My Helpers


Those who bother me are removed. Intruders are discarded. Conversely, my helpers are rewarded. Enjoy. There’s like a big benefits faucet wide open for the shower. Close your eyes open your mouth and get your fill. These gifts are beautiful and not for me.



Read me as if I was already gone. Let me dream where I like to be: between wind and smoke, veiled sun, shared sky, here at home by the fire. Or on a stone in the sun like a beautiful lizard. Fine arts!

Let me listen to the passing wind, let me tell you stories, you don’t have to believe it, or if you believe without believing it.

Do not take life literally. Trust your life, it is always right. Seen from above, it looks very different. If you understand the symbol of the circle, you will no longer be afraid of death. That is the price to pay for another round of the circle.

Do not harm your body, your health, your life. You are precious where you are, try to take advantage of it. He who kills himself is subjected to the law of the circle: he reincarnates himself under the same conditions. Everything has to be done again, until it’s understood.

The big tap

The adaptations of the guest house are finished, here it is ready to receive interns, it has already begun recently. Now you have to pay the bills. It’s actually largely, but not totally. Why hide it? I need additional funds to balance the accounts of Eden Saga. Sorry to be so blunt, the situation demands it. Impossible to ignore these deadlines, I would not have the fatness to drape myself in my offended dignity, to invoke my status as a scientist who despises material matters. If you can helt, don’t refrain. Be sure your obole is blessed : it will be well used.

Those who help me receive the benefits of the big tap of the Great All. By helping me, they help themselves. I’m not just talking about money. It matters, but there is stronger. Much stronger. Sharing the ancient ideal of light warrior. Help me make it known. Practice it by yourself. Be better. Stronger. Improve yourself. Marry your soul and be enlighten. That’s how you can help me. By helping you.

Those who help me help themselves and help the world. A new balance is created between harsh rapacity and selfless giving. Between ego-trip and dedication.



02 02 2022

There are also sheep. The spirit of the flock. “The French are calves,” de Gaulle said. Where does this frenzy to follow the movement come from? To do everything like the others. What for ? To go ecstatic in front of nothing, we ignore the real magic. Kali yuga, when you hold us, you hold us tight!

02 02 2022. We saw the assholes unleash on February 2. Don’t listen to these assholes. Despise these mental trifles. As Buddha says, believe only what works for you. The rest is unimportant.

There is no such thing as chance. Everything that happens is wanted. (Buddha)


The social networks cultivate up to the absurd cult of the crappy ego. We compete with stupid pictures: my lunch menu, my seafood plate, my makeup, my ass. It’s not the worst: I abhor these photos of the same time and minutes: 13 for example. It’s stupid, it shows that you have nothing better to do or nothing interesting to share. This does not prevent the many comments admiring, ecstatic, super complimentary. The sidereal void.

But the worst was this date last February: 02 02 2022. Subliminal message: OZ OZ ZOZZ. What we hear: OSE, OSE, J’OSE.DARE, DARE, YOU DARE So it changes everything. You have to dare. Go ahead. Lean on your kidneys. Resist. Act. Dare. This also gives you a (strange) direction for your action: OuestWest SudSouth EstEast. Understand who can. Impossible is not French, as French people say.

The Hanged Man

Ah! There’s something else! Don’t think of me as a great man. I don’t care at all. Believe me, we’re better than that, you and I. The worshipper and his idol? That nenni! We are at the end of kali yuga, the dark age. In these trying times, all values are reversed. What is above is below. The Strength, upside down, becomes the Hanged Man. And believe me, it’s a disaster.

The big ones are hidden. The little ones are leading us. The lighthouses are in the shadows and the morons are all over the screens. The best authors are ignored. Only the worst are published.

No one takes their labour to heart anymore. The quality, durability and beauty of human products are degrading fast.

You’re not reading me very much. I’m not speaking to everyone. My revelations are aimed at an informed public. Only a small number can take advantage of it. However, you love to write to me. Thank you my dears. Often so touching! Heartbreaking sincerity. But sometimes such a requirement! The habit of unbridled consumption can make voracious. Rapacious. Vicious. Pious.

In the face of certain birds of prey, a nagual has to distance. I leave my health there. I am no longer old enough to follow such a rhythm. Fortunately I am protected. A halo of anonymity keeps me cool away from the crowds. I flee the media. Nothing for sale. Everything free. No need for celebrity.



The healer healed

I wouldn’t go to a great deal of trouble any more to relieve the miseries of my contemporaries. Over. It killed me with no palpable result. No news of the miraculous. It’s as if I didn’t cure them… It made me feel better. Thank you all: I’m cured of this bullshit.

Reading my site alone can help to awaken. This discovery has filled me. I am not proud of it, I am super happy to have achieved my goal. Arouse the awakening, awaken the sleeping kundalini, shake the sleeping ones, alert the vigilance… Here my toil can open this door. What a reward! Understand that this mission I have given myself cannot be priced. At Eden Saga, everything is free, including the most fabulous gift a human can make: awakening.

I write, I imagine, I relate, I witness my lives in the worlds, I communicate my wonder. I am not Chen, the hexagram that awakens by thunder. But in my own way I throw lightning in your head and in your heart, I strike your kidneys, your belly, I flood your chakras with white light. In my own way: with my words and my images. This is the paradox in which I advance. Talking about awakening? Impossible! How can we reach the spheres of the unthinkable with the words of the mind? How can we open the left side with the only tools on the right side?

Our civilization is deeply rooted in the sphere of the mind. Those who turn away from matter to seek inner light are so few that they take advantage of it. Graces and gifts rain upon them.

Our time is material. The planetary god is money. His worship is dominant. Human warmth is replaced by calculation. Hospitality has changed.bnb Eternal life has given way to life expectancy.

Continuous terraforming

In spite of all the vagaries of daily life, in spite of the thirst for astral and sidereal adventures, in spite of the terrible persistence of the feeling of loneliness, in spite of the certainty of being alone in the world, lost despite oneself in an incomprehensible universe, absurd and cruel, in spite of the wind in the nose that opposes the march forward, I advance. And I know what helps me to move forward. Your silent faithfulness; Your warm mail. Your thanks that make me blush. Of course, you help me, reader friend. Oh yes.

Your diffuse help is very real. Very useful and welcome. But who supports me at every moment of my life? Who explains the mysteries? Who brings me up when I ramble? Who brings me up when I collapse? If I have to be honest, the ones who help me without ever failing are not my readers. More than terraformers, they are Terra Formatters.



The bird of freedom flies in a straight line and never stops.
Carlos Castaneda