Reptilian Brain


If I am interested in the reptilian brain, you will understand, it is because the Archons are reptilians. There is every chance that their brain is of primary type, without connection with transcendence, which would explain their short memory. I therefore examine the performances and characteristics of this brain to better understand the mechanisms of archontic thought and the nature of their intentions.

Three Strata, Three Functions

Our brain has two hemispheres, all the pros agree on that. But there ends the consensus. It would also have three layers, which correspond to three layers appeared successively during our evolution from the reptile to the man. This is a hypothesis, not a certainty. Long held to be certain, it is now challenged by several specialists.

This hypothesis, the triunique brain theory has been popularized not Arthur Koestler, but several neurophysiologists doubt the reality of such an evolution. Anyway we can distinguish three parts in the human brain, each with its own function.

The reptilian brain (brainstem and cerebellum) appeared 500 million years ago in fish. The reptilian brain manages the vital functions of the body: heart rate, breathing, body temperature, diet, reproduction…

The limbic brain (hippocampus, tonsil and hypothalamus) appeared 150 million years ago in mammals. It handles more advanced functions such as memorizing pleasant or unpleasant behaviors, which translates into emotions.

The neocortex (cerebral hemispheres) appeared 2 or 3 million years ago in primates (Homo type). The most important brain in humans, the neocortex manages language, abstract thinking, imagination, consciousness and its learning abilities are unlimited.

The total independence of three clearly distinct brains is now rejected by many scientists, who consider brain areas as interacting units.  However, the specialization of three distinct areas has become indisputable. I turn the floor over to Wikipedia for the arid scientific presentation.

Reptilian Wiki

The reptilian brain was supposed to govern the functioning of birds, amphibians, fish and reptiles. At the purely anatomical level, it corresponds, in the human being, to the brainstem. Well protected, deep down, it is the brain structure most resistant to head trauma. Some consider it the top of the spinal cord. The brainstem is responsible for primitive behaviors that provide basic needs. It ensures the survival of the individual and the species:

Its first function is to ensure homeostasis: regulation of breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, water, gas and ionic exchanges, etc. it manages the primary needs, or vital needs, such as food, sleep, reproduction, etc.; is the custodian of innate reflexes such as migratory flight of birds, spawning of turtles or salmon, etc.; is responsible for the preservation instinct and some defensive reflexes such as snake bite, flight, flight of birds, etc.

This primitive reptile brain leads to stereotypical, pre-programmed behaviors. The same situation, the same stimulus, will always lead to the same response. This response is immediate, like a reflex. Reptilian brain-induced behaviors cannot evolve with experience, cannot adapt to a situation, because this brain would have only a short-term memory. (wikipedia)



The cloud of the aura

In my opinion, if this short-term memory, it should not be too low storage capacity, but the absence of connected aura. In several articles, I explained the Gnostic point of view on evolved reptilian entities, the Archons. They too are deprived of important memory storage. This storage, only species having a connection with the individual aura have one, almost infinite. This connection is characteristic of species with a neocortex, homo-type great apes, and especially humans. Around the neocortex is a neuronal envelope, the dura mater. I became convinced that this is an antenna whose role is to capture information, memory or not, in the aura cloud.

Yes, aura is another name for soul. Yes again, aura is a cloud. It’s an individual cloud, free, and updated in real time. Its performance is far superior to that of current technology. Artificial intelligence which some make hot throats would be better named artificial bullshit. His answers are not only stupid and inadequate, but his content is singularly lacking in finesse and causes a race to the bottom. The triumph of excessive simplification in the service of a cretinized population that does not differentiate between around and next to.

We use this cloud without the need for the internet: we all have a super free intranet, free access, with real-time answers, at the speed of thought. It is the instant communication with the source to know everything that our aura stores ad vitam and complete without stop.


Short Memory

Archons like all reptilians have only a short-term memory because they are deprived of neocortex and its dura. This results in a lack of connection with transcendence. A lack of connection with the aura cloud. A lack of updatable database. Archons have no possibility of awakening. They will never hear the voice of their inner guide, because they have no inner guide.

The man of the future will have the longest memory (Friedrich Nietzsche)


Consciousness models the brain, not the opposite. (Roger Sperry) The function creates the organ, this is the axiom that has founded transformism since Lamarck. Transformism, also called transmutation of species, is a biological theory, rival of fixism, whose history dates back to the time of Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck. The latter enunciated his famous theory on the evolution of species which today refers to any theory involving a variation of species during the geological history. Darwin relied on the work of his predecessor Lamarck to construct his evolutionary theory.

A higher consciousness will evolve the brain. Archons have a lower consciousness, that of the animal they are. The Bible calls them the Beast, because their appearance is that of the dragon. Their Pale-Faced consciousness fails to develop their reptilian brain.


The Function Creates the Organ

Darwin did not invent anything, and neither did Lamarck. This idea has been in the air since there are men and who think. (source)La Bruyère, man of character It has been already enunciated by Plato 2000 years ago and taken over by the Christian theologian Origen in the 2nd century AD. In the 13th century, the Sufi J.A.D. Rumi aka Mevlana did not say anything else:

The need raises new organs of perception. Man, increase your need to increase your perception. (Rumi)



Reptilian Jealousy

If the consciousness models the brain, if the function creates the organ, it is clear that a reptile will never be able to develop its reptilian brain since it has no consciousness to develop it. It lacks the function to create an efficient organ like the neocortex and its dura mater.

I think these archaic creatures have known all this for a long time. They lived with it until homo sapiens appeared. Especially since they are the authors of the species. The creators of its brain. Only the brainstem and tonsils of the brain. The neocortex needed another creator to appear in our skulls, this is what Gnosis tells us with restraint and clarity. Great humiliation for our Serpentine parents. Their creature escapes them, and the child infinitely exceeds his father.

The child is the father of man (Friedrich Nietzsche)


Since then, the Archons have looked at us with a devouring desire. Which can translate into the devouring desire to devour us. They first cook us to the point thanks to the barbecue integrated in their mouth. Fire-breathing dragons, such are the demiurges that presided over our hatching. We are not reptilians, but superior mammals. We are not born in eggs like snakes, tortoises and lizards. But the intrauterine life of the human fetus resembles that of a crocodile or a water snake …


Lucky Lion

If we have hair instead of scales, our physical differences are not extreme. There are many similarities. The higher consciousness, the Spirit, the divine connection, that’s the real difference. We have it, not them. They die of jealousy to the point of wanting to kill us to eat us, with the illusion that the Spirit is contained in human flesh, and that by eating us, they will acquire it. If this were possible, since the time they were served as a snack, they would have spirit, emotions, even feelings. They would be human.

But it does not work like that. There is a word of Jesus in the gospel of Thomas that maintains the opposite. Jesus said: Blessed is the lion that man will eat: the lion will become man. Curses the man that the lion will eat: the lion will become man.

Note that Jesus does not speak of the snake, but of the lion, a mammal like us. Nevertheless, it takes the pep out of the hymns. Could Jesus be wrong? Are we wrong to believe in its infallibility? Do we still have to swallow the word of the gospel? You know what I think. If it is useful to believe, and even indispensable, it is essential to believe without believing. Believing is valid for a reptilian or an angel, without believing in it characterizes the transcendence of the Spirit.

Take a hundred men, you will find a man of faith. Take one hundred men of faith, you will find a man of knowledge. (Rumi)



Quite a different meaning

Maybe Jesus doesn’t speak of a mammal lion? Look at the former image. In the gnostic texts, dragons were describes as serpents with a lion’s head. And as you know, those dragons were Archons. Well, well, well. In this case, Jesus’ sentence takes quite a different meaning.

This quote is from Thomas’s apocryphal. The Coptic manuscripts of Nag Hammadi are imbued with Gnostic thought. One could therefore imagine that Jesus is not talking about an ordinary lion, but about a flying lion, that is to say, an Archon dragon. Then the word of Jesus could be written as follows: Happy the Archon that human will eat: the Archon will become human. Curse the human that the Archon will eat: the Archon will become human.

He who has known the world has found a corpse. And he who has found a corpse, the world is not worthy of him. (Jesus, Gospel of Thomas)


Becoming Human

Devoured by jealousy, the Archons have only one desire: to become man. To possess our wisdom, the supra-consciousness of the Pleroma. Their suffering is a paradox. They are our creators, at least for the physical, material part of ourselves. They have shaped our fleshly envelope. But we are not limited to that envelope. It is a vehicle. His driver is our immortal soul. Remember that we are uncreated, eternal, pure inalienable spirits. Which the Archons are not, and will never be… unless they eat us.

These demiurges who devour their creatures are common in mythology. We remember Chronos, Time, who devours his children. What if Time was an Archon? It could be. The only question is this: can an Archon who devours a human reach the supra-consciousness of a pure spirit? I’m afraid not. The Archon will become a little more human than he was. But a soul is not yet to come. Will he acquire emotions? Will he fall in love with a human? I doubt it, but who knows?

In order to devour a human being, to steal his soul, the Archon has no choice but to bring him down to his level. A human reduced to the infraworld, to the lower astral, does not have access to the supra-consciousness. So the Archon who is feeding on it will not have access to it either.

The only solution left for him to become supra-conscious is to be devoured by a human. Have you figured out what to do, Archons? Let us eat you alive. This is your only chance. Your only door of salvation. Think about it and renounce once and for all your vain predations.



If you have any reason to believe they’re coming after you,
whether they eat your head or your light, or they try to,
if you have unanswered questions about them,
if you want to share your thoughts with me,
to tell me your meetings with them,
please contact me.



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