Black Buddhas


Have you noticed that all Indian Buddhas have frizzy hair? It’s all the more surprising that no one in India has that hair. They are reserved for African blacks. I concluded that Buddha’s skin was neither white nor yellow nor red. The Buddhas were black, and they came from Africa.

If I tell you about the Buddhas of India, it is because the historical Buddha, Gautama Çakya Muni, was born in this country. Subsequently, Buddhism has virtually disappeared from the Indian peninsula, conquering China, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan. Nevertheless Buddhist doctrine was first manifested in India, and this long before the historical Buddha. Coming from Hyperborea, it was brought by the Celts, led by Ramos aka Rama, more than 1500 years before Sakya Muni. And perhaps a very long time ago, like during the 8th millennium BCE – Before Common Era : this is the commonly accepted term, which avoids mentioning Jesus whose historical existence is seriously challenged.

“In my essay on the Celtic Druids, I have shown that a great nation called Celtae, of whom the Druids were the priests, spread themselves almost over the whole earth, and are to be traced in their rude gigantic monuments from India to the extremity of Britain. The religion of Buddha of India is well known to have been very ancient.”   (source)Godfrey Higgins, Anacalypsis, vol. I, Livre I, Chap. IV
It is surprising that this author, Godfrey Higgins (1772-1833) attributed to the Celts the construction of megaliths, which we know today that date at least 4000 BCE, very long before the appearance of Celts in Europe, which historians locate during the 1st millennium BCE. There is a lot of confusion about this. Through my research, I became convinced that the Celts were in Western Europe long before the date chosen by historians. They lived in their homes peacefully – the hypothesis of clan wars is excluded because Neolithic villages were not fortified.

And then, for political reasons that I explained elsewhere, the Hyperborean Rama said Ram led part of the Celts to conquer the world, deliberately leaving Western Europe in the hands of the all-powerful druidesses. Several millennia have passed during which Rama aka Lama pacified and civilized Asia – and probably the Americas under the name of Cuchulainn aka Quetzalcoatl.



The same Higgins gives us even more valuable information about the true ethnicity of the Celts. According to him, without any doubt, the first Celts were blacks. The Celts who built the pyramids and lifted the megaliths “can have been but the early individuals of the black nation of whom we have been treating I know not, and in this opinion I am not singular. The learned Maurice says Cuthies (Cushites), i.e. Celts, built the great temples in India and Britain, and excavated the caves of the former; and the learned mathematician, Reuben Burrow, has no hesitation in pronouncing Stonehenge to be a temple of the black curly-headed Buddha.”  (source)Godfrey Higgins, Anacalypsis, vol. I, Livre I, Chap. IV

Here comes the famous Black Buddha of skin with frizzy hair. I was objected that the Buddhist tradition does not see things this way: “It’s not frizzy hair … it’s the snails that protected it from the sun during its very long meditation! Just like a royal cobra l “In the morning snails crawled over his skull and their tight shells made him a helmet that, during his meditation, was to protect him from the terrible Indian sun.” So, I thought he was well protected under a fig tree, and if we look closely at it, we do not recognize our dear gastropods at all.While the rest of the sculpture is very realistic, the snails are limited to a spiral that may well be tight curls, and I note that the very first Buddhas (see image below) were carved in black stones, to show that the harsh Indian sun had burned its skin. invented later, in mistletoe catechism, and to dismiss the too embarrassing hypothesis of a black skin Buddha. Some Buddhists are too gullible, they forget the word of the historical Buddha.

The hypothesis of the Black Celts is taking over. I believe very sincerely that the first Celts were Black, too many clues and old testimonies support this thesis so that I can pass it over in silence. And that we do not hesitate to say the opposite, there is case law. A racialist blogger had argued that there are no Black Celts, justice has ruled, he is condemned for racism. Recall that racism is not free opinion: although it is still very present elsewhere, it is a crime in our country. We can be proud of that.

It seems to me, however, that the name Celts for these Black builders is historically false. The custom is to consider as Celts only the people of the 1st millennium BCE. Among them, if there were still a few blacks, the great majority was Caucasian Caucasian. The “first Celts” mentioned by Godfrey Higgins should rather be called by their real name: Hyperboreans. The first Celts and Vikings were blacks. In any case, it is an American, Dr. Clyde Winters, who affirms it. I developed his point of view in another article, so I will not come back to it here.

Let us return to the saga of the human species, anthropologists tell us. The black race is the first to appear, and this was happening in Africa 7 million years ago, as evidenced by the Toumaï skull, discovered in Chad. Africa was the first continent populated with representatives of our human lineage. They were black, do not doubt it. And their existence can be attested by other proofs than skulls, which do not always resist the wear of millions of years. In Gabon, 1.8 billion-year-old nuclear reactors have been discovered! One of these nuke reactors would have operated at least 500,000 years! These numbers and facts make you dizzy.

The African continent was the first to know a developed civilization, comparable to ours. I gained certainty. The remains of the archaic city of Maputo are quite eloquent in this respect: they date back 200,000 years! In the middle of prehistory! In a much more recent period, say between the 12th and 13th millennium BC, we recorded their expansion on every continent. I have already explained how the Celts of the 10th millennium BCE had conquered Europe and Asia under the leadership of the great Rama, whom India had unduly appropriated, and whom its religious iconography shows blue. Osiris too was blue or green. Another black? I read somewhere that this improbable color is due to the deterioration of the frescoes pigments, which would have deteriorated over time. In this case, why would ceramics keep the same colors? Cooked and varnished, they do not deteriorate.

There are other troubling facts that Olmec clearly has in mind, as well as evidence of his advanced knowledge of mathematics in architecture and astronomy. Long before Columbus, America was populated, not by the Reds, but by the Blacks. These facts are attested but constantly defeated by the racist and racist West. It’s time for the masks to fall. The sufficiency of Whites and Yellows refers to a terrible feeling of superiority that is completely unfounded. We remember the shameful sentence of a very ignorant former president, who lamented that Africa has not managed to take its place in history. How to be surprised? The story has always been made by whites. Decidedly, things have not changed much since the horrible era of black slavery in America. Check out Quentin Tarantino’s amazing Django Unchained – or, even stronger, the masterpiece of Lionel Steketee, Fabrice Eboué and Thomas Ngijol, Case Départ.



“The Black ignores that his ancestors, who adapted to the material conditions of the Nile Valley, are the oldest guides of humanity on the path of civilization” Cheikh Anta Diop

I became convinced that Africans knew civilization before all other races. One day, I hope, this opinion is not so widespread and so commonplace that our descendants will be amazed at our ignorance. But nowadays, we must fight to impose evidences that do not fit with the general line. To those who are astonished that blacks are no longer first, I ask to consider the following. After the great war of the 10th millennium BCE, the peoples of Africa renounced the misdeeds of civilization, which sooner or later lead to total destruction. This is their great wisdom.

So they returned to the state of nature, so extolled by the philosophers of the 17th and 18th centuries, like Thomas Hobbes or Jean-Jacques Rousseau. This is what I called the Mad Max effect, which has occurred on many occasions in the very long and largely ignored Saga of Humans, whose original name is Adam or Eden. We would benefit from taking some seed. Will we manage to save the planet with the same intelligence as blacks to save their continent once? It seems we are not going down the road.

In their great simplicity and less racialist name, our historians have judged blacks about what they are today, in defiance of their extraordinary antiquity, always contested in the name of white superiority. That I judge terribly suspicious since it comes mainly from this sick puppet named Hitler and his bloodthirsty brutes with atrophied mind and dead heart. Cold engineers, murderers without souls, puppets who have lost the war but can very well win the peace. For they have not disappeared …


We approach the truth only to the extent that we move away from life.