Not only angels have sex, but when they use with human, trouble! They procreate a line of monstrous, cruel and bloodthirsty bastards called the Nephilim.

Patriarch Enoch witnessed great things. Abducted by the Elohim and their Angels, he was familiar with the Watchmen, these experts in astronomy. He saw how some Angels couldn’t resist the beauty of women, to the point that they desired them. So they decided to descend on earth to do their shopping among women. Before tasting the pleasures of flesh with these cute sexy new creatures, the angels said to each other:

“Shemyaza, we make the oath, we swear to thee that we will really do it. We will not change our mind.” Then they swore all together. They were two hundred in all. They descended upon Ardis, the summit of Mount Hermon. All these angels left heaven to watch the women in order to choose them. And they made love with them. After, they taught them all sorts of secrets, such as for example spells, incantations, the art of cutting the roots or the arboriculture. Then the women became pregnant and began to give birth to children who became giants. Growing up, they devoured all the work of men until the latter can no longer feed them. So the giants turned against men for food. Then they hunted birds, beasts, fishes, reptiles and eventually devoured each other and drank their own blood. At that time the Earth reacted against these despicable beings.” (Source)Book of Enoch, ch. 6, 7

That’s it. The gods have a sexuality, they make love to each other, everything is good. But if they decide to fornicate with the human girls, there it is forbidden. Why? That is because sex is impure, concluded the humans. Our bodies are unworthy of the gods. While it is quite the contrary: the angels are fond of us. The body is the most beautiful creation, love is the purest feeling, sexual taboos come from people without love.




A heart dry goes with a tight ass. For the former gods , the cause of prohibition was not a matter of moral but of security: such a blend would have adverse consequences for the humans. This was the case: from the union of angels and women were born hybrids with a cruel ferocity of beasts, the Nephilim. The gods were devastated.

Their meticulous genetic creation was compromised by the sensuality of the fallen angels! Angel genes apparently do not mix well with ours and the former gods knew it. According to the thesis of Hoerbiger and Bellamy –the scenario of the successive moons explaining the gigantism on our planet– we can replace these events in some fairest perspective. The race before, our creators that the Greeks called the Titans, had gigantic size and great knowledge. They created us for their work to go on. Long before they made us, they realized that the crash of the previous moon was going to tremendously increase gravity.  

From then on, they knew that their earthly reign would end soon. They have made arrangements to reach more favorable planetary systems, but they could not resolve to abandon all the work they had already done on Earth. Thus came the idea to create another race, in all respects similar to theirs, but very small, to cope with the new gravity. Their best geneticists have made us in vitro.

The giant gods took care to educate us
to provide us with, in a quick way,
the largest share of their vast knowledge.




 Oral teaching through stories they have designed for our use, the myths. Teaching written, drawn, engraved in stone, set in the arrangement of standing stones, in the orientation of dolmens, in the architecture of Cyclopean monuments. And then they left. To leave behind them a new race of hybrid cruel giants would have had catastrophic consequences, and the gods who know everything knew it. This is why the Law forbade any sexual intercourse with human females. What the gods feared happened: the Nefilim, hybrid giants, crushed by a gravity that made them really suffer, soon became irritable, cruel monsters.

Men begged the gods to get rid of the Nefilim. To preserve their work, ie human species, the gods began to exterminate these very large parasites. But what a job! The monsters had taken refuge in the depths of the earth where gravity is lower. They could withstand years, forcing the men to feed them with human flesh.

Then the gods had the brilliant idea to drown them like rats in the bottom of their holes. They blew up a few atomic bombs under the giant glaciers and ice sheets, it ended the last ice age, accelerated melting, the flood happened, some 12 000 years ago, all the caves were drowned, all the giants died. True or false, the scenario makes sense. In their wisdom, the gods wanted to avoid what had happened eons before.

That’s why they put this sex prohibition between angels and women. And this is how our ancestors have misinterpreted a divine law. This is the origin of the overwhelming Judeo-Christian complex on the body and sexuality. In their paranoia, humans believed they were rejected by the gods.




But the desire remains very strong that unites us to our creators. A desire mixed with shame: “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you but just say a word and my soul shall be healed.” My body is unworthy of you, O Lord, but I am your humble servant, said little Marie in front of Gabriel.

That is the story. Oui. C’est la vie.


Eve or Eva says EUA in Maya which means isolate, separate.
Humbatz Men