Non-Ordinary Reality


Non ordinary reality. It comes up very often in the stories of Castaneda. We can guess what it designates. For the nagual warrior, there are two realities, the ordinary and the other which –when in it– seems more real than the first. Yes, beyond the ordinary reality the super-reality can be reached out.

meta perception

Super reality, hyper reality, transcendent reality, beyond, nirvana, none of these words are part of the Castanian vocabulary. Juan Matus, Carlos Castaneda’s benefactor, defines this other reality as a non-something. We are clearly in the realm of non-doing, non-acting. Our daily life is saturated with deeds and gestures, empty words and empty facts which monopolize our mind and which through it poison our hearts and our lives. The daily decor hangs on a thread that meta-perception can cut sharply. Then the puppets collapse. The paint is peeling. The masks are falling.

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle defined the highest part of philosophy: metaphysics, from the ancient Greek meta fusika, beyond physics. In the same way, we call meta-perception all the non-sensory acquisitions: subtle perception, transmission of emotions, visions, thoughts … The visionary, the seer, the prophet, the fortune teller, the tarot printer, the fortune-teller, the sorcerer and many other specialists of the unknown practice this meta-perception on a daily basis. Some practice it continually.

For my part, I spend most of my time there. Never on order though. These are always unplanned moments.

 pc unplug

Our civilization is running on its head. See how the head imposes its law. Head does everything, understands everything, decides everything. And this dictatorship of the head has largely damaged contact with the body. I will therefore speak first of the mental state which allows meta-perception. The Middle Ages spoke of infused science, the cabalists know absolute knowledge, the alchemists evoke divine sapience, the esotericists mention the Akashic annals where the seeker of truth finds all the answers to his questions. For me, it is non-thought thinking. For Castaneda, immediate knowledge. So many labels on the same bottle. What happens in the process of immediate knowledge? There is no process. All of a sudden, it happens by itself.

No need to rack your brain, put your minds together, mobilize your memories, recall facts or readings, reason, think, think, none of that, it’s immediate. In a flash, the answer appears in luminous letters on the interior screen, we have nothing to do but read the giant teleprompter. It’s mental, yes, but without a computer. The brain does nothing – except read the flash and understand the message. There is no thought from the warrior of light. He receives a flash from elsewhere. He didn’t think, he was thought. It exists only in the thought of an almighty god. It has no other existence than that of a video game avatar. It may be our truth, human friends.




Non-thought comes from a smarter being who wants us well. Of course, it can also be described as a subtle modification of the position or orientation of the assemblage point. But in that case, let’s ask the question: who is moving my assemblage point? Juan Matus gives an answer. The warrior achieves this on his own, if he has stored up enough personal power.

Okay, you hear well. Even if you’re not sure what exactly self power is, and how the Warrior stores it. I suggest you another hypothesis to explain immediate knowledge. At the speed of thought – that is to say absolute instantaneity – knowledge is received by your neo-cortex and understood by your brain. There is no building effort on your part. No reasoning, no recourse to memory, just a flash, a dazzling truth at the speed of light.

This is how an experience of non-thought, of immediate knowledge can be described. We know. We don’t know how we know, we don’t know where we could have learned it, we don’t understand how it just arose in our mind, in any case one thing is certain and certain: we know. And we are not mistaken.

Why ? Because this response, this flash, this vision comes from higher and more powerful than you. You accept it as obvious, because it is obvious. You don’t ask yourself where the vision came from. All that matters is the certainty of having been right, of having conquered a new particle of truth, a new piece of the puzzle that you are here to complete. And there is still work …

parabolic antenna

The flash is an epidermal reaction to the evidence of the vision that my brain has just sent me. Few people feel it. So much the better, we must not attach too much importance to it. This phenomenon should not distract the heart from the enigma: knowledge is received by the neo-cortex and understood by the brain. The neo-cortex is the newer part of the brain.

In Castaneda’s description of consciousness, our aura – which he calls luminosity – is a perfect copy of the multiverse. By moving the assemblage point there, the Warrior of Light manages to change appearance, location, planet and universe if necessary. He can thus become a child, a woman, an animal, a monster, a draft, a blazing inferno and a host of things that the Bible is full of, like other mythologies. Still magic today, it will be tomorrow’s evidence … even for the most retrograde science.

Now the question is this: how is the information of our luminosity captured by our intelligence? Supposition: what if the neo-cortex was used for just that: to ensure the interface between the immaterial aura and the body of matter? This junction is essential. It passes through the natural interface between matter and energy, namely the subtle body. For ideas, thoughts, as well as acting data, say magical, such as physical transformation, teleportation, etc. it may well be that the orders are passing from the aura to the brain through the neo-cortex.

The neo-cortex is the most recent part of the brain in terms of evolution. It forms a sort of convex parabolic cap, more enveloping than the kippah, which covers the back and top of the brain. If this kippah were concave, it would form a parabolic antenna. The similarity struck me. I concluded that the role of the neo-cortex was to receive the myriads of information circulating in our luminosity, in order to transmit them to the brain. So much so that I feel it subtly with great clarity. I stop time to observe the details of the process.


So, to the question “who speaks to me?”, We can already answer: my luminosity. My aura. My soul, since it must be called by its name. And who speaks to my soul? Intelligent entities of great power. Do they want me well? Yes it is certain. Do they make me feel good? Not always. Sometimes they rectify a fault or bad behavior, it can hurt. We don’t always have what we want, sings Mick Jagger, but we always have what we need.

The question of the pilot remains. Who is really running the machine of my body? My brain is part of the body, it is also matter – who makes it work? Who sparks ideas there? The answer remains open, I have nothing more to suggest. All I can say, in conclusion, our thoughts come from our aura, and not from the brain, which is just a receiver – it interprets, like any pc. Without its program, the pc doesn’t work. Neither does the brain. Who made its program? Another currently insoluble enigma.



Who has my ideas before me? Who watches me act and corrects things as they go? My aura. My brightness. The spiritual part of my being, which does not contain dense matter, and which must use the subtle body or astral body to commune with the physical body. One last question remains. Who sends the data to the aura? While waiting for one to denounce oneself, I’m afraid we should stick to speculation. So I’ll let you do yours.