Predatory Archons

For long weeks, I have been encysted in an opaque gangue that weighs me down and slows me down. Efforts to free myself from it have long been in vain. But this phenomenon is not limited to me. Many of you are experiencing these unpleasant symptoms. Here is my case, its evolution, the probable causes, and the remedies considered.


Persistent Sleep

Tenacious sleep, almost permanent, heaviness, recurring tightness, such was the first step that lasted, interminable, destabilizing. What happened to me? It was just the beginning. From a natural tonic and positive, I saw everything in black. Some articles have testified to that, as you’ve noticed. It’s not like me. I dragged myself to the brink of malaise with a perpetual sense of oppression. I had gained twenty years in a few days. I was close to interning in a nursing home and it did not end. Sleep.

I accused a thousand trifles: change of diet — but which one? Or depression — but for what reason? Fatigue caused by excessive heat — but no heat in Erquy! Or exhaustion due to large temperature differences? This last reason convinced me. In Brittany, we experienced the four seasons in the same day, with variations of 15 or 20°… Yet I abandoned it: it has happened in the past without causing me such inconvenience. Sleep again.

What is it about me that justifies this surprising drop in diet? And why does it last without any sign of improvement? On the contrary, my fatigue intensifies, the need to sleep confines to lethargy. I have all of the reptile that goes dormant when the cold wins, and also falls asleep when it’s too hot. But I must eliminate climate change: here, in Côtes d’Armor, its excesses remain quite bearable. Erquy becomes the favorite refuge of summer visitors who fear excessive heat.

If you recognize the symptoms mentioned above, contact me. Testify. I can help you.


The Cause

A purely physical cause does not satisfy me: this disorder is nothing physiological. Rather an energetic phenomenon. Subtle, but very significant. So I looked at other less external causes.

Slowly, bit by bit, I began to glimpse the true causes of my chronic fatigue. The big word was out, I had all the reptile! I started thinking. So I understood what has happened to me for two years: possession. My body is inhabited. I am led by an intruder. The articles I wrote recently speak of him. Or rather, of them, the Archons. If I sleep at any time of the day, it comes from them, the masters of sleep. If my thoughts are barely supernumerary in a bath of astonishing confusion, it comes from them, the masters of telepathy. Their favourite weapon is to blur our minds. They are masters of hypnosis. It is a natural gift and a frenetic passion.



Or should I say at home? Gnosis says females. Animal. Barbarian. Merciless. The Atharva Veda gives a prayer, a mantra, which is enough to drive them away. The bouncer, the fierce, the gobbler, the monotonous, the voracious, all the girls of anger, let them disappear.”
Try it. I did it without using it. Another sacred Hindu text was more helpful. I’ve quoted it before, but I want to remind you of it here.


Tat Twam Asi, So You Are

1- If you desire liberation, flee as poison the objects of the senses and seek as invigorating water charity, righteousness, compassion, contentment and truth.

2. You are neither water, nor earth, nor air, nor ether. In order to free yourself, know that you are Atman, uncreated spirit. Know that your nature is Intelligence.

3- If you can remain in this intelligence, having broken your mental association with the body, you will immediately be happy, enjoying peace and free of bonds.

4- You do not belong to any caste or social category, you are not perceived by the senses. Eternally free, he who sees all things, that is what you are. Be happy!



We must face the evidence, the Archons exist and they do not want us that good, far from it. You can protect yourself from it, but it’s very difficult at the highest point of the kali yuga, which is the Dark Ages, their favorite kingdom. They have the hand. Their strategy of seduction worked perfectly because humanity too naive ignored them. Humans have accepted the idea of being only matter, as are the Archons. And those who met them, gullible or terrified, bravely let them. At the end of the article, you will find the pipes and the means of protection that I use myself.

They created our human body. They didn’t create our spirit. They’re animals, they don’t have access to the spirit. Their reptilian brain has no neocortex. They don’t have the hotline to transcendence, the Pleroma, to speak like John Lash and gnosis. That direct link is our most valuable asset. It is to try to get that link that they are attacking us. But their attempts will be in vain. By pulling us towards them, they take us away from the coveted spirit. We are no more than mental, psychic beings, like them.


Creator v Predators

Archons have ruled our planet since prehistoric times. They are dying to have the bond with the gods like us.  If they are our creators, strangely, they are also our predators. Only the intervention of Ana and her Archangels had kept them at bay. When the cat is not there, the mice dance. The Archons took advantage of the dormancy of our Mother of Heaven to appropriate her most beautiful creature, our humanity. With rare exceptions, all humans are now in their hands.

The Archons created our body, but not our divine spirit. We received it from the Great Goddess Ana, Ninhursag-Tiamata, Hathor or Athena. It has a hundred names, all ancient civilizations have venerated it, and Christians still adore it under the name of Mary or her mother Saint Anne, the great Breton saint, which the ecclesial authorities added to the gospel by making her the mother of Mary.

Anne is not only Mary’s mother, she is our mother to all. She is Ana the Creator, the Benefactor, the Virgin Mother who has not forgotten us. She is also a reptilian. And reptiles are subject to a need for sleep, dormancy, comparable to the hibernation of some mammals. Turns out Ana’s been sleeping for four thousand years. His vital dormancy has left the field open for the first masters of Terra, the Archons, an evolved race from dinosaurs.


In Their Hands

Usually I avoid panicking my readers. For fifteen years, I have made many revelations about our distant past and our origins. My research led me by strange paths to the very sources of this humanity, fifth of the name. These revelations, I was recently led to see them deeply. The articles already published on the Archons bring a beginning of rectification, but they only touch the problem. A problem with terrible implications, and even more terrible consequences.

Since prehistoric times, an underground conflict has pitted these cursed Archons against the Archangels of the Goddess, the Angels of the Bible, the Devas of Hinduism, the Tuatha Dé Danann of Irish mythology. The final act may come.

Until now I have associated them under the generic name of former gods. Gods they are not, at least in the modern sense of the term. And before, they are not either. Their reign may be coming to an end, but their hold has never been stronger than in this end of kali yuga. Materialism has won all nations, all ideologies, all religions, all strata of the population.



Their Weapons

Two divine camps clash, the Archangels and the Archons. Both have an interest in getting us off the battlefield. They neutralize us. Actively for the Archons who are at the maneuver, passively for the Archangels who let them do instead of protecting us. The psychic hold of the Archons is solely responsible for the darkness of kali-yuga. 

Karma is the absolute weapon that allowed the Archons to neutralize Asia. It was once a paradise for the soul and a garden for the Spirit, it is now the most mental continent, the least spiritualized, the most inclined to fall very deep into the false high-tech progress, the absolute computerization, the robotization of people and machines, artificial intelligence and other artifices of the fake world. Beware of Maya!

Social networks, online games and influenced dreams are the weapons that neutralize the rest of the world.

Religions — all religions — have as their primary function the abêtissement (sects USA, Islamism, WYD, etc.) the total submission to the divine arbitrariness (very convenient to make accept the unacceptable) (variant of karma).


Their Influence

Gadgetization and the thirst for technological novelty is another feature of their influence.

Money, which reduces personal success to the material level alone, is another skilfully orchestrated bollocks by the Archons. On release, I propose to mow all male millionaires, for a change. (Sorry, I can’t help but mess around: the gravity of the subject makes me do it.)

All these materialistic strategies allow the Archons to actively feed ego inflation.

The Ego

The ego in its excessive exaltation is the best strategy of the Archons. For us, it is the worst. From childhood, we are cast in this unique mold, matrix of matrices, the ultimate bullshit.

The ego? It makes pride, infatuation, contempt, sufficiency, superiority… Its father is the lower self, its mother is the competition. Crowds are conditioned to the cult of personality. The world adores the stars and produces an ever-increasing number of them. You become a star for a day or for a year — when success passes, you die.


Their Sin

Models to follow, ephemeral idols and their star-system reinforce the strategy of falling asleep desired by the Archons. The more the idol is vain and dumb, the more points the Archons score. Fans are their prey. Followers are their human army. The ego, their creed, is also their sin. Their strength is only a grave weakness. Let us use it to reduce them to impotence.

But let us not attack them head on. On the ground, they are irresistible. Think! Their experience of hypnosis and falsehood goes back millions of years. They are the heirs of the most powerful reptilians that the Earth has borne, the dinosaurs. They manipulated them mentally to direct them at will. The Archons, the flying dragons that some people adore, are the most treacherous allies of humanity. Allies? They claim it. As for perfidy, these hypnotists are excellent. I even think they invented it.



Masters of sleep

While we sleep, while we dream, they give us all their shit. Sadness, cockroach, fear, depression, what-to-goodness, low-bolism, dog, bitter tears, disgust with everything, want to vomit, want to kill…

The desire to kill, ultimate stage. The red veil on the eyes of Cuchulainn and Flornoy, the famous amok of the Malays. Amok is a murderous behavior, always individual, observed in many places of the world by ethnography, then theorized from its institutionalized form in Malaysia.

Malaise in Malaysia, but not only. Solitary killers are a planetary evil. Did the urge to kill them come from sleep? Who knows what we experience when we sleep? Only the awakened escape the tyranny of universal sleep. Wake up. Arm yourself with a bucket of fresh water, water all those crushed sleep, sound the alarm clock, splash! They will start by shouting, but once awake they will thank us. And round heron little not pat. Let us sing at the top of our voices, for whoever kills the head awakens the body of magic.


How do you fight the deep sleep glue? How do you get out of the bottomless pit? Where do you sink? Where do you grow up? It’s urgent. Open your eyes, lift your lead eyelids, shake this torpor, the fear that twists your guts, the trip of fear, the pork tripe, the even on time, the odd is wrong.

Childhood? The nightmares of the little ones are signed by the Archons. The terrors of dark nights, the grimacing fear that lurks and steals, everything that makes the deathbed, the dregs of life, the death of the body, the hunger of the end, the taste of the morbid, the sinister, the horror without name, without form, without face. The shadow too dark. Deadly fights. The movements of the orchestra in the dark. The cold that crushes. The law that decreases. The blood of ink. The anchor in the Black Sea. The bitter to drink. The dark beer. The brown shirt. The evil runes. The ball of the black moons. Dirty story

Go down? Better up. Wind up your winder. Up and up. Go up where the weather is nice ever. Up to the sun, to the stars, up to the feeding light. Life. Simply line up with your life. Stop stopping.



Our Weapons

They are numerous, rest assured: prophylaxis, avoidance, close protection, oasis, position of the assembly point, diet, etc. They must be used all, and rather a hundred times than one. If we get rid of the archon hold on our nights, we can envision a new, clearer world. A serene world. The steps to achieve this seem clear to me.

-A peaceful sleep is the first condition. For this, a new diet is needed: avoid a meal too rich in the evening. I simply deleted it, replaced by a snack at tea time. Digestion is less difficult, we are more resistant to intrusions, we offer less intake to undesirables.

-Clean the lower astral. This will be achieved through avoidance. For example, avoid watching a horror movie before sleeping. Personally, I never look at them. It is impossible for me to enjoy the cultivated fear. Childhood nightmares are much more impressive than all the hackneyed tricks of the screen nanars.

-Be aware of archon dreams. Here prophylaxis is needed. We do not have an automatic device to remember dreams, but if we stop smoking, a big step will already be taken. Tobacco has only drawbacks and no benefits. If you like smoking, do as Hugues Aufray, smoke useful. Switch to CBD.

-No longer yield to their hypnosis. Like the consciousness of dreams, this resistance to reptilian hypnosis stems from previous clauses. You will succeed when you have found in you an oasis of well-being, your intimate fortress from which no one can dislodge you. Avoid aggressive music, where rhythm dominates, and which predispose to hypnotic trance.

-Living in alpha is possible! And it’s a very comfortable position. Hovering and safe from archon intrusions. Choose once and for all to live in alpha. Prefer naps to long sleep, so you will stay in the protected area. Waiting to discover your impregnable fortress all up there, above the high astral and even higher.

-Banish reptiles. Another useful precaution: if you have a vivarium of turtles, lizards, snakes or other reptiles at home, get rid of them in a specialized reception center. These animals serve as psychic relays to the Archons and can therefore increase their grip.

-Stop dozing all day long. This will be the final consequence when the other steps are assured. It will definitely be acquired when your position of the assembly point is definitely mastered.

If you have reason to believe they’re coming after you,
whether they eat your head or your light, or they try,
if you have unanswered questions about them,
or if you want to share your thoughts with me,
to tell me your meetings with them,
contact me immediately.



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We are all looking for something. And madness is the quickest way to get it.
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