The Origin Of Racism

Biology affirms it: there are no different races within the human species. There are blacks, yellows, reds, whites, roses, beiges, bistre, browns, walleyes, but the color does not make the race. We should not say the species, but the human race, because there is only one.

Other human races have now disappeared, such as Neanderthals or Homo Erectus. The human species would therefore consist of all these ancient races, which are extinct, it is believed. Even if the doubt remains on the extinction of the Neanderthals. How did they disappear, these Neanderthals? Natural extinction for climatic reasons? Or did our ancestors help the climate a bit to end up with cumbersome cousins? On this, no certainty, only hypotheses.

From hypothesis to science

A hypothesis becomes scientific only after having been verified by indisputable facts. And even then, a doubt remains about the correctness of the hypothesis. Because the same facts can support very different hypotheses, nothing says that the hypothesis retained is the good one. There is no science without hypotheses. Still, the hypotheses must be varied and free of all prejudice. This is never the case today, for a good reason: the Darwinian catechism shapes the scientific minds. It forbids any hypothesis that diverges from dominant thought. And this diktat is not limited to the sciences of evolution, nor even to the human sciences. All science is infected with the same virus. Science has become religion.

When it presupposes belief, science is no longer science. To admit that the sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to 180 °, no need to have faith, just measure. We agree. But did you do it? It is still necessary to believe that the rule of 180 ° applies to all triangles, no one could measure them all. I have a pebble in my hand, if I open my hand, the pebble falls. Quantum physics suggests the possibility that once, like that, in a totally unpredictable way, the rock flies instead of falling.

Quantum theory undermines all our certainties. What is totally unpredictable, unprecedented, unthinkable becomes quite possible. The ground is hidden under the researchers’ feet, and that’s a good thing. Their soil was made up of unverifiable beliefs, absurd prejudices, scandalous prejudices. May the quantum reign extend to other sciences that refuse it. At least quantum physics will never become religion: it signals their obsolescence to all.

Current science is the new religion in fashion. University science confuses scientific with scientifically acceptable. Science refuses without trial or state of mind the implausible hypotheses. It is implausible anything that shrugs an academic’s shoulders. For me, this is the guy who is improbable. Anachronistic. The snake is biting its tail, the academic too. In any case he should. It would give him the flexibility he needs. But I go astray. My intention is not lost, the origin of racism can not be understood, as I will tell it, only after having integrated the panorama of current scientific knowledge and the a-priori that it inseminates in our brains. It’s time to cut off your head and switch to autopilot. Let the intelligence of the belly and your instinct –wisdom of the body– guide you on the track of race, racial and racist.

Hitler Son Of God

You will think that I’m provoking and you’re right, I add a chouïa. I need all your attention. Why Hitler? This guy is a big patient, a polymorphous pervert, no doubt powerless. The fuhrer’s fury is less scary than pity. The globular eyes injected with cocaine, the ridiculous mustache poop, the open mouth of the wolf dog to bark his rage, this puny man founded a great reich that was to last a thousand years. It did not last more than a decade.

But Hitler still took himself for God. The obscene violence of his punishments soon surrounded him with a halo of terror that some have taken for an aura. Hitler could not have implemented his final solution and proceed to the elimination of millions of Jews if he had not met supporters, followers, followers. Hence the intense feeling of guilt that still grips the responsible German people. This does not prevent the insupportable arrogance of this people whose pride is always to believe, without question, obviously, the race elected.

Strip of assholes, since we kill each other to tell you that there are no races! There are Germans, French, Jews, Arabs, Mongs, Peuls, Maori, Yanomanis, Guatemalans, Thais and Moldavians, but no race! No, no, no, ne, genetics. Neither the scholars who deny the evidence nor the nennis stop Hitler. I’ll see you, braces! Hitler sets the record straight to put them on Berlin time. Nazi in the subway. The last, of course. But Paris did not burn. It was Hitler who burned alive in Quentin’s cinema.

Adolf the little Austrian Jew wanted to purge the land of the lower races. Extensive program! Starting with the Nazi race, we would have saved time. You understand me, there is no more of a Jewish race than an Aryan race, an elected race or a Nazi race. Still, the previous gods did the same – you know, the astronauts who came on their mother ship to terraform this planet. You will love the episode. Unless you are a university scientist, but in this case, go fast! Do not risk opening your mind, it can kill.

Adapted breeds

When the terraformers arrived in their huge mothership, they found the Earth in a lamentable state. It was three billion years ago, the planet was very young and completely wild. Biblical Genesis describes this visit as the first day of creation. With their big machines and powerful explosives, they traced the course of the rivers, moving the mountains, drying up the swamps. Genesis tells us that they have come several times since then. These are the seven days of creation. Seven decisive interventions, essential to develop a wild planet and make it habitable. We imagine we can terraform Mars in a few decades, even a few centuries, what sufficiency! With their technology much more advanced than ours, the gods took three billion years to do the job on Earth!

The seventh visit of the gods to their mother ship Hyperborea crowned their masterpiece: it was then that they created our species, the fifth humanity. The thing has spread over a long time; they proceeded by trial-and-error, correcting the shot each time, until reaching the marvel that you are, that I am, that we are. Thank you aliens, you did a good job! Although some details still leave something to be desired. These people are pragmatic. The result matters only. Outstanding geneticists, they needed specialized manpower, they created in vitro breeds with qualities adapted to their future mission. Made-to-measure It’s stronger than Hitler’s eugenics, that, madam.

The first born, the blacks of Africa, had two essential tasks. First, working in the mines to extract uranium, gold, and all the minerals needed for the development of a planetary civilization. Second, blacks have a genetic code that makes them more likely than other races to fight. They are the cannon fodder of the gods before, their elite army. Note that the first comers were women, who were created long before men. Beautiful black women, they were well built, athletic and tall, perfectly suited to their dual mission: human fight and gods pleasure.

Whites were destined for the work of engineers and inventors. Yellow people were in charge of financial management and trade. The Reds were the race of healers, shamans and magicians. And finally the Bleus, a noble race that has disappeared, was the elite formed at the command. It was in this race that the first emperors, Rama, Krishna, Dionysus, Gilgamesh and others were recruited. This distribution in breed has been constantly improved by genetics and breeding. The first attempts to create a suitable species, Homo Erectus, Neanderthal etc. were mercilessly exterminated by their creators, who never had the slightest state of mind. For them, all the means were good that led to their end: to create a viable planet, to install animal and plant species, and finally, to crown it with the high point, an evolved species, created at their end. image and their resemblance, in order to continue their work. We are the gardeners of this garden and the guardians of this zoo.

The geneticist gods had done a good job, they did not want the chances of inter-racial mating to ruin their long effort. So they invented the notion of purebred, and the taboos that go with it. Formal prohibition of inter-racial marriages. As long as the reproduction was done by the gods in their labs, the purity of the lines was guaranteed. But when our ancestors began to tumble in the thickets, the risk of genetic deterioration became too great. This episode is also told in Genesis: when Adam and Eve, having crunched the fateful apple, discover that they are naked (and that their sexes were used for something other than peeing … but that Genesis does not say it not).

Racism is therefore an invention of our dear creators. A necessary invention to protect the characteristics and peculiar qualities of each race. The gods gave us different colors and distinctive signs so that the miscegenation was immediately unmasked. It was punished with death for the wrongdoers and their bastards. The gods do not laugh with terraforming. It’s up to us to react, reversing this old stupid taboo that no longer has any reason to be. To us to mix more and more, until our skins are declined over all the palette of possible colors. Until our appearances are no longer racial characters, but individual coquetries. In the field of racism, our duty is to destroy the work of the heinous gods. Which is confused with that of the Nazi monster …

For the mother and child reunion is only a moment away.
Simon and Garfunkel