The State Of Nature

“I hate travels and explorers, such are the first words of the most famous book of Claude Levi-Strauss,who was an explorer himself and spent his life traveling away. Travellers always export their believes and principles, even if it means destroying others.

Obviously primitive people live no more in the Golden Age. If they are much nearer to nature than we are, remember they live in Kali Yuga, in the Age of Iron, as we do.

Now that Rousseau is dead, no one still believe that Golden Age was the age of the Noble Savage. For the record, the myth of the Noble Savage dated 18th century. Denis Diderot explained it in his Encyclopedia. It takes its origin in the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau who argued that the human being is born noble and good, and that it is society that corrupts and makes bad.

This thesis seems a bit simple, even simplistic. Yet its success is not dead with Rousseau. First return of myth in the 1970s, when the western side has ceased to be a cowboy to spend Indian side, with Little Big Man for example.

Then the hippie, organic and vegan movements accentuated the process. Is that what is good in nature. Long live the wild, long live organic, hip-hip-hip healthy, we love wild camping, it was the prehistory of Club Med, without Les Bronzés but with Jeremiah Johnson and Dersu Uzala.

Taking the risk to shock fans, I can’t imagine that our species started in savagery. I know that the official theory asserts it, but this argument is false. It is based on a misunderstanding, the fake myth of progress. Our saga shows such a decline! The Historians do not look in the right direction. We must go back in time to find the age of wonders.

We have been mothered, brought up, educated by superior beings, that our mythologies have named gods, and that the modern era has transformed into a single god. Considerable error. If it is possible to admit that the human species is the result of genetic manipulation carried out by scientists from elsewhere, it seems anti-scientific and presumptuous to say that the only god, the source being, could have come to us for our beautiful eyes. Wouldn’t he have something else to fuck, the Big One? What excessive pride in the short-lived little beings that we are!

A very ancient civilization, extremely powerful on the scientific and technological planes leaned on our cradle. This explains a good bundle of missing links in Darwinian evolution. They created us developed and developers, skillful and dressed. Our first ancestors lived in flying cities. The decline happened when the “gods” left.

This is why the ultimate development of our species lies at its origin. Then time and erosion have done their work, in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics, entropy or degradation. If the energy is conserved, any organization degrades. Those who still believe in human progress would do well to study the matter. If you want to find advanced technological development, you have to go back in time, again and again. As long as we find barbarism, we haven’t gone far enough.

As early as Bronze Age, and even earlier, we can find traces of technical development. During Silver Age, 8 millenia before, development was even superior. The further we go back into the past, the more visible becomes the technology of the gods. Therefore our today’s primitive people look like rescued people after any total disaster, forced to go back to the wild life. The state of nature is not the first step, as the false Theory of Evolution made us think. These fake primitive might well be “seconditive” people.

And we would be “thirditive” ones, or more.

They got Mad Max’ effect. Back to nature, tribal solidarity, collective help to the weak and young ones. But no tax, no central government, no law, no order maintened by force. That is their choice, all agreed, according to their genes’ memory. They have never forgotten.

While we are all amnesic about our origins, they remember that development leads to slavery. They know that to offer high technology and a shocking luxury to a happy-few, let’s call them Gods, millions of poor workers must sweat and starve.

No, Papoos won’t play the fool, they deserve a better life, and they know it. They prefer their freedom. They refuse to play any part in our mechanical society, they don’t want to become a barometer- frog, guard dog, wheel-turning squirrel, plow horse or performing monkey.

While the rich few, Gods and giants enjoy a dream life, paying analyst and coach to exorcise their intimate nitemares. In vain, obviously. Until the day when Gods will start a new Big Bang. Which will bring us back to square one: all savages.

“If you only knew how many apocalypses we avoided.” These girls know it. Some of us believe that primitive people are witnesses. But what do the witnessed anyway? Former Gods were developed people. No doubt that Prediluvians Gods, excellent scientists, keen on high technology,have but a far resemblance with Papoos, Indios or Masais. Therefore a link that united them all is broken betweeen us.The link is called shamanism. It reveals the Time of Dream. It implies the quest for visions.

It shows the power of spirit that we could see, identical, with every primitive people, as long as they keep their roots and power.

There are wild animals and domestic ones. Between a wild goose and a domestic goose, nothing to compare. Wild geese are the higher birds, flying next to the sun. In their migratory flights, some of them fly over the top of the world, Himalaya mountains. While farm geese don’t fly, they clumsily twist their ass in the most pleasant manner.  For men, it is the same. Bushmen, Masais or Aborigens are wonderful wild men. Authentic and genuine ones. Next to Mother Earth.

They still have everything we lost, we domestic men. Primary Mother Earth, see what they did to your children. Sumerian genesis yet tells us that we were created and manufactured by more powerful beings who needed labor. The human being is domestic in nature. wild is the result of an evolution, it is the realization that technology is not necessarily the key to happiness.

Dispose freely of our time and of our dreams, that’s what we envy in the state of nature. 

The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy, a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not dream of escape. A system of slavery where, through consumption and entertainment, slaves would love their servitude. 

Today we talk too much about human rights instead of recalling human duties.
Alain Daniélou