moving along the timeline, a nagual or some light warriors can see people who have been missing for a long time. Pronounce nagual, like jaguar. The nagual can note their words, they don’t notice anything. On the timeline, only the consciousness moves. One sees places, lives scenes, hears conversations, all this is very real. If that ever happens to you, look all you want, please don’t get involved. One doesn’t interfere in the past. That’s part of the Rule. Stay at the window. Invisible. Attentive…

Yes, Aragorn is a woman. A very pretty Perfect One, not easy, but really hot. I can attest to that, I’ve seen her as I see you in astral. I would have known her better than by sight if I had violated the taboo.And the girl. Forget it. No fucking interference.

So Aragorn is a woman. I hesitated a long time to reveal this fact, because the illustrious JRR Tolkien appropriated this character innocently. Without suspecting at all that it was not the fruit of his imagination, but an authentic historical figure. And he saw her as a man.



Aragorn Aratorn’s son is one of the main characters in JRR Tolkien’s masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings. I am certain that the great writer thought he was inventing this flamboyant narrative, imagining the slightest of its adventures, and baptizing himself the innumerable characters we encounter there. Would I take away any credit if I told you everything was borrowed?

For all has existed for good.

The Aragorn I knew is called Gornara daughter of Tornara, of the tribe of Arapahoes. The Arapahoes or Cow People are an Indian tribe. At the time of European colonization, they lived in the plains of eastern Colorado and Wyoming. (wikipedia)

People of the Cow? This people originates in the era of Taurus. They were discovered in America, but at other times they lived here in Celtia. Did Aragorn son of the Cow worship the Golden Calf? Or should we say Gornara, daughter of the Hathor Sacred Cow, did she adore the Golden Cow? In feminine it is clearer. We understand everything. In any case, Ram the Ram will never hold it against him. These two brothers and sisters are fighting brothers and sisters.



Ancient Female Warriors

 Without his knowledge, Tolkien did as I did and as all storytellers did. In his sleep, he visited forgotten lands. Fantastic legends came to life in his dreams, and like all storytellers, he took it for imagination. Unfortunately, as a victim of the sexist prejudices of his time, he made Aragorn a man. That’s a shame.

It is true that Gornara’s appearance and behaviour are those of a dominant male. During protohistory and even before, women were warriors. Tough guys they were. Hard and harsh. Effective. But I leave the word to the masculine: a signet ring is a ring with or without a mount, they sought to accomplish feats, to be illustrated by prowess. The myth of the Knights of the Round Table would be more relevant if it returned their true sex to the adventurers seated around the table. Because Merlin and Arthur are not medieval. They come straight from the 6th millennium BCE. Yes, the time of the Lord of the Rings.

Their quest was for awakening, for the upliftment of the spirit. In these distant times, the inner life, the adventurous quest, the risks of the journey were the business of the women, while the men, more fragile and timid, remained at home to look after the children and the household.



I would argue that imagination does not exist. That is another word for clairvoyance. All artists are seers, soothsayers, more subtle beings who have antennas, like those of the Devil — arcane XV of the Tarot of Marseilles in its initiatory version. We believe in good faith to tell stories from our imagination, while they come directly from the Akashic annals. Everyone can use it as they please. Everything you find there has happened somewhere in time. Here or elsewhere far away.

For the future, the annals are closed. I should say for the future. There are as many as possible, which means many futures. Among these possibilities, only one is realized. Just for you. It becomes your present, the rest of the world aligns with what is yours. And as it happened, you can consult it in the colchia annals. Right now if you like. Accessible. Wide open. That’s how it is in time. Everything is now. Sometimes I feel that time moves and not me. Still travel. It’s a good idea.

It makes me feel better.




In fact JRR Tolkien beautifully described Aragorn Great-steps in his major work. But as he made a male, the reader is deprived of a very beautiful and very strange love story between Aragorn and Frodo. The latter was called Fredonne because of his almost permanent mania: he hummed to give himself courage.

There is even a scene of anthology that no one will write, a scene of awkward and unbridled love between the giant Aragorn and the little hobbit, impayable! And very touching too. Do you know where the word hobbit comes from? From Tolkien’s imagination? Not at all. From French. More precisely the language of goslings. Hobbit comes from French. It means Haut bite.high as a dick. Rather pejorative…

But let’s finish with Aragorn, who despite a beautiful pair of talents is not the heroine whose adventures I want to narrate right now. Read Tolkien.



The period between prehistory and history is copiously ignored by scholars or independent researchers. Few have any light on this forgotten age. Yet the door opens. For me, it opened a few years ago with the saga of Rama, and today I see how gaping it is. I will soon be able to recount twenty thousand years of human adventure. Even more. Time trial at my age…

Gornara is the daughter of Perfect but Perfect herself. The first Perfect are the sons of Lug, heirs of Hyperborea: Enki, Ramos, Setanta, Enlil. But around them lived a people, and all its members bore the title of Perfect.

It is probable that the “four sons of Lug” were not contemporaneous. They would have happened over millennia — probably several millennia apart. Yet they are all four the principal heirs of the former Gods, originating from the stars, and civilizers of the earth. They live as long as the gods, from 2000 to 4000 years. They have their size, about 4m. Their strength. Their knowledge. Their intelligence. Their science. And they kept the best of their technology: planes, submarines, flying robots, weapons and magical objects…

It is among them that we must seek our creators (Enki – Prometheus – Loki) conquerors and civilizers of other giant heirs (Greek heroes or biblical patriarchs) So Gilgamesh (giant – hero – patriarch) first king of men, reigns over imperfect facts (us) in his hometown of Urgup.



Coming soon: The Luminous