Killing Machine


All the machines aim to kill us, not only those designed to do it. Automation helps us, but at the same time it robs us of our powers and taste of effort. “The machine is killing you, Step by step, every single day” sang a sighted poet forty years ago. He was right. And the last round starts. But let’s not despair (too much) of ourselves …

There is a light at the end of every tunnel … we just have to pray this is not a train. (Woody Allen)

If you say yes, the machine is near, the machine comes.
The machine will break your arms, bite your heart, suck your blood…

Before writing invention, the rule was oral transmission: men had a much more developped memory.  Before calculator invention, mental calculation was a quite frequent gift. Before post-office and telecoms, men had pigeon post. Before that, they developped telepathic powers. But phone came and killed them. Life has become a ready-made automatic session, you don’t need to make any effort, you don’t even have to act. Day after day, machine is stealing your last powers and you love it.

You might be right, will answer honest people. But who cares about these old ways, now that we have the web so easy to surf on? This sad remark clearly shows what Iron Age means. This depressing Kali Yuga has been our every day life since 4,000 years. According to Shivaist, our age is the worst of all. A hard time when matter outdoes spirit, when the rude overcomes the subtle. The problem is that ends of cycles, as now, are always the worst part of an Age. The joy is to look for awakening in the crowd of gold diggers. 

Surfing the web, this is the best and the worst of things. Everything depends on the wave you overlapped. All waves are not equal.


If you are looking for ready-made answers to questions you did not even dare to ask, the web is a morbid distraction that leads nowhere. Take and leave, believe without believing, make up your own mind about everything, listen to opponents, and try, if possible, neither to howl with the werewolves nor to follow the flock. Better choose the Way of the Middle, pal …

 If you say no, the machine is near, the machine comes.
The machine will break your arms, bite your heart, suck your blood.

Tibetans have a saying about our time: they say we can find awakening under the step of a horse. For those who have been waiting for awakening for thousands of lives, to have it at hand, so to speak, is a comforting thought. It is true that in times of great transition, such as the one we live in, everything that was impossible becomes possible. And the awakening too. If you tend to do just that, to this only light, on this only way, then you find awakening under the step of a horse. At the corner of the street…

In a desperate quest of consumption, our worldwide society reached the bottom of materialism. Thirsting after more  comfort and latest devices, a tenth of world population is facing a crowd of 90%. A crowd only thirsting after water. A crowd facing every-day hunger, extreme poverty, absence of justice, of equal and fair treatment, prey for modern slave traders, and these children, innocent victims of their innocence. Everywhere reigns egocentrism, brotherhood rules nowhere.

If you say nothing, the machine is near, the machine comes.
The machine will break your arms, bite your heart, suck your blood.

And it’s only a start. Last somersaults of dying Kali Yuga might well be some hard times.

 Be patient, whisper new-agers, for the age of aquarius will soon begin. You just have to believe in Man. It is easy to believe in Man when you don’t need help! But when you have no food, no healthcare, when your chidren are starving, when worldwide TV programs show how rich and careless we are, it is much more difficult. To believe in Man or not, isn’t it a new way to ask the eternal question of faith? Beware of integrism, anywhere you find it. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or Lakota, any integrism dims your inner light.


Faith is as useful to you as the air you breathe

It depends on what faith you speak. Believing blindly is always dangerous, we put our fate and soul in unknown hands. Yes, faith is useful, but doubt is even more so. The ideal is to combine the two, faith and doubt, this is the advice given to us by the historical Buddha. It is also the unwritten rule followed by Nagual wizards and other light warriors. Easy to believe in the man when we do not need help! But for the hungry, the sick without care and the martyrs of the unjust wars, to believe in the man, it is another pair of sleeves. New way of asking the eternal question of faith.

Deny all fundamentalism, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Taoist, Buddhist, or Sioux. To flee disguised sects and gurus, to count churches among the sects that have succeeded, and still to stay the course. To grow even more towards knowledge, let your inner light shine without confusing religion and spirituality. The first kill, the second releases. For a warrior of the rainbow, the only and ultimate principle is vital energy. His dance is his freedom, his prayer is called the intention.

He knows that he is a spiritual being, he takes for himself the biblical sentence: “You are light born of the light, and your reign will have no end.” Faith moves mountains. When Jesus said it, he remembered that the Feathered Serpents did it. With them we know the fabulous power of the holy spirit. Who is within us. Waiting for us to open the door. Because all the unknown powers that sleep in us need only a sign to express themselves. And life changes. And the strength is in you!

 “Why do you do so little with all that you got?” asks us the captain of our soul. It is time to grow in love. Some already do. Flourish movements and divine tendencies, blending, fair trade, anti-globalization, global solidarity, opening of the heart, rainbow, Coluche and the Enfoirés, Abbé Pierre, Gandhi, Mandela and Sister Emmanuelle, the movement of SALT, the gift, free web, sharing, openness, emulation, enlightenment.

If you give up, the machine is near, but you’re gone.
The machine that breaks your arms, bites your heart, sucks your blood …


Every machine is not a killer, there is definitely an antidote to Matrix! Beside of castrating machines as commercial web, are free machines, making people free.

As the free web, open source appications, free programs, free entertainment, free fun on line. Meanwhile in Iran, is running the first web- assisted revolution. This is direct democracy. All these phones filming policemen harshly charging, students being tortured, this is progress. This is people’s victory. Our number is our power. Keep on filming with smartphones. Vive le cinema! A bunch of dirty tyrans tried to keep this planet under the lower conscience stage. Resist. Proove that you exist.

There is progress, there is the force which will arm people’s arm. Our number will serve. A handful of tyrants tries every day to make plunge the global level of consciousness. Their outdated war is unwinnable.

There is also this small action with great consequences, the practice of scalar waves. These are the waves carrying love, their reach is immense, universal. They have the power to heal, to change the world and you with it. A few years ago, I initiated a group whose vocation is to emit and receive these particular waves, so beneficial. Today the scalar group has at least 700 people. If you feel like it, if you’re looking for a good way to make yourself useful, you can join this group. Use the contact form specifying your request and the subject of your e-mail. Everyone is welcome. No restriction. As for the impediments to go around in circles, I shout to them this slogan of the international forces during the Spanish war:

¡ No pasarán!

Any machine is not castrating, there is also the antidote to Matrix! We know the machine that enslaves, it’s called the merchant web, always to tease morons and force them to buy the newest crap … And we also know the machine that releases: it’s the free web – participatory, open source, irresistible. We saw the first revolutions assisted by internet. Just like RTL and Europe1 in May 68. I loved it. This is direct democracy. This is progress, this is the force that will arm the peoples’ arm.

At every second, rainbow, crystal and indigo newborn children will quickly boost the planet vibratory level. We shall overcome!


(Warning)A first version of this page was published 11 years ago

“I am the voice that cries in the desert”
St John the Baptist