Jesus In Questions


This article introduces a series dedicated to Jesus. A very contrasting series. And quite contested! All possibilities will be evoked. First: Jesus did not exist. Second: he has existed but he did not ascend to heaven after his resurrection: he went to India where he died very old — his tomb is still in Srinagar, Kashmir. Third: it existed centuries earlier under the name of Esus or Mithra etc.


When I say that Jesus did not ascend to heaven, I must say that he did. Someone did for him. Well known to ufologists, this process is called abduction. Jesus was abducted by his celestial family, the star-travelers. He took place in a shuttle to India, with a stop-over in Egypt where he was to collect some of his childhood memories and meet his benefactor before the death of the old man.


Gospel word

Mariam said to Jesus: Who do your disciples look like? He said: They look like little children in a field that is not theirs. When the masters of the field come, they will say: Leave us our field! My disciples undress in their presence and give them back the field.

If the master of the house knows that the thief is coming, he will watch while waiting for him and will not let the thief pierce a hole in the house of his kingdom to take away his belongings. (source)Gospel of Thomas

Mysterious Mary

Mary mother of Jesus knew the archangel Gabriel who gave her a son. This son of the invaders from the stars and a human will be called Jesus — according to the scriptures that called him Emmanuel — but the Bible is not a blunder. Like having him born in Nazareth, a city that was founded several centuries after his birth. Of course, the exegetes of the Roman Catholic Church bring back like galleys to bring the camel into the chas of a needle, but their efforts are vain and pitiful.

If Jesus is the son of Mary and an invader, he is not the blood of Joseph, who belongs to the prestigious line of King David. In which case Jesus is in no way the son of David, as the Gospels persist in saying. Everything in this story is false, rigged, pumped elsewhere, badly done and very little credible, which is why the holy apostolic church baptized it holy history. What is holy is admitted without discussion. Do not look. Do not think. Any good Catholic ought to swallow everything with no blink.



All of it wrong

What if Jesus was a late invention, as recent as the 14th century, as several authors argue with conviction, if he had no other historical existence than that forged by Thomas Aquinas or another cultured monk of that time? If the popes of Avignon were the first, and the first popes of Rome a pure invention conveyed by the Roman Catholic Church, anxious to give itself a seniority that it totally lacked? What if the cathedrals had been built by people who were not Catholic and didn’t know anything about Jesus? If the gossip about the little Jesus and his childhood had been borrowed from Krishna and Hinduism? 

If the teachings that the child Jesus gave to the Sanhedrin are not based on anything palpable, if Esus Christus is the true model from which this golden legend, too beautiful to be true, was forged, if the previous Christian model was called Sol Invictus and this Unbeaten Sun was none other than the Hyperborean mother ship, the Solar Ark of the former gods, terraformers of this planet — then let’s scale it: this religion is only the religion of falsehood. Neo-Christians worship a ghost, son of the wind, bat of nothingness born not of a virgin but of the sick brain of a desperate monk.

The big assumption

“What? There were monks and saints before Jesus’ invention? Come on, all that doesn’t make sense!”

Oh yes, it holds very well on the contrary. Christianity has existed since the dawn of this humanity. Many Christs have succeeded each other out of love for men, their creatures, their favorites.

In truth, Christianity is a religion — or a wisdom? — much older than the alleged Jesus. There were already Christs in the deepest antiquity. Apollo, Prometheus, Orpheus, Mithras, Esus and others have played the role of saviour among men.

The Jesus’ Catholic Church had to make us forget these precedents, which would have risked tarnishing the glory of Jesus’ invention. That is why the Catholic clergy never says Jesus without adding Christ, as if it were his last name. Thus, every tilme a Christian comes upon the word Christ in ancient texts, he immediately thinks of Jesus. The only Christ he knows. Admirable machinery of those who think they are saints — and just unhealthy.

True ancient Christianity was a path of awakening, while the present is a dead end of falling asleep.



The true cross of the Crusaders

The Templars were a lay order directly dependent on Rome. Jesus having not yet come out of the magic hat, they did not depend on the pope in the present sense, but on a super emperor sitting in Rome, the one and only dominant Eternal City. His vassals were the Roman Emperor of Constantinople, the Roman Emperor of Aachen, and the Roman Emperor of Avignon — who in the early 14th century would become the first pope of Christ Jesus, just invented by Thomas Aquinas.

The Crusader knights who had gone to the East three centuries before were therefore not going to free the tomb of Jesus, they were going to lend a helping hand to the Roman troops of Constantinople to bring peace to Judea, Palestine and Egypt, lands rebel at the instigation of anti-Roman mystic sects.

The cross they wore on their chests has four equal branches, unlike Calvary and its image, the crucifix. The cross of the Crusaders is not meant to be planted in the ground. It is not an instrument of torture. We recognize the ancient Celtic cross, the one worn by the druids of yesteryear, the one worn by the caravelles of Christopher Columbus. In this cross, most often of red colour, I see the ideogram of the West coming from the Tuathas and their peers, the former gods.

Ancient gods

I shamelessly scourged those who made us, and then I made amends by pointing out the weight of our debt towards them. A single hiatus, and a big one: why did they bullshit us so much? Are we lying to the people we love?


Jesus, Archangel’s Son

Let us now consider the hypothesis where Jesus would have really existed, where his life would have unfolded as the holy texts tell us.

Gospel Word: Gabriel impregnated the Virgin Mary, and the child who was born from it rightly deserves to be called the Son of the Archangel. His powers over matter are exceptional: would they come from his Father? The cabalistic texts call him the Prince of Matter, which is another name for the demon.

The Catholic imagery has fed us enough tits buttocks just good to stir up pedophile parish priests. Popular imagery has fed us enough of his flying arrow shooter kid, naked love, sad avatar of the god Eros of the Greeks.

The angels, the real ones, have nothing to do with these naked ticuls. The Bible makes them powerful warriors. Jesus also speaks of it, the Jewish tradition even more, Islam too. Always under their formidable aspect. But who are the angels of war? Sumerian tradition presents them to us as gods inferior to the orders of the higher gods. And all move in flying machines. 

According to the Bible, angels are innumerable, but before their number, it is their power that fascinates. Simon Peter says they are superior to men in strength and power. The Greek word for «angel» has become the name of an explosive: dunamos, dynamite. Somehow, angels are the dynamite of God. (source)   By the chance of the Bible, angels perform feats. Only one angel exterminates the entire army of Syria, which threatens the prophet Hezekiah. 

An angel closes the mouths of the lions who threaten the prophet Daniel. An angel rolls the stone of Jesus’ tomb without difficulty. An angel opens the gates of the prisons, frees the apostles and Peter. At the end of time, only one angel will take Satan and lock him in the abyss.

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How many bad priests do not even bother to believe in God anymore, that they write as I do: without capital letters? An overwhelming majority, believe me. The title of this article, Jesus in question, I gave it in memory of a book written in the 70s by a priest, a philosophy teacher at the Stanislas College in Paris, and a member of the clergy of the Church of Our Lady of Grace of Passy.

Living questions to a dead god

No comment. This guy preached Lent at Notre Dame de Paris. Absolutely. I remember Mom listening to him on the radio.



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