Archons By Lash

The Matrix is everywhere. Who ignores it, adores it. Who adores it devours himself. Who doesn’t care goes crazy. Only who forgets passes beyond.


Two previous articles have already talked about the Archons, this one is certainly not the last. According to the Gnosis of the 2nd century, the Archons are the Masters of Darkness, Matter and Sleep. Very old inhabitants of this planet, they made it welcoming and beautiful. They wanted to put a divine being there, they could only create our material body. The Great Goddess and her Archangels completed the work by giving us the Spirit. So we have both Archons and Archangels.


John Lamb Lash

The following text is the study of a text from the Coptic library of Nag Hammadi. Its author, John Lash, a specialist in comparative mythology, lectures in English on YouTube. Irreverent followers have called him the cosmic rabbi. He looks like one, no doubt. Does he have the song? You will judge further.

John Lamb Lash, born 1945 in Maine, USA, is an American author and scholar in comparative mythology. Described as the true successor of American mythologist Joseph Campbell, John teaches mythology, Gnosticism, pre-Christian mysteries. He has travelled the world and lived in Japan, the UK, Greece, Norway, France, Spain and Belgium. (source)

The point of view of such an author brings credit to my research. The many discoveries I have been able to make have been mainly through my ability to travel through time. But my foresight needs academic confirmation, and I salute the indispensable contribution of this author.

Note: this is not a translation, but a comment by John Lash. My own remarks are off-text in color.


The Apocalypse of James

The First Revelation of James is 6 pages long. It includes a discourse of revelation and a fragmentary dialogue. Main topics: relations between the Codex of Nag Hammadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls, crucial teachings on encounters with the Archons and their eviction. This is a revelation delivered to James — in the text: Iakobos.
The Revealer is the term that Lash uses not to say Jesus, because in the Gnostic text, Jesus is never named, only the Coptic letters XS appear.

The Revealer tells James that the extraterrestrial powers “are not armed specifically against you but one against the other (27.20). This remark recalls the testimony of some contemporary UFO witnesses who claim that several alien species, known to visit the earth, are fighting against each other. The text is damaged just where the Revealer explains the arming of the Archons.
Too bad! For the description of the weapons we will be satisfied with the Greek and Hindu versions. Not to mention the Egyptian version… The Irish version… the Gallic version…and so many others!

Such a man does not welcome his instructor with a hug and a kiss, as James does in this text. The Revealer explicitly calls him “James the Just”, but attributes his spiritual stature to the sobriety of gnosis (32.4) rather than the fulfillment of the Law or the Way (the Torah). And he adds, scandalously, “you who have ceased this prayer (for which you are so reputed)”. In this direct and biting allusion to the well-known legend of James’ devout habits, we see the Gnostic author openly rebuke the Jewish tradition.
The Hebrews imitate the Archons and their enemies Archangels, always fighting. Man was created in the image of his parents…




Jacques is upset because the Revealer clearly highlights his ordeal. In the scenario of the Dead Sea Scrolls, James confronts the anger and resistance of the Jewish collaborators of the Temple. He suffers because he follows the hard line Zadokite. In the narration of the Codex of Nag Hammadi, James is subject to the same hostility but for an entirely different reason: thanks to the sober perception of Gnosis, he criticizes the behavior of the Jews and the Romans in Jerusalem, because this behavior is programmed by the Archons.
Still fighting… See my previous note!

James is afflicted because his trial has been so clearly described by his teacher. He weeps openly, terrified. They both sit on a rock – a rare anecdotal detail in Nag Hammadi’s Codex. In order to console and support his student, the Developer gives him detailed instructions on how to confront the Archons. Archons are said to steal souls at night (33.10). It is a very clear revelation that recalls the contemporary testimonies of alien abductions. Archons play the role of toll attendants, demanding passwords. This detail reminds us of the control protocols involved in the artificial intelligence processes that today dominate so many of our activities. Do Archons have access to our minds through cyberspace?
Well! The opposite would surprise me. I have the idea that the techno-computer orientation we are taking is strongly encouraged by the Archons. What a way we give them!



The strange word in Coptic for “alien things” is SHAIMMO (33.35). The Revealer says that the Archons “are not entirely extraterrestrial but that they are from Achamoth who is the Goddess”. Here we have an overview of the Gnostic cosmology of the Fallen Goddess, Sophia. Achamoth, a name that is attributed to the Fallen Goddess, is a corruption of the Hebrew word Hockma, “Wisdom”, understood as a cosmic principle or divinity. The Revealer instructs James to recite before the Archons how they came into existence in the first place and to inform them of the fact that “they are indeed related to us because she is their mistress from the Pre-existing”, (34.8-12), namely from the Pleroma (34.8-12).
Pleroma is a term from the ancient Greek: πλήρωμα), meaning «plenitude». It also refers to the celestial world, formed by all the Eons that the Gnostic will reach at the end of his earthly adventure. And Sophia is from the Pleroma. Yet she is fallen. Sophia incarnated here on earth. Is it really falling? I cannot help but see at work the machismo of that time and the acute misogyny then reigning … and still now! These notions are very confused and John Lash is careful not to clarify them.

In short, the way for James to resist the Archons is to show them that he knows who they are and who he is himself. The Revealer gives the same advice to all who are with Sophia, the divinity incarnate in the Earth. (source)
Sophia, the Hebrew version of Gaia the Earth, incarnated in Terra. All right. This is the Great Goddess, so strongly criticized in the previous passage. Even a scholar would lose his Latin! Or rather his Coptic.


Keep Yourself From Envy

After a damaged passage, the Revealer evokes “the incorruptible knowledge that is Sophia” (35.6). Apparently, he still instructs James on what to tell the Archons. After very confused words, line 36.8 delivers a revelation by affirming the essential foundation of the Gnostic teaching regarding the higher vocation of humanity: “the incorruptible Sophia is the one through which you will be saved”. This revelation is proper to the elite and must be preserved in silent knowledge. Jacques is ordered to share this speech with another Gnostic, Addai, who will write it. And he is advised to cry for those who reside in Jerusalem!
Here Sophia appears quite clearly as our redeemer. Except when she sleeps! The goddess is reptilian and must hibernate for the duration of this cursed kaliyuga, leaving us under the sole authority of her legates, the archons. As with the biblical angels, there are archons faithful to the instructions of Ana, and others who betray her: the biblical fallen angels?

From paragraph 37 to the end, the text is largely illegible. However, there are still some more softened flights. 37.18 suggests that by learning through the intellect (noos), the youngest possess an advantage and certain things can be conferred before the age of 17. Jacques refers to seven women who follow the Revealer and who have acquired the faculty of superior perception (esthesis). Nothing more is intelligible until line 40.20 which delivers a trait of mind “far from you all illegality” (anomia). The Greek word gives us the term “anomaly”, precisely what the Archons represent: an anomaly in the cosmic order. Paraphrasing: “beware of the effects of the anomaly”. And the Revealer adds “and be careful lest they be jealous of you”. The Gnostic texts constantly insist that the Archons envy humanity and it is this desire that explains their hostile and aggressive attitude towards us.
Yes, the Archons envy us because we are not just matter, which is their case. We have room for domestic growth that they don’t have. the awakening is definitely out of their reach, like all aspects of spirituality. But it is the Archons who drive the degenerate religions whose tyranny we suffer.

The First Revelation of James thus concludes with a key Gnostic teaching on our relationship with the Archons, even if this message can only be apprehended with a thorough knowledge of Gnostic mythology. I paraphrase: Humans are a singularity in the cosmos, a direct projection of the Pleroma and the Archons are an anomaly, an inorganic species that emerges from outside the Pleroma due to Sophia’s impact on elementary matter (quantum states). The consciousness of the Archons, as it is, induces them to perceive the singularity that we are as something they envy, something they want to become, but any effort they make to fuse their minds with human intelligence only deflects that intelligence from the very condition that the Archons envy us! It is crucial that we guard against their envy because it allows us to remain vigilant against abnormal effects in our mind. (source)
Selfishness and all its mental manifestations, envy, jealousy, pride, sufficiency, lack of empathy towards our fellow men, etc. are the trap in which we must not fall. Those who fall put themselves at the mercy of the Archons, masters of matter and its corollaries, mind, black magic, possession and its morbid rites, the worship of the dead, etc. Let the dead bury the dead, Jesus said. His historical non-existence did not prevent it from teaching us good things!

Coming from matter and only from it, the Archons crawl on the ground, the belly is their close link with the bottom. Reptiles, they have their periods of dormancy forced. Telepaths, they use their sleep and ours to disturb our minds, blur our thoughts, erase some memories that would protect us from their attacks.

Other studies by the same author are available on the web, such as The Codex of Nag Hammadi or The Hypostasis of the Archons.


John Lamb Lash has everything of a cosmic rabbi. Except that he is not a rabbi. Is he cosmic? Comical? Cosmetic? To emit, he is master. He likes to be?

The Flyers

So well described by the Gnostics of the first centuries of our era, the misguided Archons pursue an endless war against the faithful of the Great Goddess. What’s at stake? Owning the Earth that they believe is rightfully theirs. These days, their war has entered a very active phase. We are the collateral victims. 

For several years now, I have been receiving calls for help from people who have been struggling with these forces from below. I had to perform several emergency interventions, reki or trance cleaning, de-vaulting, exorcism. Words that are scary. The attack on the Archons is even more frightening. Some of you, as we speak, may be dealing with these disturbing entities.

Castaneda calls them the Flyers. He describes them as large black manta rays — a deep black. These Flyers hover above the cities where they feed on the brightness of the inhabitants. Only the seers can see them with their third eye. But in the big cities where this energy pollution reigns, everyone can feel the effects. When all the brightness has been absorbed by a Flyer, the aura becomes dull, faded and grayish, like leaded. The person is deprived of his soul which takes refuge towards the heights of the astral. Under these conditions, awakening becomes practically impossible.


Astral masters

To qualify the Archons from below, the English term is psychic. It is a false friend, as I said earlier. Archons are reptilians, they have the psi-powers of big snakes. We remember Kaa, the python from the Jungle Book, when he hypnotized a bunch of monkeys. Mowgli, a little human, is not hypnotized.

Kaa is a python and like all big snakes, he seems kind-hearted, spending his life basking in the sun, but he is a hunter feared by all jungle peoples and mainly monkeys. In Rudyard Kipling’s original book, The Jungle Book, Kaa is a friend of Mowgli. In fact, he helps Baloo and Bagheera to recover Mowgli kidnapped by the Bandar-Log and later befriends the little man. Kipling clearly portrays him as a predator with no qualms. (wikipedia)

These psi-powers of reptilians are one of the keys to their authority. They ruled this planet, without real opposition, for hundreds of millions of years. The largest snakes are at the bottom of the oceans. Space is an ocean like any other for Reptilians our masters. They are like fish in the water. The astral, in particular, is their field of election. I made the cruel discovery a few years ago when I received a violent discharge on my neck that still hurts me. This pain, not permanent, resembles a torticollis.

A great flying snake — a Flyer? — punished me with a laser blow for desecrating their favorite astral plane, the one I call the high astral. I thought it was inhabited by the Archangels, which made me say that these guys are not laughing. I have since understood that they are Archons, fallen angels to speak like the Bible. But it would be better to call them Flyers, for they have little to do with the Archons of two millennia ago.

Castaneda’s descriptions were a reality decades ago. Things have evolved. The Flyers occupy most of the terrestrial astral. If they are the masters, their supremacy is brutally challenged by other entities with psi-powers. The astral is for the moment their battlefield. Each side wants to ensure absolute control of the astral, which would be a decisive step towards the final stake: the possession of this planet.



The war of the worlds

When you read these lines, know that the battle of the Archons against the Archangels is raging. For the Archangels, the elimination of the Archons would restore the reign of the Great Goddess. She will come out of her dormancy. A victory for those on high would mean a new golden age for humans.

For the Archons, we are an economic issue and our aura, a subtle treat. The two go hand in hand. By destroying our luminosity, they prevent us from reacting against their parapsychic attacks. Those who consciously venture into the astral sphere, especially those who practice scalar waves, telepathy, astral travel or temporal travel, must be particularly vigilant.

 Be aware that you are on their battlefield. Learn to detect evil beings in the subtle sphere. Not all angels are adorable. Some are frankly unpleasant. Do not let these children of Hyena, Hate and Gehenna confuse your mind. For your mental health and survival, flee them. But don’t be afraid. Your fear strengthens them, they feed on them.

Don’t be afraid of the world, my friend. The world should be afraid of you. (Lao Surlam)



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If you have reason to believe that they are attacking you, or getting in you, contact me right away. The sooner the better.


“Some dragons look dead when in fact they are in a state of deep meditation”
Lewis Trondheim