Moon Rays

When I was a child, I loved going out on a full moon night. Oh, I did not go far! A little tour in the magic garden was enough for me. Mom saw very well my little game, when I pretended to go to bed, looking a little too innocent. She used to say goodnight to me and add, “Beware of the moonbursts.

According to my mother, moonbursts are considered more dangerous than sunburn. Finally it depends what sun. The great sun Aeria, Hyperborea, Nibiru, the globular mother-ship that so strongly reflects the light that was called the Sun, near which the distant star of the day seemed weak and tiny. When I was twelve, I did not care about the moonbursts. She was my friend. A friend does not give you shots. I was very young and very innocent. I did not care about Hyperborea either. I wanted to see the fairies.

Twenty years ago, women who did not take the pill or other chemical contraception had their menstruations at full moon (PL). It was at the PL that we made sweat lodges according to Lakota custom. Next to the men’s hut was a smaller hut, the hut of moons, where the women met each other. Moons is a beautiful expression of Sioux Lakota to designate menstrual periods. All the women of Domaine de Rochefort went to this little hut.

Flornoy had only two or three stones thrown by the fire, while in the large hut, the solar hut, the fire man brought a good dozen of incandescent stones that Flornoy, without an ounce of pity, sprinkled with liters and liters of water. The water turned into boiling steam that fell on our shoulders, causing so much pain that most of the warriors came out of their bodies to escape. And we found ourselves at four or five hovering in astral over the hut.

All this to emphasize the fact that women had all their rules at PL. When many women live and work in harmony, it is not uncommon for their rules to come together at the same time. But here it was always at the PL. Now a phenomenon has been observed by several circles of warriors. They have their menstruations at the new moon (NL) and other rules at the PL! Two menses by lunation!

I also noted that values ​​have reversed in 20 years between PL and NL. While the NL was once disturbing – we know Racine’s verse: “it was during the horror of a deep night” (source)Jean Racine, Athalie The moonless nights are the deepest – and the PL pretty cheerful, full of magic positive and teasing fairies, now the PL is rather hard, even negative, while NL has become soothing, and often very positive …

Selene = it’s the eldest
Should we see another consequence of the increase in solar radiation due to the multiplicity of eruptions? They cause huge expulsions of plasma in the coronal area. Which makes this thesis relevant, if not probable. But there is another possibility that I have already mentioned: the moon is inhabited by higher beings, who themselves modulate the lunar radiation. They are the ones who send this new train of waves different from the old one.

The thesis of the inhabited moon is a chestnut in the new-age press. Based on the incredible coincidence of the duration of its revolution around our planet with the duration of its rotation on itself, which makes it always show the same face, some authors – including me – suggested that the moon could be an artificial satellite.

Modest, this pretty lady arranges to always hide his behind: his face hidden. A convenient feature to conceal arrivals and departures of interplanetary, or even inter-lateral. See fixed or dismountable equipment visible on the ground. It turns out that I went there several times in astral flight, just to see that more closely.

I found a hollow planet sheltering in its depths the complexity of a futuristic city, a vast spaceport and all the conveniences of a multi-ethnic space hub: zone of duty-free and clearance, hotel zone, technical zone, military area, headquarters, but also schools, hospitals, recreation centers … The surface may well be a hologram projected by the Selenites. Such is the name given since antiquity to the inhabitants of the moon.



In Greek mythology, Selene the Brilliant is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helios the Sun and Eos the Dawn. Goddess of the Moon and Moon herself, Selene more specifically embodies the full moon. This goddess was romanized under the name of Luna. (source) She falls in love with the Shepherd King Endymion, as can be seen in the previous picture. And she will put him to sleep for a long portion of eternity. Must we see in it a metaphor for the falling asleep of humans, kings and shepherds, under the influence of moonlight?

I had a dream, and this dream came true. Let’s say rather astralized. That is verified its veracity by an astral journey. I dreamed that the moon was Atlantis. The diameter is approximately the same, 3300 km. Atlantis, however, was not spherical. But let’s go on this detail, terraformers engineering goes beyond our understanding. I dreamed that the gods from before us observe from their great ship in the sky, sometimes round as the eye of a batrachian, sometimes tapered like a horn of gazelle, but always transparent like a mirror without a tint.

They see us, we do not see them. They spy on us, we do not know. When two lovers frolic in nature, do they suspect that their antics are digitized, mounted, translated, scripted, normalized in real time and immediately multi-broadcast throughout the galaxy? Multi-dissemination includes explicit sex scenes from previous reports, including with other partners. Their computers do this on their own in the blink of an eye. The galactic are like us, just as fond of salacious details and crisp images.

There are far too many puzzles in the relationship humans have with the moon. Romantic par excellence, it hides its play well as it hides many lives in its womb. It is pregnant with an unknown world. A world that resembles all the worlds of this galaxy that is foreign to us. I have been there many times in astral – what I saw, I tell you. I can’t hide anything. The moon is inhabited. Giants are installed there. They chased astronauts, the CIA warned the KGB, the Russians did not even go there, and the Americans never returned.

The moon is the ideal orbital station to serve as a hub and spaceport. Earth’s gravity is almost negligible. The possibilities it offers in terms of space conquest makes this question even more bewildering: why neglected it? Why build on an international space station when it would have been so easy to colonize the moon?

But no, it was simply ignored. Americans like Russians. Now the Chinese are preparing their moon landing. They don’t know the secret. The Russian and US secret services must have died of laughter by imagining the Chinese’s surprise when they will collide with the reception committee.

The Selenite giants are not very kind. They especially want to be left alone. They have a lot to do and do not intend to be disturbed. Close monitoring. Target: the Terrans. We. They spy on us, scrutinize us, undress us. They analyze us. Big Data helps them know everything about us. They have records on you as on me. I’ll tell you a good thing: since we can do nothing, the best is to forget it.



I am preparing a future article that deals with anomalies observed on the moon. Hold on, it’s crazy. Do not miss it. In preview, this testimony which runs the written and virtual press: An “unexpected and gigantic mass” could be under the surface of the South pole of the Moon, in the crater Aitken. Researchers at Baylor University in the United States discovered an anomaly in a series of measurements of gravitational intensity. They detected subtle variations in this area, according to the findings published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. (source

The news is taken up by Futura science which draws a cryptic conclusion: Researchers have discovered a mass anomaly in the lunar crust. But it’s useless to imagine an immense extraterrestrial base buried beneath the surface. According to the researchers, this anomaly would simply be the result of an asteroid impact. (source) Why give this precision? because everyone expects it. why stop at the hypothesis emitted by scientists? They do not know anything about it until nobody has gone to see what’s going on. no scientist will ever think of any extraterrestrial hypothesis, simply because science does not believe it, and scientists want to keep their salary …


 The old world is dying, the new one is slow to appear, and in this chiaroscuro monsters appear.
Antonio Gramsci