Archon Yaldabaoth


Yaldabaoth Sabaoth, son of chaos, god of armies, is called the bad demiurge in Gnostic traditions. It is Yahweh Sabaoth or Hashem. Its role is to enslave humans, while for the Gnostics its opposite principle is liberating: Satan for the Hebrews and Christians, Prometheus for the Greeks, Sheytan or Iblis for Islam. Between gnosis and revealed religions, there is a total inversion of values. No wonder: in kali yuga, everything is reversed.



Who is Iblis? Is he a jinn or an angel? For Ibn Kathir in his tafsir, Iblis was never one of the angels, not even the time of a wink. Iblis was the first djinn as Adam was the first man. All right. Should we conclude that the djinns are demons? Not at all. They are reptilian archangels in the service of the Creators. So Ibn Kathir mixes all that a little. Iblis was never an angel, but he is an archangel.

The jinns are the guardians of Paradise. The cherubim of the Bible. These reptilian archangels do not give gifts. The Kerubim are super angels, fighting angels. They keep the access of paradise armed with a flaming sword, says the Bible. Iblis has four wings and is the most learned and noble of the Kerubim, say the Torah and the Koran. He installed his throne at sea from where he sends commandos to test humans. To the most enduring, he reserved the hardest tests. (source)

The throne at sea immediately evokes Atlantis. It is the one who directs the flying island. It is therefore mandated by the gods before. Is he a faithful envoy of the Great Goddess Ama, our creator? Or is he a renegade, a fallen angel? A disappointed archangel?

Why does he seek to test humans? And if there is a good god, why does he let him? And when humans rise to reach enlightenment, why does Iblis Satan insist on preventing them? And why does he send the harshest trials to the most enduring? It sounds like a hypocritical consolation speech, reminiscent of the karma talk. The comforting elites agree to gild the pill. Your trials are terrible, my friend? It comes from your endurance, your progress, your purity, your merit. Satan hounds the strong, the bright, so rejoice if he hounds you.


Snake Tempter

Prometheus is the friend of humans, our father to whom we owe respect. Iblis, on the other hand, appears as a tempter and troublemaker. While Prometheus protects us from the rigor of Zeus Sabaoth, Iblis the Serpent throws us into the paws of Allah.

In Paradise, Iblis the Serpent wanted to deceive Eve and Adam. It is Allah himself who tells us this episode: In order to make visible to them what was hidden from them, Iblis whispered to them: Your Lord has forbidden you this tree only to prevent you from becoming Angels or being immortal. And he swore to them, “Truly, I am a good counselor to you both.” (source)The Quran, Sura al A’raf, verses 20, 21

At this moment, their clothes of light take off their bodies and reveal their nakedness. The anger of Allah makes the Universe tremble. Allah chases them from Paradise and curses them: “Go, come down from here! You and yours will be all enemies of one another.” (source)The Quran, Sura Taha, verse 123

Iblis too is banished from Paradise. He descends on Terra. He is the leader of the fallen angels. Tempter, seducer, he seeks to mislead us to steal the mind that liberates us. Ibn Al Qayyim lists the tricks of Iblis: Kufr or disbelief, innovation in religion, and pushing people to sin. (source)

The Coptic version is clearer than the Koranic version. But both the Koran and the Torah are more explicit than the Bible.




A few months ago I had deepened the question of the Cherubim. My research had led me to think that the Kerubim is not an angel, nor a god, nor a man, nor a demon. The Kerubim is a machine of war, a machine of death. (source)

Riding the cherubim, Yahweh takes flight on the wings of the wind. His aura shines, his lightning flashes in the night. Yahweh hearkens and resounds. He descends above me and catches me. So Yahweh saved me from my terrible enemy.” (source)Psaume 18 attributed to David

For Catholics, a cherub is a naked baby cherub, puffy in the air and buttocks in the wind. Several cherubs decorated the churches, near the altar to entertain the priests during the high mass. It is hard to imagine a god, THE Capital God, riding on a cherub. There are limits to pedophilia. It is necessarily something else.

In the Psalms, everything evokes the fantastic. The dress of the facts is such that without a decoding grid, we do not understand anything. We admire the power of magicians fallen from the sky. The inexplicable creates the myth. If we have found the right reading grid, the mystery dissipates and the absurdities fall one after the other.

Cherubs are not angels, as is often believed. They are flying machines called kerubim. They use high platforms to land and take flight. Hence the truncated pyramids and the leveled mountains, the thrones of Solomon.


Uncertainty and Artistic Blur

Then I ask again: who is Iblis? An archangel or a demon? A living being or a war machine? According to the ancient text that we are studying, the scales continue to tilt one way or the other. This uncertainty refers to another, more fundamental and summarizes them all: who should we believe? The Bible or Gnosis? The Torah or the gospels? The Gnostic apocrypha or the canonical gospels?



There is more here than a certain uncertainty, a certain uncertainty. Is Satan our enemy or our ally? Is God unique or multiple? Are angels good advice or attached to our loss? Are our creators our predators? Is Putin the enemy of the West or the objective ally of those who want radical change?

I seem to mix everything and anything, but just think about it. The current chaos is conducive to the rereading and reinterpretation of the founding texts of our civilization? Any societal crisis refers to the initial crisis, on which we still have no clear, unequivocal, satisfactory answer.


A Blind God

Iblis is Yaldabaoth, it has been said. The evil demiurge, the master of matter to whom we owe our physical body and this material life. He lied to us, and John Lamb Lash says the demiurge is blind: maybe that explains it? I don’t think so. If all the blind people were liars, we’d know.

The false god, who is blind, declares that he is the only god of the universe but he is denied by a divine voice that tells him he is mistaken. The text here bursts a salvo: “His thoughts became blind”. (87.5). The fact that humans can think blindly, in ignorance of the nature of their thoughts, and in the unconsciousness of self-obscuring thought processes, is a basic teaching of Buddhist and Noetic sciences; however, the Gnostics added a bizarre twist, associating it with an arrogant act of cosmic selfishness. They taught that the processes of the human psyche are entangled with the events of the cosmos as a whole (a cosmo-noetic synchronism). Through our minds we are involved in the insanity and arrogance of the leader of the Archons. (source)

Why does Lash throw neologisms like cosmo-noetic? Does he want us to admire him for inventing this? And this: the unconsciousness of self-obscuring thought processes! Why obscure even more? Why mix up data that is already well twisted?


Gnostic Spiral

We were not born in Greece, I wrote years ago. My refusal of the primacy of reason led me on a spiral path to the heart of Gnosis and I am not very comfortable there. Gnostic thought is a nonsensical, self-loving discourse, a spiral between two chasms. Gnosis in one breath affirms everything and its opposite, as seen in its best follower John Lamb Lash, whose name wonderfully reflects internal contradictions and intimate betrayals.

John: St John is Jesus’ favorite disciple. At the same time, he is a forger for the Gnostics. Lash himself explains that St John is the lying disciple who invented Jesus.
Lamb: the lamb of God is the same improbable Jesus. Lamb also means the son of Ram of Armor. He must be the heir of Rama. Celtic god and Hindu deva, Rama was the real Christos, the perfect model of all the other christs who came after him.
Lash: a whip to lash … Does he deserve it?


Thorough Cleaning

As a deviant of Greco-Latin rationalism, Umberto Eco cites in the same historical context the Gnostic thought, for which the world is the work of a bad and deficient demiurge. Access to truthful knowledge, which is done by initiatory means as in hermeticism, also presupposes an external agent who will help to identify in the texts of tradition the truth concealed by the ignorance of those who delivered them. (source)

That’s exactly how I work. I compare between them the traditions and the mythologies, I eliminate the misunderstandings and the distortions due to the copyists, and I serve you the text well cooked, well set on a silver plate. Feast. With the moist tuft of wildebeest, it is not the same. Too many mixtures, too many brains, not enough method: we have to clean up. I stuck to it, I will go through with it.


Malicious Creator

Yaldabaoth, aka Jaldabaoth, Ialdabaoth or Sabaoth, is a malevolent God in various Gnostic sects. The theriamorphicanimal shaped god Ialdabaoth Sabaoth is a lion-headed serpent. Creator of the material world, he is the demiurge, the false god who keeps souls trapped in physical bodies, imprisoned in the material universe. Prince of the Archons, he obscures the thoughts of humans and prevents them from ascending to the light of true knowledge, Gnosis.

In the lion-headed snake, you recognized the Dragon, the one of Eden, the jealous god, general of angelic armies, atomic bomb balancer, fire eater, destroyer and devourer of ants that we are. It is the god of Moses, David and Solomon. It is said to be malicious, as the Torah showed.

Moreover, some exegetes have looked for equivalents in other mythologies. For ancient Greece, Iblis Yaldabaoth would be Prometheus, and for Sumer, he would be Enki. The parallel is questionable, because Prometheus is not our enemy, but Zeus. Remember how Zeus opposed that the human creature of Prometheus had a divine spirit. Only the intervention of Athena gives man that spirit. Everything is mixing again.

We still see the similarities. For Sumer, Enki Ea creates a being without a higher consciousness, and the intervention of Inanna Ninhursag makes it possible to give him the same higher consciousness. The Greco-Latin version and the Sumerian version agree quite precisely. On the other hand, the Gnosis seems at first to clarify things, but a second examination shows the confusion that reigns among the Gnostics. Versions differ from text to text, sometimes within the same text.

John attempts a clarification in his Apocryphal. He has further muddied an already confused narrative. And John Lash, far from enlightening us, has more fun twisting the Gnostic spiral. Who is malicious? The Creator? The Demiurge? The Gnostics? Iblis? Prometheus? Saint John? Or outright John Lash?


Frankly, for now, I suspect everyone. The plot is not only archontic, it is expressed by a thousand mouths, a thousand texts … a million lies. And we remain on the pavement of the world, more abandoned than ever.

The first wave of enthusiasm passed, I realize that the archon hypothesis was a damp squib. Nothing worse or better has happened since this novel hypothesis changed my outlook and the global view I had of our origins. They seem more indecipherable than ever. It’s going to take me months of research to sort it out, and, as I usually do, to present things to you in plain language and in an acceptable way. Because this mess is not. And I’m afraid it’s going to lead to more confusion.

While waiting for the murky waters to settle, I ask you to be patient. Each new article reflects my uncertainties and unanswered questions. In the meantime your questioning and your testimony will help me to make it clearer.

E la nave va! Sails the ship! The Saga must go on.



If you have any reason to believe they’re coming after you,
whether they eat your head or your light, or they try to,
if you have unanswered questions about them,
if you want to share your thoughts with me,
to tell me your meetings with them,
please contact me.



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