Age Or Not?


Getting old? What for? Yes, why do we have to age? Is it inevitable? Apparently not: old age is not inevitable. For generations, we have been wrong. That’s enough. The dirtiest habits are the most ingrained. Unfortunately, this is the kali-yuga, the lead age. The era that goes crazy. But there is always time to react. And to rejuvenate quickly, name of a baobab! Here are some disturbing facts.


As a child, you’ve grown. Normal: growth is in the DNA. One day it stops. But decay is not in the DNA. Old age is a convention. A habit we share in good faith. No one ever tells us that we don’t have to grow old. So we grow old. We find that normal. Natural. In fact, not at all. What is natural follows the laws of nature. In the human body, the laws of nature are contained in DNA. And in DNA, no aging program, quite the contrary.


Everything is renewed

The liver recovers in 18 months.
Blood cells every six months.
Our skin renews every 3 months.
The lungs are renewed every year.

Each muscle and tissue regenerates in 15 years.
The skeleton is completely renewed in 10 years.




People die of old age although the age of our DNA in our cells does not exist. Where does old age come from if it is not programmed by DNA? Cells in our bodies are constantly renewing themselves, even in the elderly. They are not more fragile with age. So why grow old? There are many errors in cell reproduction, but there is always a biological-emotional reason for our death. You grow old because you feel old.

It is not so easy for a person to die, that the heart and lungs stop working. You really have to get tired of living to die. People do not die of old age or disease, they die of their emotional conflicts that age and kill them.

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. (Carlos Castaneda)


For our DNA, there is no age, it is the limits we create over the years that kill our body. We die by imitation, because we made that program.
Aging comes from negative thoughts and very low vibratory rate that prevails in kali yuga. To get through? Wake up, become eternal, that’s the best.
If we do not have the limiting belief that it is normal to age, then we do not age, or almost not…


A damn program

Aging is a mind control program. The brain completely renews its cells every 3 years… but not its programs!

Our personality is also renewed every 7 years. I remember my mother saying: “We change our taste every 7 years“. Which didn’t stop her from staying with my dad for 70 years. She had time to change her taste ten times, I guess Dad changed at the same time … and in the same direction.

Our regeneration must be ensured by all means – by food, air, water that we absorb, by our thoughts and information about ourselves and especially by the total eradication of brain programs. Cutting your head off… If these programs come from the Archons, then you have to learn to do without the brain.

That’s what Lao-tzu meant. That’s what poor fool Didi said in the Blue Lotus. “Lao-tzu said, we have to find the Way. I have found it. I will cut off your head and you will find the Way.”


Cut Off the Head

Tibetans think the same as the Chinese sage. The mind comes from the brain, and it does not mean that the thought, it is the ego. Since the ego cannot know the awakening, we must therefore do without the mind, short-circuit the brain, cut off the head

The aging program is entirely created in our head. Does it come from our beliefs acquired in our family, social, societal, cultural and psychic environment?

Or does it come from those bastard Archons, eager to pluck bits of our immortal soul at the time of the death of the body? In this case, they kill us for nothing. For nothing that touches the Spirit can dwell in them. But since they have a short memory, their sickly jealousy pushes them to ruin our lives again and again.



Parasitic emotions

We find nonsense on the web! Latest: bio-neuro-emotion. It means nothing, it’s just pleonasm. Biological? All emotions are. Neurons? They are relayed by neurons. So what? Do jargonists imagine that by inventing neologisms they initiate new concepts? Here, not the shadow of a concept nor anything new. Except for the stupid name. And the bullshit that goes with it is no more inventive:

Trapped in powerful emotional patterns, human potential is often inert, asleep and it is not easy to get out of this state alone. It is easier to continue in a state of “tolerance” of one’s current life than to decide to tear oneself away from this inertia to have a chance to TRULY feel life flowing in one’s veins. We are so programmed to believe that this is the normal way to live, grow old and die. Fortunately for us, the reality is very different. It’s no secret that when we get lost in the past, we always look to the future. And in fact, the important thing is to leave the past behind and move forward, living and changing the Present in our mind.

We are told that we are stuck in the daily grind. Big deal! Does that teach us anything useful, or at least original? How does that answer the real questions? Where does this damn program come from? Who imposes these parasitic emotions, that is to say foreign and embarrassing? Where does this intolerable attack on our free will come from, and which provokes it?

Pirate download

It could be that this “damn program” and these “parasitic emotions” were uploaded into our brain by a more powerful instance. A body that thinks it’s the planetary police. A perverse and naive instance, vicious and fearful, our old masters who feel their coming end and who panic.

But yes, I mean the Archons. Those sad lords who think they are our fathers when they have only created our physical body. When I was writing the article The Machine and the Pilot, I wasn’t thinking about the Archons yet. I had noticed that my body and my emotions were often under the control of an external pilot. It imposed on me reactions and behaviours in which I did not recognize myself. This feeling became increasingly clear and worrying.




And then I realized that these foreign behaviors were beneficial to me. Each time, they saved me trouble that my usual conduct would have caused. I wrote a second article on this theme, Gratitude for my pilot. To tell the truth, I was amazed. I was no longer a pinball that bounced from bumper to bumper instead of directly reaching its goal. I was remotely controlled and guided for sure to the best path. Unbeknownst to me, I was following the most profitable route and when I thought I was lost, my eyes were fading: I was getting to the goal! What a piece of luck!

If the pilot is an Archon, I am forced to admit that he is acting for my good. And we fall back on the vicious spiral again. Are the Archons less evil than they seem? Is there something else wrong with them, hypocrisy and falsehood? If they are our guides, why do I feel that I have always been filled with luck?

There are worse…

Everything happens as if another program, restrictive and perverse, prevented me from finding the end of the story. The more I look, the more I get lost. Which is not like me. I know where I usually go, and when I don’t know, I still get there. Should we let ourselves be led by entities whose perfidy we have had many opportunities to observe? Would they be able to give us small gifts that cost them nothing so that we leave the orders to them? They would numb our distrust with clearly visible, very obvious, too nice and from behind, when you do not expect it, dzinnnnng! The whiplash.

These beasts are fond of human blood. The one they prefer. So they give us cancers and black plagues, covids and Asian flu, pox and pulmonary embolism, consumption and fatalities, a whole lot of orphan diseases that kill both the widow and the orphan. Holy darn black wood Buddhas! Would these incomprehensible bastards be our only benefactors in this hostile world?

If anyone finds that I am going round in circles, congratulations.


No, no, no

Age or not? Die or live? Laugh or cry? Choose or refuse everything? Time passes and we look more and more like the doll that says no. Under which star was I born? I’m still wondering. I’ll ask myself again when the time of my death comes. The time of my death… (Michel Polnareff)



Without the freedom to blame, there is no flattering praise.