The Gods’ Farewell



If we are not the result of a mechanistic evolution, we have not been either created by God. We weren’t created: we have been made … which is quite different. Our designers are not the Living One, whom we all carry within.

We were designed by bright geneticians. They didn’t create us, they were only demiurges, ie pseudo-gods – as we soon will be. Their history is well known, since most of archaic traditions tell it. Their end is evoked clearly, but so distracted as we are , we did not notice it!

 In the Aztec tradition, Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent stayed some time among humans before leaving “because he was homesick and longed for his country.” 

He walked to the Atlantic ocean, he embarked on a raft of snakes and he returned to the east, whence he came.

Where has he returned now that Atlantis was engulfed? In Europe? One may think so, since he is a white god. He wanted to see his family again …

In the Mayan version Kukulkan the Serpent fights with another god, Huitzilopochtli, the Smoking Mirror, who replaces Kukulkan at the head of Mayas.

In the Inca tradition, Viracocha the Sea Foam has left the country of the peaks and ran to the north. Another version claims that he has returned to the foam of the sea from where he had come formerly. 

Was it to reach the Quetzalcoatl-Kukulkan in Mexico? In the Iranian version, the god-fish Oannes went back in the water from where he had come.

One day, he dove as he did every evening, to spend the night at the bottom of the sea. But he never reappeared.

In the Dogon tradition, the god-fish had come out of a lake and he returned there. In the Inca version, Sea Foam had also come out of a lake.

In the Sumerian version, the oldest of all, the Serpent People went back to the stars, whence they came. But the god creator of men, Enki, was killed by his brother Enlil.

In the Egyptian version, Osiris-God was killed by his son (or brother) Seth Then he was reincarnated in his posthumous son Horus In the Biblical version, we must admit that Yahveh also left us. 

There was a time when he was talking with the prophets, priests and kings like EnochMoses or Solomon. It seems this is not the case anymore. Now, Yahveh keeps quiet. “Get ready,” says Jesus, “because He will come back.” Which clearly means that He is gone too. Like all His friends. Why have the gods left us? Did they return home, in the distant stars, or are they simply dead? In the Greek version, Prometheus, our creator, does not leave this planet, nor die. He is just a victim of a gangland killing between divine mafiosi. The new padrone, Zeus, must punish his nephew as an example.

He chains him to a rock “in this country, end of the world, deep in the Scythian Plains” (source)Aeschylus, Prometheus Chained, translation: Jean-Claude Devictor where he meets his punishment: an eagle will endless devour his liver, which will endless grow again. Until a man arrives, called Herakles who delivers him without caring much about the will of Zeus almighty. 

For the ancient Greeks, God needs humans. For the rest of the world, humans need God – not a usurper, but the true One, who is is inside of everyone.

The question could be formulated this way: is it possible that God has survived until today? No, according to Nietzsche. “God is dead,” he clearly claims. Ancient Egyptians went even further: God has died 12,000 years ago, they added. That is why we get such a mess down here. Anyway, the answer is in the question. If God is dead, then he is mortal. And if he is mortal, he is not God. Nietzsche is right, we do not want a usurper. 

Let’s be clear. This matter of religion is too important to be debated.

Religious faith, too often, is accompanied by bad faith. Some internal evidence must remain in the intimate sphere. The sacred belief is a pure personal matter.

The Amerindians are very surprised by the theological disputes that separate our religions. In their view of the world, these issues concern each individual and are never discussed, not even mentioned. No doubt we are too difficult to be true. Too old to be pure. Too stupid to be saved … Religion binds people, the religions separate them. Like killing in the name of the Source? Whoever preaches the death of God inaugurates a new religion, even worse. Nietzsche was the victim of a terrible confusion that drove him mad. The false gods that have made us may be dead, big deal! The Living, him, can not die.

“The three monotheisms, driven by the same death wish, share the same contempts: hatred of reason and intelligence; hatred of freedom, hatred of all the books in the name of one, hatred of life; hatred of sexuality, women and pleasure; hatred of feminine, hatred of the bodies, desires, impulses. Instead of this, Judaism, Christianity and Islam defend: faith and belief, obedience and submission, the taste of death and passion of the afterlife, the asexual angel and chastity, virginity and monogamous fidelity, wife and mother, the soul and spirit. In other words, the crucified life and nothingness celebrated…” (source)Michel Onfray

We have lived this again and again, this old pattern is worn out to the frame.


Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call, don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall. (Bob Dylan)


Way for youth! Yet let us not fall from Charybdis to Scyllatwo sea monsters of Greek mythology, located on both sides of the Strait of Messina. Intolerance will express in new religions, less human, even harsher.

Who needs a God anyway ? Not me. 


Nice sky, true sky, look at me changing
Paul Valéry