Heliogabalus Silly Bouddha


Rome, 218 CECommon Era. Citizens and senate are under the shock: Caracalla, titular Emperor, was just murdered on the fringes of the empire. Taking advantage of his resemblance to Caracalla, a teenager from Syria is acclaimed emperor by the Roman legions. In his native Syria, his name is Elagabal or Heliogabalus. In Rome, he took the name of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.


Of sex and blood

Legend has it that Heliogabalus was born in “a cradle of sperm.” It was in 204 A.D. in Antioch, Syria. And his entire existence will be a long sacrifice of sex and blood. Heliogabalus was a mad and excessive king, bathed in stupor, debauchery and excess. He conquered Rome with violence and ascended a throne of blood. Crowned anarchist according to Artaud, the tyrant, emperor of Rome, never ceases to strive for unity, in his own way. Heliogabalus, as king, is in the best possible place to reduce human multiplicity, and bring it back by blood, cruelty, war, to the feeling of unity. (Heliogabalus, or The Crowned Anarchist, Antonin Artaud, p. 45)” (source)


Shadow Empresses

If this young man became the master of the Roman Empire, it is thanks to women. His mother and his grandmother, nicknamed the Syrian princesses, used his resemblance to the recently murdered Emperor Caracalla to appoint their puppet new Emperor of Rome.

Propelled at the head of an empire that covers almost the entire known world, the young emperor disdains temporal power. The teenager does not care about reigning. He willingly leaves the management of state affairs to the Syrian princesses. For four years, from 218 to 222 CE, it was they who reigned supreme over the huge empire. 

For his part, the young emperor has a singular image of his greatness that pushes him to the worst atrocities. Every day, he imagines all kinds of free escapades and massacres.For four years, from 218 to 222 CECommon Era, these two women have reigned unchallenged on the huge and powerful empire. As far as he was concerned, the young emperor was engaged in all sorts of hilarious pranks and cruel jokes.

Without barrier or limit, he unleashed his evil nature. Nevertheless, his extravagance made him popular. The exceptional abundance that reigned then in Rome allowed him to cultivate a refined luxury, a pomp and a generosity that fascinated his guests. Sometimes the latter went away rich, carrying diamonds and pearls that the emperor did put in salads, sometimes they died like animals, victims of a floor that gave way in the middle of feast.


A disproportionate ego

Without barriers or limits, possessed by a disproportionate ego, out of control, he gives free rein to his perverse character. So this spoiled kid invites the whole of Rome to sumptuous banquets, from which each guest can emerge covered in gold or in a coffin.

Yet his prodigality makes him popular. The Romans have already experienced so many atrocities that it takes more to shock them. The exceptional abundance that reigned in Rome allows him to cultivate a refined luxury, generosity and splendour that fascinate his guests. Sometimes they leave rich, taking away the diamonds and pearls that the emperor has put in the salads, sometimes they die like beasts, victims of a floor that steals in full feast.



The truth is elsewhere

Persuaded to be the reincarnation of a former god, he wants an offspring worthy of his divine status, so he has the great vestal removed to make him his legitimate wife. This lady is invested with a religious function which made her make a sacred vow, that of remaining virgin. The aims of the young Heliogabalus are totally unacceptable.

What his misconduct did not bring, his sacrilege, will succeed: after only four years of reign, the Senate has him murdered. Despite his young age, his reign was very brief.  

Historians present him as a weak and capricious being, intoxicated by his omnipotence. To the account of his exploits, one would be tempted to think like them. And yet! Yet the truth is elsewhere.

Heliogabale he received the most powerful initiation, extremely rare at that time. For lack of guides, awakening has made him a silly Buddha. This calamity, alas, is topical. Many are the awakened from birth who waste their talents for lack of a sacred education whose science and tradition have been lost! This degradation of traditional teachings was already present at the time of Heliogabalus.

Like in terms of decadence we did not invent anything. Just accelerated.



Solar cult

Through his father, Heliogabalus was the heir of a very ancient solar cult, practiced in the temple that dominated the city of Emèse. This cult was none other than a variant of the mystery of Isis, an electro-magnetic initiation by the fire of the sky, ie lightning. The young man would become the pope, consecrated at the age of 13.

While many awakening techniques have been practiced since the Neolithic Age in Europe, the use of lightning as an instrument of awakening is attested in the Mediterranean basin from -6000. See among others my article on Solomon and his magic bath.

Undoubtedly from America before being introduced to Egypt by the Nubians and Mesopotamia by the Anounnaki, this cult of awakening by the fire of the sky was present in the 2nd millennium BC throughout the Mediterranean basin, Europe and Africa. For more than a millennium, it was the dominant religion.

The dazzling awakening was part of a solar cult: so Jupiter-Zeus, solar god par excellence, had lightning as his favorite weapon. Countless examples drawn from the main mythologies illustrate this kinship of sunlight and lightning. And most of these traditions, especially those of the Andes, Mesoamerica and the Mediterranean basin, recognize a close relationship between the solar star and the ball lightning, instrument of lightning awakening.



The two Suns

This incongruous amalgam is explained by the double sense of the Sun in antiquity. If this word designates the star of the day, when the ancients wrote it with a capital letter, it designated the divine planet, Hyperborea, hovering above the north pole, and whose dazzling light illuminated night and day the northern hemisphere. Thus the expression Son of the Sun pointed to the former gods, those who came from Ursa Major on this starlike mothership.

Like many others, the city of Emesis had its special solar cult dedicated to the local god of lightning, named Elagabal. This word can be broken down into El meaning god; aga meaning great chief, officer; bal, set for Baal or Bel, great chief of the former gods. It therefore means Bel, god of the gods.

Overlooking the city, a sacred temple housed an fireball or lightning stone, as it was then called. This stone was a betyl or bethyl, like the omphalos of Delphi that the Sibyl used to predict the future. Stone fallen from the sky, the bethyl is a meteorite of a particular nature, of a matt black with deep reflections, which recalls the obsidian, sacred stone of the Aztecs, the Incas and the Celts.


Beth-el, the bethyl

This stone has a Hebrew name beth-el, which means the House-God. In the Tarot of Marseille, the arcanum XVI The House-God represents awakening: the house where one becomes God, like Teotihuacan in the Mayan language.

God is in this stone, it has the power to attract lightning – that’s why it was called “lightning stone” – and lightning can transform us into gods.

But lightning can also kill us. The Ancients were wary of lightning, too dangerous. They were looking for the beneficial and less intense energy of lightning balls.

Thanks to its particular ductility, bethyl bursts the lightning, it crumbles it and transforms it into balls of lightning, the holy darlings, the awakeners. Therefore bethyles make precious lightning bursters; while sensors or lightning conductors are made of a conductive metal.

The temple of Solomon, like that of Elagabal, like the House of Life of Gilgamesh in Uruk, were built on a promontory and surmounted by a lightning rod to capture lightning.

The temple of Solomon was not satisfied with a single lightning rod, it numbered 24. The roof of the Temple, built in the Italian style and panelled in cedar wood covered with thick gilding, was trimmed from one end to the other with twenty-four long blades of pointed and gilded iron or steel.” (source)


The coronation of the Sun

From afar, travelers to Émèse guided themselves on the high silhouette of the temple of Elagabal, perched on its promontory. It was there, in this temple designed for lightning initiations, that the young man received “the coronation of the Sun”.

This formula may seem inappropriate, but it is fair. The Sun in question was that of Hyperborea, the mother ship of the former gods. It shone so brightly, night and day, that the true sun was pale in the distance. In comparison to the waves of light that Hyperborea poured, our star was like a tavern.

The gods came from Hyperborea, writes Plato. Apollo, Lugh, Phaeton, Cuchulann, Orpheus, Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Prometheus and Zeus himself are called the Sons of the Sun. They have a face so bright that it dissipates at night. They are also the masters of lightning, holding this know-how of Zeus who had received it from the Cyclops. This awakening technique comes from the gods, and no one else — as the testimony of the goddess Isis, avatar of the Great Goddess shows. In their memory, the ancient peoples called this dazzling awakening the coronation of the Sun.


The lightning stone

The bethyl, this house-god, was a meteorite of a particular nature, undoubtedly radioactive. At Emesa, it was enthroned in the Holy of Holies, connected to the lightning rod by a cable of pure gold. When a bolt of lightning struck the lightning conductor, it was carried by the cable to the black stone, which shattered it into balls of lightning. This practice can be traced back to the earliest times of the first gods, the Cyclops.

In Delphi, Greece, the Pythia delivered her oracle using the vril energy emanating from the omphalos. It vibrated the temple of Apollo. All the soothsayer’s predictions came from this lightning stone, considered a divine legacy.

In classical antiquity, the omphalos was a symbol of the center of the world. The omphalos was generally materialized in the form of a sacred stone, a betyl. The most famous of these is at Delphi, located in the adyton of Apollo’s oracular temple (source).

The adyton, “place where one cannot enter”, is an architectural term used in ancient Greek temples to designate a space reserved for certain functions, most often religious. (source) Also known as the Holy of Holies.



Here is the precise and detailed vision of the initiation of the young man, as I found it in the Akashic annals:

When the ceremony began, the weather was stormy. This sign was considered favorable and attributed to the bethyl Elagabal which was a lightning stone. None of them cared. However, thanks to the storm, the ceremony would be much less symbolic than usual.

As the young man stood before the sacred stone, palms against the bethyl, lightning fell on the temple lightning rod, connected to the bethyl. The teenager did not hear the thunder, just a gentle rustle, like birds moving away in the tall grass. Bethyl has become super-luminous. Balls of lightning gushed out, bouncing off the walls and furniture in graceful curves, and triggering terror among the frightened priests. Heliogabalus was not afraid.



Ball lightning

Around him danced a luminous fairy of balls of lightning. One of them crowned the head of the young man, staying long on his shoulders without him feeling any inconvenience. On the contrary, fascinated, he fell in love with bethyl, which he took for the sun god Elagabal. Did he understand what had really happened to him? It is doubtful. Awakened by lightning, the sudden rise of energy in an ill-prepared being gave him powers but closed understanding.

The image opposite shows us a cyclops mask, on which we can see a third eye above the other two. This third eye could throw lightning, or rather rays capable of igniting or destroying inanimate objects, but also of killing or awakening their living target. Hence the nickname “masters of lightning” given to cyclops. I hold this pseudo-mask for a copy of a bethyl or lightning trap, if not an original. It is exhibited at the Gallo-Roman Museum in Fourvière. I encourage the reader who passes by to check the exact nature of this object. Is it, yes or no, an original bethyl and not a mask? Is it stone plaster? Is it solid or flat? 

But back to our young man awakened by lightning. Heliogabalus ceased its inner evolution, transformed into Mat while it was not yet individuated. As we have seen, the Mat, or state of Buddha, can intervene at any stage of the Tarot path. Similarly, in the rule of tarot, the excuse – which replaced the Mat – can be used at any time. But in real life, if you’re Mat too soon, you become an idiot Buddha. That’s exactly what happened to him. The dazzling awakening made him pass the House-God and in the process, transformed him into Mat.

From this moment on, his destiny is traced: he will be Heliogabalus, solar pope and first worshipper of the sacred stone, the bethyl Elagabal.


Sacred bethyl

The first task of the young emperor will be to bring back from Syria his bethyl, in great pomp, according to a mad ritual: the black stone skirted rests on a golden chariot pulled by white horses that he drives back to Rome, two months of travel. Back off, for it would have been indecent and disrespectful for these animals to show their asses to the stone god. One can see that he is seriously affected, and no one dares to contradict him. When he arrived on Palatine Hill, he built a temple at Elagabale.

The Romans might have been offended, but they loved the new gods too much, and this one was rather funny. The laughter ceased when the young emperor, to inaugurate his temple “made carry all the sacred objects of the Romans: the statue of Juno, the fire of Vesta, the Palladium and the sacred shields.” We have broad ideas among the ancestors of Berlusconi, but an emperor who starts his reign with a sacrilege, it feels bad. Worthy of a barbarian from a Bedouin dynasty, one whispers already.



All religions

Heliogabalus goes even further: “He also said that the religions of the Jews and the Samaritans, as well as the worship of Christ, would be transported to this place, so that the mysteries of all beliefs would be gathered in the priesthood of Heliogabalus.”

The religions of Isis, Serapis, or Cybele, Mithras or Christians, had their worshippers in Rome, without threatening the old Roman pantheon. But Heliogabalus wanted to impose his god above all others. It was a political fault. To succeed, he would have needed the stature and aura of a Constantine.

Heliogabale put a height to the scandal by removing the great vestal Aquila Severa – first crime – with the intention of marrying the one who had made sacred vow of virginity – second crime. Wait, he will tell the Senate, it is just “for the birth of divine children”.

The measure was full, and without any other form of trial the Senate had him murdered, which was the most normal end for a Roman emperor. In Rome, do as the Romans did.” Heliogabale did not know the proverb, too bad for him.



Bloody kid

If that dirty kid had been educated, he would have understood how precious the coronation of the sun could be for the decadent empire. And the techniques of awakening by lightning, developed by the Romans, could have reached us… By the way, it is perhaps the case. Because after the assassination of Heliogabalus, the bethyl was returned to Emesis in the temple of lightning. Eight centuries later, close by, the Crusaders built the most formidable castle of the Crusades, the Krach des Chevaliers.

So, at the heart of this new secret, we still find the Templars. Could it be that they got their hands on the bethyl? Could it be that they transmitted to the Freemasons the black stone that transforms man into god? The thing would not be surprising: according to the receivers, the Templars were only Roman soldiers at the orders of Christ-Emperor Constantine. And this one too had received a famous shot of bamboo on the cigar… Another one who thought himself to be God.


Silly Buddha

And there is something else. A phenomenon that Jean-Claude Flornoy, the first concerned, called Stupid Buddha Syndrome. Those who are awake without any particular preparation are likely to experience this syndrome. If one receives lightning or takes current in one’s fingers, the shock of nervous system does not alert this person; one puts this on account of the discharge and its effects on the psyche. Thus discovering the mind-boggling powers newly get, one does not make the connection with the recent accident.



This kind of thing happened to Flornoy. He received lightning in his mill in Rochefort. Fortunately, he was cushioned by a polarized tile roof, lightning was cut in balls that didn’t kill him;  instead he was filled with gifts. But he didn’t make the connection. And for years, he took all the credit for it. Awakening, in this case, did not subdue the ego. For Buddhist lamas, such a fact is impossible. They are wrong.


Ego and the awakening

The awakening that swells the ego is exactly what happened to the young emperor. He believed himself to be the chosen one of the gods, to the point that all religions were to be celebrated at home, in imperial Rome. Imbued with an almost divine power, he massacred dozens of Roman citizens, not to mention a cohort of slaves whose lives did not count.

Flornoy didn’t go that far, far from it. However those who knew him in the Rochefort years, between 1990 and 1996, could experience his disproportionate ego. But he was always right, barely escaping the famous syndrome he described so well.

I met him at the age of 12 at the Scouts de France, then at the age of 17 at the Passy Theatre Group created and directed by my friend Devic and myself. Years later, I was 42, Flornoy 41. Installed at the domain of Rochefort on Mayenne, he gave the initiation to the Little Mysteries or mysteries of Isis.

He had changed so much, I had the shock of my life. The shy child had risen to the stage of a demigod. I passed on his ego excess because my admiration was sincere and my esteem unrestricted. So he became my benefactor. I owe him a complete reorientation of my life as a man and the immense happiness of fully enjoying the waking state. Here I am healer, Passant du Devoir, nagual and enchanter of the Wolf Clan, largely thanks to him.



Baby Buddhas

But I always knew that awakening was a goal, because I lived it fully until adolescence. All babies are awake, usually up to the age of three. And then a first engram makes them land in this world of pain. I cut off that fall. I remained a miracle worker. Healer, I cut the fire and erased the wounds of my little comrades who found it rather cool.

It made me laugh, I never took myself seriously like Heliogabale or my benefactor. But I have known many stupid Buddhas, awakened by accident, who think they are elected. Elected from lightning or a short-juice, their merit is for nothing: the surge of their wiring is solely responsible.

What didn’t kill them made them stronger, like Alain Laurendeau.


Death or madness

This stupid Buddha syndrome reminds us of a now forgotten evidence: awakening is not a consumer product that you put in your caddy and that you pay for when you leave. On unprepared subjects, the surge of the nervous system can lead to death or madness.

If one day, as I hope, we reinvent a means of electric awakening, by the earthly vril for example, it will be important to ensure a preparation of a sacred nature, by taking up the ancient deadlines of preparation: at the age of 7, first collective trance; at 14, mastery of vertigo; and at 21, awakening.



If I devote myself to candidates for awakening in my garden on the sea, it is not with the help of a bethyle or a pyramid. There is no need to wait for a magic wand. I am talking to conscious and responsible people.

I want you to know that no one comes to my house by chance–because it doesn’t exist. There are a lot of applications, a lot less interns. To be accepted, they must have all the qualities of a warrior of light. Having lived and digested the little mysteries, also called arcane XIII, they reached the required level, that of the arcane XV The Devil. All their chakras are open, except for the fontanel, as shown in the picture.

The initiation given in this course is to be considered as a boost, a cubic centimeter of luck. With this viaticum, they will be able to cross the last block that opposes awakening. By means of divination, the reading of the initiatory Tarot restored by my benefactor and the reki of Erquy, the last obstacles can fall.

As for those who do not feel ready, rightly or wrongly, that they dispense with writing to me and reserve for a more favorable period, yet to come.





You have to dance in chains.
Friedrich Nietzsche