Planet Of Giants


There was a time when giants ruled the earth. These kings had tiny subjects to serve them, same size as ours: they were our ancestors.

The hypothesis of prehistoric giants is nothing eccentric. It is supported by scientific data that make think. A researcher of the last century puts again mythologies and archaeological facts in the balance.

A 13-feet tall man, it’s high. But a 40-feet tall giant, it’s amazing. Here is the skeleton of a 40-feet tall giant. Unfortunately, it’s only a sculpture. Obviously, to check out every hoax is quite a challenge. But all the informations can’t be bullshit.

A big 800-page book, “Forbidden Archeology”, written by Michael Cremo, cites hundreds of cases of that type. Supposing half the cases as mock, what makes a lot, still 400 pages could be trusted. Why are the archeologists looking elsewhere ?

How long will it take until they see what’s up ? Giants are exiting myths to set up in the past. A past not so long ago. To those who think that our recent history can’t hide such scoops, we suggest to go and see how certain people used electric lamps in ancient Egypt, or in France during Renaissance.

Or how the existence of flying machines is testified in antique India and in Mesopotamia under the reign of Solomon and even closer to us, in England, during 17th century.

A researcher of the last century reframes mythologies and archeological facts. I have presented his research, I myself here to summarize his thesis moons. According to this researcher, the earth would have had several moons, each corresponding to a geological era moon. Then the moon is destroyed, and the earth awaits a new celestial body passes near enough to be captured by its attraction.




When the moon is large, or when it is closest to the Earth, the Earth’s gravity decreases. While all living things grow. When the moon moves away, or when it is destroyed, the Earth’s gravity becomes unbearable for large beings who languish and disappear. This original thesis did not meet with the audience it deserved, because the author has developed other too bold hypotheses that have discredited a little fast.

“The giant telescopes and the satellites are doing efficiently their job of detective of space. They just confirmed recently (in 1964) a law of celestial mechanics discovered by the French scientist Roche in 1850: the natural satellite of a planet cannot without danger approach it at a distance inferior to 2.75 times its diameter. It has been verified for an asteroid revolving around Mercury, and one can prophesy with certainty that the satellites of Mars are living their last moments.”

A century later, they still turn around Mars, but their fall is expected to achieve in the coming centuries … the satellites being about at 2.767 radii from the planet.

“Our moon still has a fairly long life line, being at 170 radii from Earth, but Mr. Danjon, director of the Paris Observatory, however, thinks it runs the risk (and threatens us!) of crashing on us one day.” (source)Michel Cargèse, quoted by Robert Charroux in Histoire Inconnue des hommes depuis cent mille ans Unless a cosmic accident causes it to resume its course in space, the fate of a satellite is to crash on its planet. As the fate of any planet is to crash on its star…

With each orbit it comes closer. “Our distant ancestors, according to tradition, have experienced disaster resulting from the crash of a satellite on the Earth. This satellite was revolving only a few radii away, exerting a considerable attraction on the Earth and determining the gigantism of the nature and the man whose size was four meters.”




Four meters for the last giants. The size of our distant ancestors was much larger, according to tradition Cyclops were 53 meters tall.

Who else could be stacked monolith of 200 tons on a small pyramidal rock? Do not think whether it is a natural phenomenon, only naive geologists can support it. But for a giant 53 meters, the thing is a game of skill.

The devas of ancient India had a similar size, that of a 20-story building. “Because of the relatively low gravity, objects were much less weighty, the blood rhythm easier, there was less fatigue for the entire body and the man then enjoyed an extraordinary longevity. He had a more developed brain and faculties which caused him to acquire a knowledge different from ours.” (source)Michel Cargèse, quoted by Robert Charroux,One Hundred Thousand Years Of Man’s Unknown History 

Longevity, better oxygenation of the brain, here are the conditions of Eden. All we lack to become gods again.

“The construction of giant cities and the transport of monoliths weighing thousands of tons – Machu Picchu, Tiwanaku, Baalbeck, Teotihuacan, Giza etc. – can easily be explained, both by the titanic force of men and the use of their scientific knowledge.” (source)Michel Cargèse, quoted by Robert Charroux, One Hundred Thousand Years Of Man’s Unknown History Of course. And the extraordinary complexity of cyclopean blocks of the cities of the Andes, some weighing several dozens of tons do not count less than 20 edges, also finds its justification.

It was necessary that the construction resists the crazy attraction of a moon very close to the earth.

The dovetail edges and the unbelievable mass of the blocks barely slowed the final attraction of the satellite just before it crashed on Earth. Everything was flying at that time, the problem was to come back on the ground, as the moon was pulling everything towards it. This allows us to date the Andean constructions of the very end of the Tertiary period, ie there are one million five hundred thousand years. It might even be it the previous moon.

To build Sacsayhuaman or to move the monolith of Baalbec, they must be at least four meters high. And if we were twelve meters high, it is even easier. Cyclops of 53 meters would have better served the purpose. The Cyclops gave their name to the cyclopean constructions. These 53 meters high super-humans were extinguished after the disappearance of the second moon, which crashed at the end of the Mesozoic, 65 million years ago.

In short, if I may say the cities of the Andes have already seen thousands of civilizations. The Incas have nothing to do with it. Neither the civilization before them, it was far far ago. Tiahuanaco was already there at the time of dinosaurs. As for the archaeologists, they prepare a stake for heretics like myself. I advise them to burn their unsaleable books, so that they can finally serve their cause. Forget them, they do not even deserve the anti-interest that I am to them.




Do you want to know how the Giants ended?


If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things. (Rene Descartes)


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