Mitra the Elder

Ernest Renan and his pal Mitra the Elder


“If Christianity had been stopped in its growth by some deadly disease, the world would have been Mithraist,” wrote Ernest Renan. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Instead of a religion of awakening, instead of a cult of mysteries, instead of inner transcendence, we’ve got a religion that numbs, that guilts, that frightens, that hurts with sins, sermons and hypocrisy. Human, all too human a religion: as immoral as moralizing.


Uneducated Cult

Too many bad priests, too many unbelievers within the clergy. I do not blame them: when we have any education, this food of blatant errors, approximations and contradictions is impossible to swallow. That could have been Renan’s deadly illness. And Christianity would have cease more than a century ago, opening the way to new research, more open, less aberrant by prejudices. But this cult is uneducated, or pretends to be …

Who knows? Perhaps in the future, a religion of awakening will rise again. Perhaps a sincere search for the truth will replace the fog of lies. Perhaps a humanity freed from superstition will build a more just world, populated by nobler beings. Perhaps the cows will come home …


Mitra and Varuna

According to the work of Georges Dumézil, the gods Mitra and Varuna form a couple in the Indo-Iranian pantheon. They are the representatives of the sovereign function: to Mitra comes legal sovereignty, to Varuna, magical sovereignty. (source)

In classical India, Mitra does not matter when it is separated from Varuna. Only one hymn is dedicated to Mitra, which is very little compared to the many hymns dedicated to MitraVaruna, or the innumerable songs that honor the Trimurti, Brahma-Shiva-Indra. She herself had replaced the one god Shiva, who seems to be between Mitra-Varuna and Brahma-Indra.

Over time, sacred literature values such and such devas –gods of Hinduism– that will be forgotten afterwards. Everything happens as if these devas reign in flesh and bone when the songs are dedicated to them. When their reign is over, other hymns will honour their successors. And so on over the centuries and eons. It is clear that the Trimurti –a Hindu trinity– has overshadowed the primordial âdityas Varuna and Mitra — Âdytia is a solar deva …


The stacking of the Hindu gods shows that several major deities have succeeded one another over time — yes, these gods are not immortal!


Sons of the Sun Goddess

Together they rule the whole Earth and are guarantors of the cosmic order. They are both Âdityas, sons of the Sun. They are descended from the goddess Aditi, who symbolizes the Sun, say learned scholars, or to be more factual, who is the Great Goddess of the Mother Ship charged with watching over her creation, planet Earth, and her favorite creatures, humans.

From their island ship that the Greeks called Hyperborea, Mitra and Varuna are the very first colonizers of this planet. The Sons of the Sun descended from Heaven, more precisely from their distant star Alcor in the Great Bear, twelve thousand years ago.


Mithras in Persia

It was in Persia that Mitra took a great ascendancy over the people while his companion Varuna did not have the same success. This may be explained by their character: Mithras is a kind, meek and generous god, always ready to help humans. While Varuna the angry grows to excess the taste of ire.

As usual, Rome imported Mithras and took them for a new god. In Persia, Mithras is the god of simple people. In Rome, he seduced the elite with his mystery cult. We know how many foreign gods the Roman Empire could worship in its temples. The Roman religion is syncretic, like the religion of the people in China.See further Adopted gods come from the four corners of the empire, and sometimes from even further away.

The Romans adopted the cult of Mithras from the 2nd century BC. According to its legend, the god is much older. But beware, the new Mithras is written with an h. Is it the same? It is quite possible, but not certain. Time is cyclical, if we follow the Tradition: what has been seen will be seen again; what has happened will come back. We find a lot of Jesus in Latin America, lots of Shiva in India, many Enki in the Middle East. Here, we know the comic artist Enki Bilal.see the image below


The Cruise of the Forgotten — BY Enki Bilal

Saint Francis Xavier

Other Mitras may have chosen this name to put themselves under the protection of the powerful deva. After all, I call myself Xavier, but I am not a Jesuit or a saint. Oh no! St Francis Xavier was a Catholic missionary who tried to evangelize China in the 16th century. To try to convert me, my father placed me under the protection of this great Christian saint. I did not understand this paternal gesture until very recently, long after his death. And yet, I lived in Macau, not far from Canton where François Xavier lived five centuries before me. Were we talking about cyclical history?

Saint Francis Xavier (Spanish: Francisco Javier — Basque: Frantzisko Xabierkoa) was born in 1506 in Javier, Navarre, and died in 1552 on the island of Shangchuan, off Canton, China. A Jesuit missionary, a close friend of Ignatius of Loyola, he is one of the co-founders of the Society of Jesus (source)

Like the Romans of antiquity, the Chinese do not convert: they add cults and gods. They have thus resisted all attempts at evangelization, but this does not prevent them from putting the cross of Jesus in their altars of red and gold streets. When I was a teacher in Macau more than half a century ago, we could still gather on these outdoor altars, filled with Chinese and foreign gods. I even saw in one of them a corneal photo of Mireille Mathieu. I had a thousand times preferred to see Edith Piaf there. Everyone knows that in China, we grow counterfeit…


Datation in Question

Mitrawithout h appears in the old vedas. When do these first sacred texts of Hinduism date back? Western scientists advance the date of 1500 – 1700 BCEbefore the common era. Rough date, quite ridiculous when compared to the scientific dating of India.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak is an Indian scholar whom the British occupier once blamed for his nationalism — a normal attitude when you’re under the yoke of an invader. This detail left apart, Tilak was a scholar whose scholarship confused me. He is the author of an exciting book on the Polar Origin of the Vedic Tradition. I promised myself I’d talk about it, which I would ifever fate allowed me to live long enough. The Indian scholar evaluates the age of the Vedas from a scientific point of view. These holy books could be dated to the sixth or fifth millennium before common era.

The positions of the stars at the arrival of Mitra the Former clearly appear in the text. Tilak based his conclusions on the interpretation of these references, but he is not an astronomer. He therefore suggests that astronomers could make a precise calculation of the dates. Will they follow this interesting suggestion? I bet no! These gentlemen have other plans of higher importance…

So? Did Mitra come a little less than 2,000 years ago, or a little more than 5,000 years ago? For my part, I go even further. The legend of Mitra shows that he is a very ancient god: he is part of the first team of extraterrestrial colonizers from Ursa Major. In this case, his visit could date back to the beginning of the holocene, 12,000 years ago.


Ra’s Boat, or Solar Boat — This boat carries passengers behind Horus. It is obviously a transport vehicle, not on water, but in the sky, which is the place of the sun


The Boat of Ra

Mitra descended on Terra, while Varuna remained in charge of the Aditi’s mother ship. She was the Great Goddess of the time. Is it Ana? Likely. Looks like Atlas piloting the flyingship Atlantis under his father Poseidon. But not only. This same story is told a hundred times in many mythologies and religions.

Mitra exists only with his counterpart Varuna, who is also his main opponent. In “Henok’s Magic”, the opposition between these gods is compared to the opposition between Horus and Seth, where these two gods are also solar, each defending in their own way the boat of Ra. (source)

In Egyptian mythology, Horus, son of Osiris and his hated alter ego, Seth, murderer of his father Osiris. They hate each other and are fierce opponents. And yet, without the two, Ra’s boat could not illuminate the northern sky. The sun in a boat? What does that mean? You get it. Ra’s boat is the umpteenth name for Hyperborea. How else to interpret the great naivety of the ancient Egyptians? How this cultured people, eminent builders, an outstanding engineers, prominent scientists, could swallow such a farce?

The above image depicts the Barque de Ra, or solar boat — this boat carries passengers that can be seen behind Horus. This is obviously a transport device — not on the water, but in the sky, which is the place of the sun. The word barque must not deceive us. Are we not talking about a spaceship? It is.

The sun in question is not the one we know. It is a large spherical vessel, a mother vessel. It casts such bright light on the Earth that we forget the pale glow of our star. It is of considerable size, that of a small planet. It has four continents, four islands separated by four inlets. For Hinduism, it can house 30 million devas…


The Ship of Paradise

Where was this fresco? In the tomb of Sennedjem. The Egyptians knew that the divine “boat” was sailing in the sky. And all believers also know that heaven is in heaven. Ancient Egypt cultivated this belief, taken up by many religions, that after the death of the body the spirit would be welcomed on the boat of the gods. In modern language, on the mother ship of the supermen who created us. This is the origin of a myth still widespread: the paradise where souls of the deceased go.

Question: If they knew all this, why do they represent a boat, instead of a flying sphere? Those who painted these frescoes were not witnesses of the Victorious Sun. The coming of Hyperborea happened millenia earlier. The Egyptians have only texts to commemorate this event. Texts without images. Too bad … Hence their naive representations.

I have devoted many articles to this question, which relativizes many naive beliefs while giving us a more realistic and convincing view of the ancient planetary cultures and momentous events that predate our forgetful history. This same sacrilege history ridicules the myths, taking them as naive descriptions of such an incredible past that it remains totally hidden.

Naivety has migrated to all our religions that have made them articles of faith — while professionals of the past still refrain from taking the mythological sources seriously. Too bad. These innumerable and complementary sources have nothing naive, quite the contrary. The naivety is to neglect them.


Ezechiel’s vision — What else is a large spherical, hyper-bright spaceship?


If the light sees a hundred thousand persons, it descends only on the one whose essence is light.