Pre-diluvian Peoples

For our historians, everything happens as if civilization had started in Antiquity, from the year -5000. It means to ignore all the civilizations which preceded this period, Atlanteans, Hyperboreans, Böns of Tibet, Pre-Incas, Olmecs, Lemurs of the Indian Ocean, People of Mu in the Pacific Ocean, Peoples of the Sea

…and among them the Black people, first conqueror of the planet, civilizer, builder, educator of the red skin, white skin and yellow skin savages of America, Europe and Asia.

Science v Ignorance

The pre-flood civilization is not a myth. The Peoples before the flood (-10500) were the masters of this planet following the supermen of space, their creators – therefore ours. If we take the trouble to go back to this past, below the year -10 000, we discover a civilized world, most often peaceful, close to nature and yet mastering advanced techniques and technology comparable to ours .
Science 0 Ignorance 1

There is a delirium that has always made me laugh: is there extraterrestrial life? No, but what naivety! How can we doubt it? There is life everywhere. What unfathomable pride to imagine that you are the only ones in the universe! At this level pride becomes foolishness. And I am very ashamed to belong to the race of those pretentious people. Sad farters. So much they are idiots, it splashes me. This gross bullshit dirties everything in its path. We line up against the walls to let the storm pass.
Science 0 Ignorance 2

In the same genre, I know another delirium shared by too many scientists and other gullible people: we are the first humans to reach this level of knowledge and civilization. But no, you idiots. We are not at all the first, neither for that nor for anything else. We’re the last ones, that’s what we are. A little modesty, a lot of humility, and a good kick in the ass of the fucking dominant ego.
Science 0 Ignorance 3

Before or After the Flood

When we see the Olmecs, this very ancient people of Meso America, who possessed advanced knowledge not only in astronomy, but in interplanetary navigation, we suddenly feel very small, and all stupid in our ridiculous sufficiency. Yes, infinite space is infinitely inhabited. Yes, life is everywhere, and beings much smarter than us are in control.
Science 0 Ignorance 4

It will be necessary to shout it on the roofs of America, in the streets and on the tracks of Africa, in the expanses of Asia, on the islands of Oceania, it will have to be brought into the European noggin. Black skin was created first, with a high concentration of melanin to resist the particularly destructive solar rays in these remote times.
Science 0 Ignorance 5


Skin Colours

The white skins would not have resisted it. They came last, after the blues, reds and yellows. Blue skins were the noble race. The chosen race. Direct heir to the gods before, reptilian type. Aristocracy drawing its origin from the sperm or the divine matrix.

The blue race disappeared without leaving any traces other than the reference to blue blood to designate the aristocracy, a reference that is found in many cultures. It is said that the blues mingled with the yellow skins to make the black skins: Levantines, Indios Amerindians, etc. But I hardly believe it …

What I believe, on the other hand, and with all my being, is in the supremacy of black skin in this pre-flood period. Blacks were the first population of this planet – as far as our humanity is concerned, the last to date.

Coming from Africa, blacks populated Europe, Asia and the Americas. Melanesian negroid lineages have spread to Oceania. The epic of the Sudeans has so much in common with the odyssey of Rama that I come to wonder if Rama was black … I guess he was indeed.

We remember this bold hypothesis put forward on the Celts and Vikings of Antiquity: were they black? We remember the original Buddha who appears on Indian statues with black skin and frizzy hair … The original Buddha who is none other than Rama himself.

Rama the Black civilized Europe, Africa and Asia. As for the Americas, Pathé Diagne showed how we find evidence of the presence of blacks of the Negroid type throughout the American continent. And these traces predate the alleged discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

The First Race

The black people made themselves master of this planet at a time when the eye of history does not cover: in the midst of protohistory. Why be surprised? The black race was the first to populate the earth. Lucy and Toumai were black. Civilization was initially black. The first pharaohs were black. The racialism of the Egyptologists classifies this period in the category of myths, which excludes them from their discipline and exempts them from any examination …
Science 0 Ignorance 6

There are two histories: the official history, lying ; then the secret history, where are the true causes of events. (Honoré de Balzac)

Three key questions

History is the main lie. Opening our eyes to our past is the surest way to remember ourselves. The philosopher is a sort of sage who asks himself the eternal fundamental questions: Who are we? Where do we come from ? Where are we going ?

Answering these three questions is the subject of all reflection, all meditation, all initiation, all wisdom. However, they must first be put back in order.

Where do we come from ? is the key to Who are we? As long as the lie about our origins is the dominant religion, researchers like me will be considered eccentric and will therefore only reach a very small proportion of the human population. When we remember where we came from, we will know who we are and can decide where we want to go.

Ancient Black Supremacy

Just as institutionalized lying erased the memory of the Matriarchs and the Matriarchy, so too, and for analogous reasons, the supremacy of the Black People has been deeply crushed by the racism and racialism of white and yellow alike.

So I ask the question: were all the people before the flood black? No, not all. On the other hand, all the civilized and developed Pre-diluvian peoples were certainly so. The whites were hunter-gatherers operating on instinct, with a way of life close to the animal. All the civilizational progress of protohistory is due to the black people. Crafts, metallurgy, architecture, sculpture, arts and techniques of fishing, hunting, the first rudiments of agriculture and breeding, weaving, sewing, pottery and all the arts of fire, cooking and going from raw to cooked, etc.

Thus we can consider that the great initiators of protohistory were mostly blacks. I named these peoples at the beginning of the article, I give the non-exhaustive list: Atlanteans, Hyperboreans, Böns of Tibet, Pre-Incas and other peoples of the Andes, Olmecs and other peoples of Meso America, Lemurs and Pontics from the Indian Ocean, People of Mu and other peoples of the Pacific Ocean, Peoples of the Sea, all were Negroid lineages.


The truth looks like these Russian dolls, we think we hold it, but there is a double bottom. Belief or disbelief does not change the truth. It is eternal and unchanging – or not. Is it modified by time which degrades everything? It’s possible. Even probable.

What I have just told you, I believe it absolutely, totally, resolutely. But at the same time, I don’t believe it at all and urge you to do the same. To believe without believing is the wisdom of virtues.