The Coming Of The Seasons



With the upheavals of the great flood, our planet has its axis inclined to the ecliptic. When this axis began to oscillate, ordinary people didn’t care, but the Stars Watchmen were quick to notice.

“For the priest-astronomers, the past was the key to understand the future, because everything moves in cycles led by the turning skies. The largest of these cycles was defined by the precession, this slow oscillation of Earth’s axis which moves the position of the sun during the equinoxes and solstices slightly backwards in the sky, traditionally measured by one degree every seventy-two years.” (source)J.M. Greer,Atlantis, 2009

 This famous precession is not something immutable: the tilt of the Earth’s axis relative to the ecliptic plane is not fixed either. These oscillations suggest a kind of disruption of the cosmic clock, and this is what we are told by a bunch of ancient traditions around the world. In fact, the precession came with the tilt of the Earth’s axis to the ecliptic plane. And this unfortunate tilt was caused by a major cataclysm, the Flood, dated of the eleventh millennium BC, which devastating ravages extended their impact to date.

For before this universal flood, our planet has experienced a long golden age, during the reign of Kronos and of the Titans, whose most famous one, Atlas, managed the incredible feat to straighten the Earth’s axis. This was the Garden of Eden, which resulted in an eternal spring in our part of the world, abundant crops without bothering cultivating.

Unless ? Unless the feat of Atlas is not thereby one after all. Unless this is a blunder, a monumental mistake the consequences of which, however, proved to be catastrophic: a major flood destroyed the two shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

then cultivating will become a cruel necessity after the shock of the flood and the tilt of the Earth, the major climate change and the emergence of the seasons.

Within a few decades, all the hunter-gatherers of the vanished Eden turned into brilliant farmers. Under duress of the climate change, such as the one coming soon, they say.

Pushed by whom? Forced by what? Forced by the climate change? Or subjected to forced labor by the former gods?

The precession appeared therefore with the flood, it did not exist before, neither did the seasons, nor the irregular months. The year lasted 360 days, divided into 12 months of 30 days each, it made a round figure, it was fine, the abundance prevailed, everybody was happy. But wham! Suddenly a star collision brutally put an end to the perfect balance sought by Atlas. The axis of the Earth took an angle of 21° to 23° to the ecliptic plane.




Suddenly the priest-astronomers had got a lot to do: many new exciting calculations ahead, a real delight for these Watchers of stars! First task: to calculate the total duration of the precessional cycle.

 “At the rate of one degree every 72 years, the equinoxes and solstices require 25,920 years to return to their original position relative to the stars. This interval was called the Great Year and the ancient astronomers subdivided it into twelve Great Months, each bearing the name of one of the twelve major constellations found along the route taken by the sun: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc..

It is important to note that the precession moves backwards along the Zodiac.” (source)J.M. Greer, Atlantis, 2009

Every 2,160 years, a new Great Month was beginning. The age of Aquarius that people keeps harping on comes directly from this multimillenary tradition.

Here are the dates usually accepted for the Great Months:
Lion: from -11,080 to -8920
Cancer: from -8960 to -6760
Gemini: from -6760 to -4600
Taurus: from -4600 to -2440
Aries: from -2440 to -280
Fish: from -280 to 1880
Aquarius: from 1880 to 4040

Note that the list begins with the Lion, because it is at the beginning of this Great Month, around 10,500 BC, that the precession started. Most authors cite only those ones, for no apparent reason. An answer is given by the different mythological traditions, combining the precessional numbers with the Flood. In the previous period, the Earth was not inclined relative to the ecliptic. But the Flood expelled Adam from the Garden of Eden, while proposing other enigmas.




And if the countdown starts in -10,500 because before that, nobody knew how to watch the stars? Because they arrived on that date? Or because before that, there was nothing? These watchers of stars, always lost in the contemplation of heaven, did they look out for signs of a new cataclysm? Traumatized by the flood which had devastated everything on earth, did they want to prevent the fall of another comet? It is quite possible, as these Watchmen were beings of great knowledge who have taught us everything.

The point is not to believe or not believe. What matters is to ask many questions as possible.
Bernard Werber