Unlikely Jesus


Why improbable? Well, Jesus’ life is full of mistakes. This raises more than one question. Other articles devoted to Jesus,see links at the end of the article will retain two hypotheses. First, Jesus would not have died on the cross. He went to India where he died very old. Secondly, Jesus did not exist. Not like that. His name was Esus or Mithras and he lived centuries earlier. But first, present the investigation.


Gospel Word

Mariam said to Jesus: Who do your disciples look like? He said: They look like little children in a field that is not theirs. When the masters of the field come, they will say: Leave us our field! My disciples undress in their presence and give them back the field.

If the master of the house knows that the thief is coming, he will watch while waiting for him and will not let the thief pierce a hole in the house of his kingdom to take away his belongings. (source)Gospel of Thomas

The field, this whole planet, does not belong to humans, that is what Jesus tells us. Everything here is the property of those who built it, the terraformers, the former gods. They are the servants of the Great Goddess Ana of Alcor. She’s the one who designed this part of the Milky Way, the thousand stars and their planets that make up her empire.

The religion invented around Jesus contains many errors, approximations and lies, but it saves the essential. Mary, mother of Jesus, is the daughter of Saint Anne. Anne is Ana, creator of heaven and earth, empress of the thousand stars. This is why, in traditional iconography, we represent the virgin Mary with a blue-night cape sown with stars. It’s Ana in her heavenly empire.

Therefore, before studying Jesus, it is appropriate to look more closely at his virgin mother. Her own mother Saint Anne, whose existence is approximate, designates her Mother who is in heaven, the Great Ana. This is the first mystery of Mary: she wants to be a carbon copy of the Great Goddess. Its inventors wanted it similar in every way to the Great Goddess, starting with virginity. Except that Mary created only one son of God, while Ana created all the others : our brethren.



Untraceable Jesus

Jesus does not appear in the Coptic writings, more commonly called the texts of Nag Hammadi. This is what John Lash, specialist in comparative mythology, says. This is an easily verifiable statement — we have to read the Coptic — and quite upsetting. Besides the fact that it confirms my research indisputably, it also invalidates all those who claim that Jesus is mentioned in these Coptic manuscripts. As you will read, this is not the case.

John Lamb Lash, born 1945 in Maine, USA, is an American author and scholar in comparative mythology. Described as the true successor of American mythologist Joseph Campbell, John teaches mythology, Gnosticism, pre-Christian mysteries. He has travelled the world and lived in Japan, the UK, Greece, Norway, France, Spain and Belgium. (source)

The point of view of such a respectable and respected author across the Atlantic is likely to credit my research. 

“In the Coptic Gnostic texts, the names of Jesus and Christ are never written in full but they are indicated by codes such as the letters IS with a line above. Scholars systematically fill spaces, making IS by I(eseo)S, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Yeshua. They take, in fact, very great literary freedoms because there is no textual evidence to infer that, in the use made by the Gnostics, the term IS indicated a historical person bearing the name of Ieseos, Jesus. IS could just as well be translated in another way: I(asiu)S, which gives the name Iasius, the “healer”, a title rather than a common name. Nevertheless, the translators assume that IS indicates the New Testament Jesus. Scholars, in short, do not give us the chance to assume that IS can indicate something other than a real person whose identity is predetermined.”

“The same is true for Christ. The code for Christ is XS or sometimes XRS, which might just as well indicate Christos or Chrestos. In Coptic, it is written XC, with a line on top. X is the Greek letter Chi and C is the Coptic letter S. Scholars fill XC so that it can make “Christ”, never “Christos” although “Christos” is much more consistent by the final letter S. When XC appears, for example, in John’s Apocryphal, the scholars put the Greek Christos in parentheses but translate the term coded by Christ. In doing so, they automatically identify XC with the well-known entity of theology Johannine and Pauline. It is once again a literary freedom. If we consider all the Gnostic writings that argue against the redeemer of John and Paul, this equivalence is extremely doubtful.” (source)



Eight Mistakes …

According to the New Testament, the archangel Gabriel appeared to the virgin Mary. He told her that she would bear a son born by the divine will alone, and that he would be called Emmanuel.
First mistake. Here is the scene as it really happened. Mary mother of Jesus knew the archangel Gabriel who gave her a son. This son of the invaders from the stars and a human will be called Jesus.
Second mistake: Gabriel, father of the child, wanted his name to be Emmanuel. The gospel is not a blunder.

Jesus is nicknamed the Nazarene, or Jesus of Nazareth, because it is the birthplace of his parents.
Third mistake: Jesus cannot be from Nazareth because this city did not exist at the time of his birth. It was founded 60 years later.
Fourth mistake: Everyone knows that he was born in Betlehem, a small town in Judea, while his parents were travelling for a census.

Of course, the exegetes of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church bring back like galleys to pass these huge errors through the eye of a needle. It is a lost cause. Their overly visible efforts are all too laughable. To explain the blunder of Nazareth, they say that there was a mistake on the first vowel. Jesus was not Nazarene but Nazorean. He was a member of a Gnostic sect like Saint James, his older brother.
Fifth mistake: If James is Jesus’ elder brother, Mary was not a virgin when she conceived Jesus.

During his public life, when he stirred up the crowds, he was greeted in his passage, shouting: Hosanna son of David! And the New Testament explains that his father Joseph indeed belongs to the prestigious line of King David.
Sixth mistake: If Jesus is the son of an alien, he is not the blood of Joseph. Jesus is not the son of David.

When Jesus made his way to Golgotha, where the crucifixions were taking place, he carried his heavy cross on his back. She’s so heavy that the Roman legionnaires are requisitioning a big guy to help her, her uncle Joseph of Arimathea.
Seventh mistake: The condemned did not mount the crosses on their backs. The poles were permanently fixed at the top of the mount, and the condemned climbed only the horizontal pillar, on which they were already chained. The legionnaires raised the torment on this horizontal pillar that they embossed on top of the pole.
Eighth mistake: Jesus was not nailed to the cross, but bound or chained … And since the horizontal pillar was fixed on top of the pole, the “cross” has a T shape.

In the life of Jesus, everything is false, rigged, picked elsewhere, badly done, not very credible. That is why the holy Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church baptized it holy history. Clever screen. What is holy must be admitted without discussion. Do not seek. Do not think. The good catholic must swallow everything, especially shit.



False All The Way

What if Jesus was a late invention? Several authors support him not without conviction, even if it is hard to believe. It would have been written in the Middle Ages from other holy stories borrowed from other Christs. Because Christianity existed long before Jesus… In this hypothesis, Jesus would have no historical existence, his person and his history would have been forged by Saint Thomas Aquinas or another cultured monk of the time.

A hypothesis that raises more questions than it answers, it is inseparable from the thesis of a Russian researcher, Fomenko, who thinks very seriously that seven centuries were invented as a result of mismatches of sources. I will detail the implications of this hypothesis, while expressing the necessary reservations.

It could be that the popes of Avignon were the first pontiffs of the religion of Jesus. His “invention” could correspond to the advent of the first pope of Avignon. The Papacy of Avignon is divided into two great consecutive periods: The first, from 1309 to 1378, that of the Papacy of Avignon proper, corresponds to a time when the pope, always recognized as the sole head of the Catholic Church, and its courtyard are located in the city of Avignon instead of Rome.
The second, from 1378 to 1418, coincides with the Great Schism of the West where two rival popes (and even three if we consider the ephemeral pope of Pisa) claim to reign over Western Christianity, one settled in Rome and the other in Avignon. (source)

Before the popes of Avignon, they had others in Rome. Were they Jesus’ pontiffs if Jesus was not yet invented? Or should we think that the title of pope meant political authority over the Roman Empire? In the hypothesis of missing centuries, a Roman emperor sat in Constantinople and ruled the Eastern or Byzantine empire. Another emperor, contemporary of the previous one,according to official history, five centuries separate them sat in Aachen die Kapelle and reigned over the Holy Roman Germanic Empire. The Romans had conquered so many lands and territories that one emperor was no longer enough. It took one more to balance the first two. Thus in Rome sat a super emperor named pope.

Emperor Constantine Ist founded the Byzantine Empire in 330. He made Christianity the official religion of the empire, and this Christianity later became the Orthodox religion. Some authors have imagined that the Christ of this religion was not Jesus, but Constantine himself. In this hypothesis, the medieval cathedrals would have been built for the greatest glory of Constantine and not to honor Jesus. The word basilica comes from the Greek basileus, the emperor. Strictly speaking, the basilicas are the houses of the emperor… Is it clear enough?

Few cathedrals bear the name of Jesus. Almost all are called Our Lady. And it cannot be Mary, since Jesus did not yet exist when cathedrals were built. This Our Lady is the Mother Goddess, central figure of the old religion. This is Ana, mother of all humanity, who is found in the Holy Anne, mother of Mary, in the goddess Dana Ann of the Tuatha of Ireland or in the goddess Ama of ancient China.

The Romanesque cathedrals were built by subjects of the Emperor of Rome, while the Gothic cathedrals were built by subjects of the Emperor of Aachen. The religion practiced there was well dedicated to a Christ, but not Christ Jesus.



The True Cross


The Templars were a lay order directly dependent on Rome. Jesus having not yet come out of the magic hat, they did not depend on the pope in the present sense, but on a super emperor sitting in Rome, the one, dominant eternal City. His vassals were the Roman Emperor of Constantinople, the Roman Emperor of Aachen, and the Roman Emperor of Avignon, who in the early 14th century would become the first pope of Christ Jesus, recently invented by Thomas Aquinas or so.

The Crusader knights who had gone to the east three centuries before were not going to free the tomb of Jesus, they were going to free Constantinople to bring peace to Judea, Palestine and Egypt, anti-Roman lands, logically rebelling against the invader.

The cross they wore on their chests has four equal branches, unlike Calvary and its image, the crucifix. The cross of the Crusaders is not meant to be planted in the ground. It is not an instrument of torture. One recognizes the ancient Celtic cross, the one worn by the druids of yesteryear, the one that appeared on the mainsail of the caravels of Christopher Columbus.

In this cross, most often of red color, I see the ideogram of the West coming from the Tuatha of the goddess Dana and their peers, the former gods. And I recognize in the Celtic cross not the logotype of a hateful extreme right, but a map. A simplified, schematized map, showing the four rivers that separate the continents of Atlantis Island as them of the Hyperborean spaceship.

Holy Former Gods

I shamelessly scourged those who made us, and then I made amends by pointing out the weight of our debt towards them. A single hiatus remains, and a big one: why did they bullshit us so much? Are we lying to the people we love?

The same reflection is necessary with regard to the countless lies of this famous religion of Jesus. This does not mean that this prophet did not exist — how to go so far? The explanation is simpler. Apart from the New Testament and the non-canonical gospels in the manuscripts of the Dead Sea and Nag Hammadi, there is no text about Jesus’ life. So his followers embroidered. They have swiped anecdotes here and there belonging to other prophets, other Christs, other gods, supposing that there would be nothing but fire.

Believe Without Believing

As was the case for centuries, good Christians have swallowed everything, like snake charmers. It was to count without the web, without the worldwide distribution of all the texts once locked in libraries rarely public, and strictly protected by the Holy See. Let us not forget that until the invention of typography around 1440, all writings were copied by copyists. The less often, who copied in their convent what the superior told them to copy, omitting what he told them. the control of the Catholic Church has been almost total for many centuries.

And a host of bogus anecdotes, full of errors and anachronisms, were added by the copyists. Let this not prevent believers from believing, nor the unbelievers from not believing. I am a mythologist, I take a critical look at all mythologies: is it true? Is it distorted? Is it exaggerated? For what reasons? My work has no other purpose than to face the truth — if such a thing exists! — with a critical eye and a mind free of a priori. That is why many of you read me. You know your convictions are yours. They help you to live, far from me the idea of dynamiting them. Dynamite comes from the ancient Greek dunamos, which means angel.

All beliefs are infinitely respectable, although I prefer to align myself with the eternal principle of uncertainty. For me, it is good to believe without believing.


A first version of this article was published in August 2022.


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