Terra Formatters


They diverted rivers, drained swamps, moved mountains, carved cliffs and modeled valleys. On the good land of Terra, they sowed seeds of their own. They created animal species, designed intelligent beings to manage Terra after they left. Terraformers are always present: they teach us every night.


Testimony 1

The first night I lived this was when I was a kid. Every night I looked forward to finding them, those adorable beings, all smiling outside, who took the appearance of remote-controlled toys to better seduce the children after the war. How do they do today? Probably the same, with nuances… I lost sight of them in adolescence, captivated by more fleshly realities. Shortly before they were in their forties, they came forward. First they were discredited, and then they insisted. They came every night. I did not remember all my dreams, few can. But I knew from certain science that they taught me relentlessly.

I am convinced that they did not stop after I was a child. I was the one who no longer caught them. Other interests. I am sure that they teach us all, every night. I am sure that in the depths of forgotten dreams all lie the secrets they have entrusted to us. Exploring sleep is the great task ahead for future explorers.

Timidly, without really believing, I began this exploration. In 2017, I launched a daily scalar broadcast-receive program, which brought together up to 500 participants in 18 countries. It’s still going on, but I don’t have a lot of feedback from those who are still doing it. And I regret that. Let us hope that this appeal reaches their ears.

In their ears? Why not in front of their eyes? This call is written! Yes, it’s true.But I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t write. I speak. And it’s my voice that reaches your ears as you read my words. Do the test. Choose one of my images that touched you. Contemplate it long. Again. Meditate on this image. After a while, my voice will be in your head. You will hear me. And you will believe what I tell you.

Naguals and some shamans do that. Sensitives, sorcerers, hypnotists do it too. They talk in your head when you touch an object that belongs to them. As your eyes touch my site, your head hears my voice. It’s as simple as that.



Our lived history

Every night, under the screen of our dreams, they make us relive the history of the world. Of Terra. But also of Ur their planet of origin, of Alcor their sun, of the Great Bear, their constellation. Patriarch Enoch speaks of visitors from heaven and “from heaven that is after heaven”. He told us about his incredible adventures with them: “I have lived 365 years on Terra, he tells us. Then I lived so many years on Ur of Alcor, with our masters. And I returned to this world where I intend to live so well.”

Every morning we forgot everything. When we wake up, the brain makes up our dreams by mixing scenes and people from our daily lives, it is the dressing of perceptions. But our unconscious, it, does not distort anything, records everything and can restore to us every detail of our past… and of the past of our lineage, even of our species!

It’s buried in you, half asleep in the limbo that precedes clear consciousness. A storyteller tells you about it, a film evokes it, a novel goes there and spits! As soon as you see an echo in you, an impression of déjà vu makes you adhere to the story, as incredible as it is. You knew it, you just forgot it. The gods before you have told it night after night, but their teaching is not accessible to us in the waking state. Only the Naguals know how to move from one world to another well awake. It is their talent, which also allows them to bring people there.


Testimony 2

How do they do it? For them it’s very simple. They just have to exert a tiny push on a luminous point at the back of the aura, the PA or Assembly Point moves a little, little bit, the world changes. The most difficult thing is to learn how to measure this very light thrust. Too much force sends the apprentice to the other end of the multiverse, without being able to return by his own means. If the Nagual has not had the reflex to cling to his apprentice, he will not be able to find him in that vastness out there. The apprentice will be lost body and good. The Nagual will be entirely responsible for this disappearance.

No Nagual in Europe plays that. I knew only a novice irresponsible enough to send out of her body a grandmother who had asked nothing. He had learned to do this elsewhere, and since then he has been playing at propelling unsuspecting morons into unlikely worlds, away from interstellar trade routes. That sad bastard got kicked out of my house with push-ups on the train, which he took home.



You stinking asshole! I rowed a good quarter of an hour to bring back with us this poor, trembling woman, while the manager typed the box in the living room while laughing with another trainee. I stopped the Rencontres following this incident which could have had dramatic consequences. And this asshole, if he reads me, will understand why his luck has changed since then.

Beware very hard, asshole. I’m protected. Anyone who comes after me immediately takes a beating.

Beware, beware. Watch out for your clumsy asses.


Those people

These people have come a long way. They have taken up residence in the solar system, they occupy the inner moon, and some moons of Saturn and Jupiter. They also terraformed the planet Mars, but an accident — explosion, comet, collision…- tore out the Martian mantle. This planet is no longer terraformable according to the criteria of the former gods, who are super pros. They’ve been terraforming planets for billions of years!

When they finish a terraforming, they go home on a mothership the size of the planet Venus. But they leave a rearguard in charge of their arrangements, including the animal species and ourselves. They do not really care about individuals, they only protect groups, races, lineages, anything that bears the seal of their ancient genetic intervention.

Everything they’ve done is sacred. As Terra, our planet, is a particularly successful example of terraforming and landscaping, it attracts a large number of extraterrestrial visitors, who simply take on the human appearance to go unnoticed here below. Most aliens have the same body as us, so the changes are minimal.

These people are constantly teaching us, as I said. They are telepaths. Nothing is easier for them than to deposit ideas, images, emotions in our poor permeable bodies. They are our masters, and do not deprive themselves of abusing their status. Respect for the free will of their creatures does not appear in their internal regulations. The Great Gods of the Galactic Center have forbidden them to help us directly. Humanity must prove itself without guardianship. Our masters pretended to leave, but I don’t care, they’re watching over us. They’re watching over us. They’re waiting for us to wake up.

They’re secretly spoiling us.


When the day falls, there is no wind, there is only power.
Carlos Castaneda