The Folds Of Time


You, Enoch, have made a commitment to help and assist the expedition of the Argonauts. Our mission has not changed: release Titan Prometheus. See how the Golden Fleece pierced his body. What do you propose to bring him out of this dreadful situation?

– Friend Jason, it’s not only about saving Prometheus, but also about saving ourselves from this deadly trap. Let’s take the time to look at the avalaible opportunities. No need to haste, I turned the Argos time lever on the fixed time position, which allows us to observe the black guards motionless, while their flying machines appear frozen in the sky above us. For Prometheus, this suspended time offers a respite that he has not known for ages. If we remain indefinitely in this position, the guards could never reach us, but we could never liberate the crucified Titan as well. So Argos will keep us there just the time it takes to fix our action plan.

Listen to my proposal. We will act on the Golden Fleece and on Prometheus by projecting both in the past. Argos is a chronoscaphe. It allows its passengers to travel in time. But as you can see right now, its range of action covers its immediate environment up to 200 meters away. Thus a washer of space can change time according to the setting of Argos temporal controls. In manual control, I will have to go back in time until Prometheus arrives here, already condemned but still free. Then the Argonauts will master the black guards so that the Titan is safe. It will be as if the Titan’s crucifixion had never took place. His help is ours. The strength of this Titan is worth ten warriors.

The rest is simple: we will regain the present time in a distant desert, and from there, after making sure that we are not followed, we will win with Prometheus the palace of the Goddess who awaits her with great impatience. All this will happen in masked time, I will return to the present time just when we left it.

Jason approves of my plan, but I feel like a shadow on him. In his chafouin air, he meditates a treachery. Or not ? I put his grimace on the account of the hazardous battle that is preparing and I do not think about it anymore. There was my mistake. The deceit had hatched another plan that I was about to discover.

The first part of my program went off without a hitch. I set the dial of the chronoscaphe on the distant time when Prometheus was condemned by Zeus. It was enough for me to pass in manual to arrive slowly to the point where the big silhouette of the Titan is cut out on the mountains of Arkaim. All Argonauts are at their posts. I feel their presence, the warmth of their support, the ardor that drives them. Here are the guards, the executioners, the chains, already they light the forge. Prometheus will emerge. Here it is ! There I see him as he was. His enormous stature dominates the black guards who are lost in his shadow.



I stop Argos right in front of the Golden Fleece’s nose. This maneuver allows me to separate Prometheus from the bulk of the Guard, thrown back behind Argos, half asphyxiated by the hot gases of the reactors. I remain at the controls, ready to react. The sudden appearance of Argos always makes its small effect. Jason and the Argonauts use it wonderfully, as they did the other time. Total is the impotence of the guards struck by our javelins, paralyzed by our rays. A simple rope impedes Prometheus. Banding his superhuman muscles, here he is free. But what does he do? Instead of rushing to Argos, he runs to the Golden Fleece where Jason has already taken his place. In a flash I understand that I am played. Jason needs the Titan to pilot Rama’s ancient ship, designed for the omniscience and omniscience of the gods before. No human brain can control it. Jason has doubled me, but he will never have this weapon. This felonious prince will not be the master of the world, I swear it.

Reacting in the moment, I utter the Elven spell that will take us to the depths of Sidhe, out of reach of our pursuers. With all my might, with all the power of Intention, I exclaim: “Eng’wyen Tyrittenglin !!” and the Chronoscaphe embarks everyone, including some black guards, in the folds of time.


I, Enoch the ancient, the only pilot of the chronoscaphe Argos, I must act as quickly as possible and according to the agreed plan. Prometheus is free, he is in charge of the Golden Fleece, but Jason will not benefit. I resolved to put it out of reach of the gods like humans by hiding it in the folds of time.

I do not know how to do it, nor how to get out of it. I do not know what the Goddess’s reaction will be when she understands that Prometheus is lost for her and for the world. I do not know if the Argonauts will rank on my side or remain loyal to Jason. I do not know how long we can survive in this inhospitable environment, without food, without water, and perhaps without breathing air. But I had no other choice. I acted in an emergency, I do not regret anything, even if this crazy gesture was to be the last one I will do in this world.


Message From The Author

Here stops the manuscript of the famous book of Enoch, but the story is far from being completed. I, Xavier Seguin, discoverer and translator of these unpublished fragments, I must give the reader technical explanations that the venerable patriarch does not provide. Let’s talk about what he calls the folds of time. The spatio-temporal continuum, the space-time in which our lives unfold, is not a plan but an infinity of plans. Everything happens as if the time frame had been folded and folded to endlessly, transforming the initial plan into a multitude of shots, within which time flows at its own pace. There are therefore as many different times as plans, each plan constituting a universe.

The place of the fold is called the multifold. The one who reaches the heart of the multifold is found in a sort of airlock. There are an infinite number of time scales in so many different worlds. Of course this particular area of ​​space-time is not accessible to everyone. Only the higher races of each galaxy have their permanent entry ticket. Needless to say, we are not part of it. Better than that: our creators, those who terraformed our planet, are not part of it either. The ranking is very selective …

This is why Jason and no human, Hathor, Hera, Isis or any of the former gods can join the fugitives carpeted in the multipli. Enoch did it only thanks to the magical word of the Elves. Where did he get it? Is it with Rama that he once knew, when he was called Idriss? Is it with the witches of Hyperborea? Is it a secret of the Reptilians? Nobody knows anything about it. So long and tortuous is the path of his life!

Many chapters are missing in this story. The original of Enoch’s book would not fit in one volume. It originally held a whole library department. The patriarch has written millions of words because he has lived thousands of years. The little that I have found is only a drop in an ocean of wisdom and exploits.


Still there are some scattered sheets of the mansucript that I will try to decipher for you. But the end of this adventure does not seem to be there. As far as I know, Prometheus has brought the Golden Fleece back to Argolis, where it is still buried. Jason never managed to fly it. The Titan joined Hathor, he ruled over Olympus after Zeus’s death. Subsequently, he gave his throne to Orpheus, poet and former Argonaut, who will be the third master of the Olympian gods. On this point the mythological sources vary. Dionysus was also a pretender to the throne of Olympus. He competed with Apollo, the son of Zeus himself. He would have taken over directly from Zeus. In this case, Prometheus would have been the third god of the gods, and Orpheus the fourth.

For my part, I do not give them so much importance. None of them has ever been the real boss, not even Zeus. The supreme power has always remained in the hands of Hathor, the Great Goddess. These pseudo gods of the gods are only his lovers. She changed often, difficult to keep the exact count and precise chronology …

Enoch’s life does not end, moreover I think he’s still alive. I’m going to ride by him a bit along the timeline, just to see what happens around. I promise  that shortly you will know the rest, quite delirious if I judge by the few remaining fragments. As far as I understand something in this mess, what is not obvious …


When you think you get all the answers, the universe comes and changes all the questions.
Jorge F. Pinto