This Hidden Death

The dead man seizes life, one hears in Brittany, the old chapels with mortuary dwithe parish enclosures and their ossuaries in the open air.


The fear of death? It existed much less in the past, whereas it was seen everywhere. It comes mainly from the efforts we have made to hide it, to disguise it, to lock it up in death graves, to repaint hearses in pastel colors to reassure those who are afraid of the black, in short, to treat us as if we were immortal. Such is this death they’re hiding.


Brain censorship

This death they’re hiding? They? Who are them? Archons, I suppose. Now comes a beautiful absurdity that I have just noted: “How does our brain prevent us from living in the constant fear of death?”

My first reaction is laughter. And right away, consternation. Why would one live in the constant fear of death? If one knows the other world, one is not afraid to stay there after living in it. Only those who believe that the death of the body is also the death of the spirit will live in this fear. This “scientist” confuses science with his personal concerns, related to his beliefs. A bad point for him.

And it goes on! “How our brain avoids us etc.” Our brain doesn’t avoid us anything. It does nothing on its own. As any computer, it follows programs. Who made those programs? That’s the right question— This scientist answer is quite different. Steeped in naivety, molded into bias, a reflection of simplistic beliefs… Yet at first reading, it seems solid. But in fact… Read instead.

The brain does not accept that death is linked to us. According to researcher Yair Dor-Ziderman, ‘We have this primitive mechanism which means that when the brain receives information that connects it to death, something tells us that it is unreliable, so we should not believe it.”

Something tells us? Who? Our almighty brain? Supermarket science is such a pain in the ass.


Damn program!

If you have something in your head, it’s a thought. If something opposes that thought, it’s a program. It evokes quite the dressing, a program that erases or blurs our dreams and our visions too “disturbing”. But on this specific point, our scientist does not blow a word. Eloquent silence or ignorance? I would have liked comments on this suspicious activity of a computer charged to help us and not to mislead us.

Is ostrich politics worthy of a warrior of light? Is it helping us to hide the inevitable? Everything happens as if this program-hide-misery and the fog of dress-up did not come from our brain or from nature –the poor! “but of our masters, those gifted animals who created our material body.” The Archons of Gnosis, authors of our brain and designers of its programs. They are fully responsible of the bugs.


Nowadays, funerals no longer involve a whole village. They are done in a reduced committee.


Surprise party

But our Israeli scientists are a hundred leagues from these concerns. They marvel at the absurdities they have posed. How did they discover this series of evidence?

“Dor-Ziderman and colleagues at Bar Ilan University (Israel) and the Lyon Neuroscience Research Centre reached this conclusion by developing a test designed to produce brain signals related to surprise. volunteers looked at a screen while scientists monitored their brain activity.

They then repeatedly projected images of one face, sometimes their own, onto the screen before changing the image to another face. When the new face blinked, the brain produced signals of surprise because it was not the mental image that the volunteer predicted he would see next.

The researchers also showed words on the screen next to the faces, and half the time the words were related to death, like «funeral» or «burial». When a person saw their own face with one of these death-related words on the screen, their brain’s prediction system would stop and show no surprise signals.” (source)

This test is based on the assumptions of the experimenters. They want censorship, and they get it without any proof of their hypothesis. To see my reel beside the word funeral, yes, it disgusts me. Like all of us in such circumstances.


False perspective

These researchers have just demonstrated an evidence that psychoanalysis teaches since its origin: protective mechanisms censor negative or dangerous information. Not only those that are related to death. But here, we are interested only in what we believe. As a result, there is always an a priori that dictates its law. Whatever the field of investigation, scientific as the protocol, there is always something that distorts the perspective.

In this case, there are many assumptions. These scientists do not ask many questions and settle for answers by too simplistic.

It is true that philosophy is not in their curriculum. While science is only interested in “how?” philosophy addresses the thorny and exciting question of “why?” But that would be too much for this fool. See what he concludes.

“This suggests that we protect ourselves from existential threats, or consciously think about the idea that we will die, by ending predictions about ourselves, or by categorizing information as about other people rather than us.” (source)



Mines of Moria, JRR Tolkien

It is true that philosophy is not in their curriculum. While science is only interested in “how?” philosophy addresses the thorny and exciting question of “why?” But that would be too much for this fool. See what he concludes.

“This suggests that we protect ourselves from existential threats, or consciously think about the idea that we will die, by ending predictions about ourselves, or by categorizing information as about other people rather than us.” (source)



This Israeli scientist is very wrong to mix his beliefs with science. Which is nothing scientific and will rather be intimate conviction or medieval superstition.

His Jewish culture made him think that death is a terminus, since the Jews do not believe in eternal life. So he projects his convictions into an area where they do not have to speak. Moreover, he does so honestly. The methodological reservations I have just raised have never touched on it. So he is going for it.

What he reveals is his lack of methodological rigor, which is enough to ruin the interest of his approach. He shows a childish talent that would have suited a presentation at college, and again!With the back of his pen, he sends existential thinking and spirituality to the wind:

“Obviously, the brain does not make it impossible to contemplate its own mortality, as anyone who has been awake at night thinking about the meaning of life can attest.” (source)

Awake at night! Difficult digestion, dyspepsia, bloating, and we ask the existential questions between two snores! This guy is a genius!! Superficial, he just scratches the surface. That’s enough for him. Not for me. You have to look further if death is there. Let’s go see if there’s death in Moria.French: mort y a


Death explorers

Countless explorers of death, such as the ancient seers, Egyptians, Tibetans, Mexicans, this innumerable cohort of highly spiritualized peoples have dedicated lives to exploring the other face of death. It seems to me that their brains never deterred them from pursuing their quest.

The grey clown knows nothing about them. He holds them primitive, draped in the noble robe of science, and wearing his laurels. He persists and signs. “But at least our biology seems to know that nothing good can come from a person who fixates on the imminence of his death.” (source)

Great example of counter initiation. The guy who says that is convinced to be right, to show wisdom and moderation.

It is quite the opposite. He is wrong, he is neither wise nor moderate and he goes back against the tide of the evolution desired by our creators, which demonstrates at least this: he is perhaps brilliant in his field,I doubt it! the cultural and social context is totally foreign to him. This researcher has no extra-sensory antennas, he lives cut off from the astral world in a lab jar.

What an insult to those who know! Those who to gain this knowledge have braved death and have the modesty to be forgotten. Our world is split in two. Those who know are silent. Those who know nothing are spreading their ignorance. Who do you think the damn science honors? And to whom is the recognition of all?

Stop! I’ll stop. I think I’ll puke.



Tricky maze

No one wants to die. Weak beings, therefore fragile, have an interest in their brains hiding that they are mortal. Only for them did the researcher come up with this unfortunate sentence. But he forgets strong beings, those who want to surpass themselves, those who take life as a springboard that should allow them to bounce back and reach… something else, these have everything to lose to remain in ignorance. Their mortality is a real chance of awakening, a guarantee of progress.

I wrote this other article some time ago, Your death for advisor. I also mentioned more recently the two guides who lead you through the trap maze of human existence: You, your double, your death. I invite you to read them so as not to repeat myself.


Facing death

Throughout your life, your own death follows you some distance behind your left shoulder. She knows how to be forgotten. If you don’t care about her, your whole life will ignore her precious advice. She alone can give you the key to yourself and the reason for your incarnation. But few men have the courage to turn around.

It’s in your best interest to face your death. It is not a question of morbidity, the impeccable warriors are funny beings, who never miss an opportunity to laugh out loud. When you read Castaneda’s books or my own articles, you understand. The sad, the stiff, the stuck, the frigid, the keblo, the losers and other stale rusks do not have a warrior atom in their dead body. And not just their bodies. They were born dying. By heart and spirit, they are already dead. That is why they fear death more than anything, more than us, and their unhealthy contagion is gradually gaining the whole of society.

What can a man have apart of his life and his death? (Carlos Castaneda)


Good question

We should ask ourselves the right questions, like the one that opens this clause. Our brain like any computer needs programs to function. Who made these programs? I hear you here invoking nature. I don’t think so. Nature is a non-existent abstraction. It just follows the physical laws. Everything deteriorates. Rust, rot, disease, degradation, destruction, this is the natural work.

It’s not nature that makes babies, it’s living things. Moms. They don’t know how to do it, but their bodies know it. Their settler manages all that. He just has to follow the program. But who did those programs?

Death is an unpleasant thing, and yet it exists. It is inevitable. So why is our brain hiding it? Because he’s obeying a program that tells him to do it. One more. Once and for all, who did these programs? 

Nature does not know how to make computer programs, since it is an abstraction. A symbol. What does that mean? Not much… Abstraction and symbol are suitcase words that serve to hide our ignorance of the real causes.



Gnosis answer

Like this Israeli researcher, I am unable to give a scientific answer. Unlike him, I know that science cannot help us in the face of death. I will therefore turn to the death explorers I mentioned earlier. In this field, they are the most qualified.

The Gnostics of the early centuries of our era collected valuable information about our origin. They compiled Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian and probably more distant beliefs. They themselves experienced war situations that put them in intimate contact with the afterlife… if it exists!

Here is what they exhibit in the manuscripts of Nag Hammadi or the scrolls of the Dead Sea. According to them, we were created by two distinct entities: the Prince of Darkness and his Archons on the one hand, the Mother Goddess and his Archangels on the other. The first are the masters of matter. They shaped our physical body in clay.

So the first Adams came into being: animals, droids in the spirit was rough, with a rather successful body. The result seduced the Goddess who gave them a supra consciousness. An immortal soul. It can do so because it emanates from the Plerôme, place where the creative gods are.


Gifted animals

The Archons are not creative gods, but simple animals. Very intelligent, but animals all the same. Their mastery applies only to mechanical matter. Their mind remains attached to matter. They gave us this crude mind. It programs our brains.

Without the supra consciousness, gift of the Goddess, we would be like them. Three-quarters of humanityMore, I guess! does not use supra consciousness. Our humanity is therefore made up of a majority of animals that will die while dying.

“If you don’t die while you are alive, you will die while dying” (Motto of the Teutonic Knights)


That is their choice. We all have it. Let us measure its importance.



The past time is gone and the future is not / And the present languishes between life and death / In short, death and life are at all times similar.
Jean-Baptiste Chassignet