Mystical Vision Of Ancient Giants



Blessed Anne-Catherine Emmerich1774-1824 – or rather Anna Katherina Emmerick – had many visions of the ancient giants. The portrait she draws surprises with its realism and its sense of detail.

“One of Cain’s descendants was Tubalcain, from whom varied arts came, and also the giants. I have often seen that, at the time of the fall of the angels, some of them did not fall as low as the others, and they settled on a very high, solitary, inaccessible mountain, which became a sea during the Deluge. I believe it is the Black Sea.

These rebellious angels could act upon men when they moved away from God. After the Deluge, they left this place and dispersed in the air. It is only at the last judgment that they will be precipitated into hell.

I saw the descendants of Cain become ever more impious and sensual. They came closer and closer to this mountain, and the fallen angels possessed many of their wives. They dominated them and taught them all the arts of seduction.

Their children were very great, had all kinds of gifts and abilities, and made themselves the instruments of evil spirits. Thus, a perverse race was born on this mountain and far in the vicinity, who sought to bring Seth’s descendants into his world of vices, using force and seduction.

It was then that God announced the Flood to Noah, who had to endure terrible torments on the part of this people, while he was building the Ark.




I have seen many things about this giant people: how they dragged enormous rocks very easily up to the top of the mountain, how they climbed higher and higher, how they performed the most astonishing things.

They climbed along the walls or trunks of trees, as I have seen done by other possessed people. They could do all sorts of things, and most amazing ones.

But it was only mockery and artifice, which occurred with the help of the devil. That is why all the magic tricks and all the divinatory arts are also unbearable to me.

They could make all sorts of figures of stone and metal but of the science of God, they had no vestiges and sought anything to worship. I saw that they suddenly began to draw a statue of the proper stone and adore it, or any horrible beast, or even something that represented nothing. They knew everything, saw everything, prepared poison, indulged in sorcery and all vices.

The women discovered the music. I saw them wandering to seduce the best races and draw them into their depravities. I saw that they did not have dwelling houses or towns, but that they built large round towers of mica-like stone at the foot of which were built smaller buildings that led to vast caverns where they celebrated their orgies.




You could walk around the roof of the buildings and walk around the towers and climb to the top of the towers to see the distance through some tubes. They were not like telescopes. But by a satanic process.

They saw where the other countries were, and went there, destroying everything, liberating everything, abolishing all laws; and it was this freedom which they instilled everywhere. I saw that they sacrificed children by burying them alive. God destroyed this mountain during the Deluge.”

Do not be surprised to find this text in the Saga of Eden. That honor belongs to it. Not that I suddenly became a great adept of the cathos and their bailiffs, but for the indisputable quality of vision.

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The Black Mountain

Visionary Emmerich – since she had visions, it is legitimate that I call her clairvoyant — even if she refuses all the magic tricks and all the divinatory arts, which are unbearable to her — where she is, she has to wear this label. The clairvoyant thus furnishes us with details which do not appear in the canonical texts, whose bookish knowledge is reserved for very few researchers, among whom it would be astonishing that she counted.

These rare and even unpublished details are the only ones that merit examination. The result is favorable. Over the course of thirty years of research on these issues, I have arrived at quite similar conclusions. Better still: I was able to corroborate my conclusions with visions obtained by traveling on the timeline.




In all points, these visions are in line with those of Christian mysticism. I do not share the faith, nor the conclusions she draws from her visions, derived from her inventory, her database dominated by the Catholic faith.

Only facts matter. Tubalcain was a blacksmith, a gigantic one. He is derived, not from the gods of the Bible, but from the Cyclops of Greek mythology — from one mythology to another, the bridges are numerous and the comparisons revealing.

To make him the father of the race of giant bastards is simply brilliant. Even if it is only the giants of Palestine, which is not the only spot where the giants reigned. There were some on the whole earth. The Cyclopean constructions, the megaliths and the pyramids, these are their works.

When our mystic was seeing that the giants were climbing along the walls or trunks of trees, it is difficult to imagine the size that these tree trunks must have. No doubt they looked like the Devil’s Tower? These speculations are recent, A. Emmerich was ignorant of everything. Yet she saw right.




When she evokes their villages, with these large stone towers similar to mica, I immediately make the connection with these insulating layers of mica at the foot of the pyramids of Teotihuacan. This mica has been discovered recently, so it is impossible for Emmerich to know about it in her day. Yet she talks about it.

Women discovered music, she tells us. According to a Shivaite tale, Shiva wanted to lighten the great suffering of kali yuga by offering humans a precious gift, unknown until then: music. Another resemblance! Would the Christian clairvoyant have read this tale — yet unknown in her day, because not yet translated into her language?

As for the terrible and solitary Mountain that welcomes the fallen angels, it evokes to be mistaken the vertiginous peak of ancient tales … and modern too.

The ancient Black Mountain, which the deluge will change in the Black Sea. Black mountain, not so much by its dark color, but by the terrible blackness of its hosts, the formidable giants enemies of humans.

Let no one be mistaken. There were also benevolent giants. Maybe the same. The biblical Christian vision is totally integrated with the faith of our clairvoyant who interprets the facts according to her belief.

As we know, clairvoyance and belief rarely combine. The great loser is always objectivity.




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